Monday, April 7, 2008

OMG Emo trip

For the love of lucifer, i can't believe i had a frikkin tsunami of an emo session. And y? Because i watched a movie so fuckin corny, that there isn't a vegetable in this world that can even describe the corniness of it. Or is corn a fruit? *contemplates for no reason*

I think it was my instable brain's way of balas dendam for when i felt nothing after watching *spoiler* Sam in "I am Legend" die. I was like, "okay...this wud b a great moment to feel a shred of sadness for the damned mutt and the obviously doomed doctor". But noooo~, i was fuckin emotionless n shit.

N now, one cheesy movie later, Kyo got plummetted into an abyss of dysfunctional, misdirected feminine outburst. N i had to do a virology assignment that night. Altogether now, Faaarrrhhhhkkk~!!!!!

But yea, the job got done...barely. Meh.

Oh, the freakishly juvenile movie that barely merits any kind of recognition. Doi. I was just interested in the lead actors' acting skills. Too bad their other works (especially the male lead, Luke Mably) aren't easily found in stores. And I am so craving to watch Spirit Trap. YTF am i only interested in stuff that we dun have/sell here in msia? I hate my fukin self. My obsessions are effin annoyin.