Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kouda Entry_17: Rejoice

I'm home!!! HOME!!! Howwwmmmhhh!!!!

Ah, to be back in the hometown after a whole semester of nervous breakdowns. The drive back was decent. I mean, the 8hour drive was quite bearable. At least i didn't crash into anything or anyone. I have my buddy, Zack (obvious nickname) to thank for that. But yeah, wish the guy would at least take over when i was fukin sleepy. But noooo~ he was bein a fukin pussy. Haha. Meh, i wanted to drive all the way back on my own neways. Its a gud practice.

Update y'all!!! FUKIN FLAT SCREEN TV IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!! Kyo orgasms. Wakakaka.

Owh, and wut appears to be one of them hp-compact-pc-with-no-oversized-cpu things sumhow found its way into the living room too. Kyo orgasms again. At first i was like "mana cpu? at the shop?" and then i saw my dad using the net just fine. That was wen I was "WA LIAO WEHH!!!!!! FUKIN HAWT GILABABI SIAL MY DAD HAS BEEN SPLURGIN I LIKE SO MUCH LOL!!!"

Kyo orgasms. and is bein a fukin girl. Lol.

Oh oh!!! My dad is lending me his Motorola Razor which is like damn hot! Its old n worn out. But still, upgrade y'all. At least kyo ada camera now. Haha...i feel kuno n shit... I'm no motorola fan. I dun like having to learn the interface all over again. My preference lies within the hawtness of nokia applications. Yea2, i'm sure nokia is plenty awesum. But kyo is a true budak sejati nokia. Haha.

Ok ok. I'm done talkin bout the good things that are actually happenin now. Fuk dammit, kyo is turnin into an optimist again. Now its proven that my emo-ness came from bein in uitm shah alam. Case closed.

My house is turnin into a kilang barang letrik!!! (in reference to what azi sed. keke). ME LIKEY~!!!

One last time, kyo orgasms XD.

gross... lol.