Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kouda Entry_36: Utter Randomness

Aite, so today was pretty much a random day. But hey, i got no life, and as I sit in the lab, waiting for my agar slants to solidify, I thought I'd blog about the stuff that happend.

Yes, people, Kyo is still in the lab. Lol.

Me n shakir in ETR300 class.
Uh Entrepreneurship class, i mean. It was unimaginably boring. Wut ur seeing there, is me studyin Medical Microbiology, and Shakir was doin his Molecular Biology report. All this while the ETR lecturer was yappin away. Haha. Sorry sir, but we werent intrigued by wut u were lecturin bout.

Azi wearin my glasses. Okay, before we all get confused, Kyo dusn't wear glasses...much. I believe its called astigmatism. From all the excess tv and computer-ing. Lol. Anyway, those glasses broke in half on this very day T_T. It fell from my shirt pocket as was rushing to CHM256, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY! Wtf!? Of all the things i could lose an expensive piece of equipment to. Cis. I am NEVER rushing to chemistry classes again. EVER. EVERRRR!!!!

R.I.P. my speks.

Got this at Anggerik Deli at UiTM. I paid fukin gud munny, (rm1.50) for HALF A CUP of espresso. Bankai. Baik beli air teh o ais. Baru kenyang skit nak telan. Haha. It wasnt really all that tasty too. I've had better mineral drinks. Cis. Cis.