Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_43: PAS Outing

Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS), not the politic shit. I hate politics. Har har. We had to park so far away, we actually saw places we'd never seen before. Haha. And we've been in shah alam like, wut, 2 years? lol.

Yea, at first I simply invited Shakir for lunch. Since I was starvin to death. But I didn't expect him to bring Zana and Rai along for the ride. Oh well, wut harm kud 2 extra individuals do, rite? But after the meal, Shakir wanted to go to PAS, and I agreed, cuz wanted to scout for sum items myself. Little did I know, that we'd be stuck there the whole day...Haih...Lol.

Unda da bridge

Dats Shakir, Zana n Rai (left to right, respectively). Walkin to PAS. omg an illegally parked Mercedes in the background! Lol. Cute bunch, arent they? Lol. Missing one person tho. I wonder who it might be...hmmm~?

At Plaza Perangsang. Kinx. Lol

Yea, I was bein all cute n shit. Hahaha~. Poser gilababs. First pics at perangsang. Hmm... The lighting sucks. Lol. Honestly, i look like a fukin tourist. Malu sey. ~_~

Phone Hunting

I was bein an innocent bystander while the crew was checkin out mobile phones. Lol. Hey, I'm stickin to my N76 y'all. Not thinkin of switchin to another phone for at least another 2 years. Committed bangat. Haha. Its fuckin expensive. Wut other reason do u need? XD

It was a bit draggin. And i was kinda rushin to get to the faculty so that i kud rape the internet connection. And y'know, was pining to get on Yahoo Messenger ^_^.

Oh oh oh, got a brand new webcam y'all!!! Kinda in a hurry rite now, so i can't really yap about it. I'll do it later. Hehe, kyo is upgrading his techno shit! i'm broke...T_T. Haha. Budget mode is so on.