Monday, November 16, 2015

Kouda Entry_309: Hang Out

309 - 01 02

309 - 03 04

The next day

309 - 05 06

309 - 07 08

I honestly hate it when people do this. If y’all gonna make plans with me, then stick to it. If you wanna cancel, then say so. I wouldn’t mind. I could be spending my time drawing/blogging/binge-watching a series/get work done/reading/gaming/etc. rather than plan my day around your no-show.

What I find more irritating is when someone tries to guilt-trip me into hanging out. Padahal spesis ni yang paling suka MIA and cancel last minit.

Respect other people’s time, please.




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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kouda Entry_308: VIVA


308 - VIVA_01308---VIVA_02

Yes, yes I am a timebender.

So, my PhD viva was yesterday. And it went quite well, all things considered. If only I wasn’t speaking 50 words per second, that’d be great. :|

Welp, that part’s done. I just need to get the corrections done, then I’d be on my way to… uh… y’know, finally see the real world. Lulz.



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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kouda Entry_307: Malaysia Day 2015

It’s a bit late for this. But hey, urrday is Malaysia Day! …right? …right? Someone please agree with me.

So, a bunch of us at Comic Bloggers Malaysia (Comic & Doodle Bloggers) put our noggins together to come up with this artwork collab for Malaysia Day 2015.

Sadly, I was backed up with work up until 16th of September (Sangat perfect, right?). So, I wasn’t able to finish the thing until a day after the intended date. #Alasan.

Anyways, thanks to the guys and girls who put up with my suggestions and were kind enough to collaborate. Y’all can go rake up their hit count now:

1. Kyoru (Koudamainframe)

2. Ernest (Bro, Dont Like That La, Bro)

3. Kendylife (Kendylife)

4. Eric (

5. Hong Vee (Comics for Everyone)

6. Raja Syahmi (A medical student life told in comics)

7. Miao&WafuPafu (

8. theeggyolks (

9. Bolehland (

10. Pek Chek Kia (

11. Zouzou Alien (

I seriously need to work on my time management skills. Lulz.


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