Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kouda Entry_301: Brain…Stahp…

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just another day where I mind my own business, and my brain suddenly decides to cast Migrainega (Final Fantasy reference).

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Kyo is paralyzed.

Kyo loses a turn day.

The problem with migraines (apart from the unbearable, crippling pain) is the likelihood that I’ll lose the rest of the day to waste time online do anything productive. If I’m lucky, I’ll only lose a couple of hours (from a de-migraining nap).

Moral of the story? NAP! Naps are the nectar of the heavens that fills you with unending vigor! Also, they reduce the risk of heart attack but whatever that’s just some lame science shit. Pfft.




Monday, January 19, 2015

Kouda Entry_300:- The Scientific Method

So, my research involves a lot of blankly-staring-at-the-monitor moments. You know, like a normal human being of the 21st century.

So, here’s an insight of what goes on in my head every time I encounter a discrepancy in my data after running an analysis for days on end…

300 - 01300 - 02300 - 03300 - 04300 - 05300 - 06300 - 07300 - 08300 - 09300 - 10

10 bucks says you guys scrolled down to the last panel without even going through all that brain-text. I know I did. Everiteim.

Like dis got audacity to want to grad on time leh?

Shut it. You have no idea how horrifying is to even consider the word “repeat” after spending days going through a shitload of data. That shit is taboo.

Must. Not. Be. Overcome. By. Despaiiiirrrrrrrr. D:

tiny handwriting is tiny?


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Monday, December 22, 2014

Kouda Entry_299: Saiyens


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299 - 04

299 - 05


Well, this isn’t a topic I would normally voluntarily bring up. But I have to admit, it did cross my mind on multiple occasions.

Hey, I’m ok with being the nerdy antisocial and slightly weird genius scientist uncle who is devilishly handsome, has an insanely high H-index, is crazy rich, lives alone and probably has weird casual sex with random strangers every now and then oh wait what was I talking about lol nvm.



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