Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kouda Entry_298: Jump!










FINALLY, a comic blog entry!

Here’s a tip to all of you; When walking up to your apartment, NEVER, EVER walk too close to the walls.

ESPECIALLY when you’ve near a corner. Cuz that’s when a random frickin lizard will jump for no goddamn reason right at you.



Monday, December 8, 2014

Kouda Entry_297: Le Sis’s Wedding

Two video entries in a row! I know, I know, my semangat to blog/vlog is very de sporadic lulz.

Kouda Entry_297: Le Sis’s Wedding

My sister got hitched recently (well, 2 months ago, but you know how I am with my video entries. Nasib baik sempat buat je lulululz). And I've put my video editing and (mostly) stalking skills to some use.

I was surprised when I heard the news, to be honest. Mostly because there were never any hints that she was going to get married. But nonetheless, I’m nothing but happy for my sis. :3

One more wedding to go (Which is my brother’s), and then I’ll be the only one left in the family spending every waking moment dodging the “bila nak kawen” question. *mentally preparation*

Delayed entry. But my computers decided to make this difficult, so what can ya do.


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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kouda Entry_296: Scrabble Dash

Yes, it’s a vlog.

Of me and Azi playing Scrabble Dash.

Spoiler; I won.


Oh, the language might now sit well with some. So, tread carefully. :3