Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kouda Entry_322: Guns

I needed some ideas for powerpoint presentations, so I  decided to try Valkyria Chronicles, finally. Also, because I was bored with Assassin’s Creed 3’s slow-ass gameplay. Don’t ask me why I’m playing (relatively) old games.

If you’re not familiar, Valkyria Chronicles is essentially a love-child between Realtime Strategy- and Third-Person Shooter genres. So, basically you take turns to move your troops around and shoot all the things. It’s like Chess. With boom sticks. I guess.

However, throughout the years, I found that I have lost all patience for RTS games. Which is why I prefer action-type games such as Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Dragon’s Dogma, Lost Planet, etc.

Anyweh, after a few minutes into the game, I decided to screw with the strategies and just go batshit crazy.


How normal people play Valkyria Chronicles:

322 - Guns - 01

How I play Valkyria Chronicles:

322 - Guns - 02

322 - Guns - 03

Yes, I am an advocate of the run-straight-to-the-enemy-and-shoot-your-goddamn-gun-in-his-face strategy. Needless to say, many of my troops didn’t make it. But hotdamn it worked. Lol.




Friday, April 1, 2016

Kouda Entry_321: To Korea (Part 6)

This is the last one. I swear.

It’s mostly me recording footage of the girls in their hanbok at the Goguan Hanbok Photo Studio. The staff there was nice. They even let me record the photography session.

We also paid Insadong a second visit so that I could indulge in my unhealthy love for art. We dropped by Miss Lee Cafe and the O’sulloc Tea House. The former had a quirky setting to it, which we had fun with, while the latter provided a more adult ambience with its serene, ambient lighting and niche menu. The cakes were superb btw. Much recommendations.

Oh, and we caught a sight of a relatively heavy snowfall while waiting for our flight back to Malaysia (Keep in mind of the limited sample size due to my obvious lack of travelling experience). But we were stuck in the terminal, so we couldn’t experience the frigid flakes on our jakun cheeks that day. But, at least we got to experience a two-hour delay thanks to it. Haihhhh…

Anyweh, the level of narcissism in this final video is too damn high. Y’all have been forewarned.


To Korea (Part6)


Watch the entire hexology:

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kouda Entry_320: To Korea (Part 5)

The bunch of us paid the Ewha Women’s University a brief visit during the morning. It was quiet serene IMO, despite the copious amounts of people walking to and fro. We didn’t stick around long though, so I didn’t have that much footage of the place.

We then took a tour of The Secret Garden Palace, which was quite a treat. And despite my aversion to anything history-related, listening to the stories behind the structures was very interesting. Again, not the best season for the tour, but I take what I can get.

Rose and I followed up with a quick look at the Seoul City Wall while the others took a break. The brief hike wasn’t bad at all, especially since the weather wasn’t as merciless as in Malaysia (Honestly though, if you ask me to go hiking in Malaysia, I’d probably just kick you in the nuts and call it a day).

Oh, we tried out the Noryangjin Fish Market, and to put it bluntly; overpriced, not worth it. But maybe if you could speak the native language you could do a better job of haggling and not getting swindled. I guess. Also, smelling like fish the entire trip back was not fun. :|


To Korea (Part 5)

Here’s the rest of the stuff and things:

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