Friday, December 20, 2013

Kouda Entry_287: Things To Do

There's a lot things I could be doing right now...


Boring meetings are the worst. But at least I got a blog entry out of it. Lol. And I think I'm getting a little obsessed with making gifs. So very time consuming~. D:


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kouda Entry_286: Hard(to-do-any)work

Just when I was in the mood to get some work done...


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kouda Entry_285: Shameless Promo

This is an outdated post. But what can you do, I'm a lazy bastard. Lol.

My friends and I were walking around in Setia City Mall the other day. Checking out gadgets and all that. And when I came across the Samsung store, I couldn't help myself. :3

Yup, true story. I'm pretty sure they've deleted that drawing by now. Har har har.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kouda Entry_284: Airplane

I flew back to Kelantan a few days ago for my brother's wedding. And this time I decided to catch up on some art stuff during the flight. Malas nak baca research papers lor. Didn't want people to think I was being pretentious and sheet.

...But then again drawing using my Note 10.1 on the plane could be a bit pretentious too. Hish. Life is hard, dude. #FirstWorldProblems

Well anyweh, something I didn't expect happened...


..Well... Uh... Hmm.... Hehe...Ehem...



How do you add tags using blogger wtf!?!?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kouda Entry_283: Fresh Air

So, after moving to a different apartment (yes, I recently moved to a new place ), I found an old comicblog entry draft in one of my files. I believe this was way back when I was doing my industrial training (and that was 2+ years ago. Ermegerd).

And thus, I decided to spend a bunch of hours to finally turn it into a legit blog entry:


283 - set1 (1 2)283 - set2 (3 4)283 - set3 (5 6)283 - 7283 - 8 (anim)[3]



283 - 9




283 - 10


If I recall, at that point of time, the Sun was so fahhkeeng hot that it felt as if my skin was baking every time I stepped outside. It was less than pleasant.

In fact, I think I once actually fell ill for a week after being boiled from the inside of my car. Macam pau, except more comel and less tasty. Yes, that was a thing. Huehuehue.

Also, this entry is brought to you by the magical Layer Paint on my Galaxy Note 10.1. BEST INVENTION EVAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Aaaaand I’m done.



Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kouda Entry_282: Interruption

So, I was doing some work on my laptop one morning, then my Super suddenly wanted to discuss something there and then…

282 - 1

282 - 2

282 - 3

…and in the middle of our discussion, two staff members just started talking loudly about God knows what. I can’t remember what they were talking about, but regardless, it was seriously RUDE.


It’s a short entry, but it’s better than nuthin, right? Hehe. I’m getting more used to drawing using my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and my lab work is slowing down a bit. So, more updates in the future maybe? I wouldn’t hold my breath. Lol. :|




Kouda Entry_281: iPoPS 2013

So, I haven’t been updating much. Come on guys, procrastinating both my PhD and blogging is kinda hard. Lol.

Anyways, I’ll be posting a comic entry in a few minutes/hours. In the mean time, here’s a recent video project I’ve worked on for an International Postgraduate Conference here in UiTM Puncak Alam.

Kouda Entry_281: iPoPS2013

Posted this one on Youtube about a week ago. The Windows Live Writer on my laptop wasn’t functioning, and then I became malas. Huehuehue.

Anyweh, comic entry coming in the next post! If you guys care, then pretend to be excited, please. Lol.


THEthat’s it?END

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kouda Entry_280: Its Gonna Be Me

It has been about 2 years since I posted a lip sync video. I didn’t have any new ideas to show (and I didn’t wanna bore you guys by showing the same old thing but with a different song).

Recently I’ve purchased a new DSLR, and I’ve gotten better at using Sony Vegas Pro 9. So, I thought I’d put those 2 new things together and produce another crappy video of me waving my hands and moving my lips and stuff. Lol. Enjoy:

Kouda Entry_280:- It’s Gonna Be Me

The masking isn’t perfect, but I got too lazy to fix it. Huehuehue.


Wanna see more lip syncing insanity? (Oh God why…):-

Kouda Entry_224:- History of Everything

Kouda Entry_215: Double Vision

Kouda Entry_203: Every Other Time


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kouda Entry_279: Final Assignment

After a looooooooooooooong(seriously)oooong hiatus, I have finally returned!! And later I’ll probably be gone for another year again. Lol.

Anyhoots, since today is a somewhat-maybe-sort of-a little bit-special kinda day, I figured I’d break what’s left of my back and make something a tiny bit fancier than I’m used to.

It’s an animation(-ish) y’all!! Checkit.

Kouda Entry_279: Final Assignment

I’ve had this project in mind since late last year. Never got around to finishing it, since I’ve been either preoccupied with my research, or just generally being a lazy-arse turd. Your pick.

Oh, I’ve upgraded to PhD-student status recently. So, my workload upgraded along with it. Tis the life.

But I hope that quick animation makes up for my prolonged absence (maybe?). I probably won’t be touching any video editing software for the next century or so after this. Lol. Penat okeh. Spent the entire 4-day (Chinese New Year) holiday finishing this thing. But it was worth it!(?) Puas hati kot finally siap ini project. Hoho!

Aite, laters.