Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kouda Entry_163: Good News / Bad News

First thing's first. I was photoshopping around, trying to make a new profile pic for this blog. But what I ended up with won't fit into the 200pixel sidebar.

So instead, I used it as my deviantart profile picture. But for the sake of being a whore, I'll post it here too. XD.


Select - bordered

Failed effect. I gave up halfway through. As usual. Lol.


At any rate! Good news:

My Taekwondo instructor gave me my new belt last Friday~!!!


Obviously the one on the left is the new one. ^_^



Bad news:

I was being a smartass a few days ago and tried to update my PSP's software on my own.

AND NOW IT CAN'T READ ISO FILES!!! O nooooooeeeessss!!!!!

In layman's terms, Kyo can no longer play cheap pirated games on his PSP. i.e. my PSP just devolved into the world's most expensive doorstop.









Ah well, at least that zombie grape will have something to eat. Goodbye cruel world!



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kouda Entry_162: I Dream of Loops and Zombie Fruits?

Been having...weird dreams lately. Like, seriously.

A few nights ago, I dreamt about this little grape that was jumping around all happy. Actually, there were a bunch of little fruits, but I only remember the grape. Lolz.

And suddenly, the grape's skin ripped open, and started to munch on other fruits! Oh le horrorz!

Imagine this thing jumping around and gnawing on your head!


. . . I think I'm starting to develop a different coloring style now . . .
Not sure if that's a good thing...



02 - 03





Who'dve thunk that my brain would be working on some blogging material while I was asleep. Impressive, no? XD





O I have TWO things that come crawling into my head while I sleep. Well, technically the other one jumps, but wtvr.



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Monday, May 25, 2009

Kouda Entry_161: The Giga-Poke

I was on Facebook, and as usual I saw the "Superpoke!" tab on my browser.

And all of a sudden I got an idea of what to blog about!


Facebook came up with "Poke!", and then "Superpoke!" right? So it got me thinking what they'll come up with next:


How innovative!! Lol.



What about GIGA-Poke then?


Ahaha...too many frames. The image got pixellated. Lol.

Looks kinda perverted at first, kan? A giant finger piercing the sky. Ohohoho~!






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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kouda Entry_160: Kyo At The Beach

Hehe, sorry for the lack of updates, guys. I've been a bit preoccupied with Eye-strains, and a few...uhh...emotional situations. ^_^;; Ah well, blogging material for another day.


It's been a while since I actually set foot on a beach.

A friend of mine (and his army of friends) came to KB recently for some sort of program. Lively bunch, if I do say so myself. XD.

He invited me to tag along, but I was a bit first:

Wtf?... Well, it didn't exactly go like that. But you get the idea...don't you?

But it was fun. And I got to be the cameraman. OMG my first time holding a fancy big ass digital camera (like the ones those photographers use)! Apa lagi, Kyo all out la snapping pictures. Har har har!

Being the cameraman does have its downsides. Like "I'm not in any of the pictures". Lol. Hope I did an okay job taking their pictures.


Speaking of pictures. I asked one of the guys, "Uncle", to take pictures using my digital camera. To those interested, you can download them by clicking the link below:

Download Pictures here

If it still doesn't work. Try copy-pasting the url into the address bar.
Sorry for the inconvenience. ^_^;;


Some of the pics might need some photoshopping done. If you guys want me to edit them, just e-mail me at


That's it for this entry. I think my eyes are starting to strain again. ~_~. Pain...




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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kouda Entry_159: Kyo Is Duh . . .


When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came to mind was: "I think I should organize my blog layout a bit".




Excuse the hair. Very bersepah in the morning. Lol. I should really get it cut tonight.


Omg my eyes are hurting from working on that animation. Lol.




Well, at any rate. I managed to do a few small edits on this blog. Mainly, the titles on the sidebar there. It was supposed to make things a bit more organized. But dunno lah. Lol.


Also, I added a new RSS icon below the blog header. I wanted to use FeedBurner at first, but I got a headache trying to figure out how to make it work. Lol short attention span. XD.

In the end I just put that RSS icon instead. But then Azi YM-ed me:



uh . . .



Aiyo, bikin penat going through all that RSS FAQs and stuff. . .


So, I guess that settles it. If you guys want to subscribe to my RSS feed, just click that icon on the URL, or the one in the tabs (under the blog header).




Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kouda Entry_158: Angels & Demons Review

Aite, let's get crackin!


It's been about 5 days since I watched the preview screening. And the movie has premiered all over Malaysia. So, I guess it's safe for me to post my thoughts on it.


Here's a list of the pros and cons of the movie:




1> The CG was superb.
The animation on how the Anti-Matter was formed, the Anti-matter's appearence, the explosion, they were all amazing. Kyo loves the fluid motion of the particles.

2> The occasional humor was nicely done.
Good timing. Not overly comical, just like the book itself.

3> Tom Hanks got a haircut. Thank God.
Rejoice people. The hair is much better this time around. No more latino hunk wannabe. XD

4> The Soundtrack was just "OMG!".
No, seriously. OMG! Download!

5> Ewan McGregor did a splendid job as the Camerlengo.
Obi-Wan always did look good in a robe. It wasn't a surprise that he easily pulled off the part as the hopeful priest. Too bad about the ending though.







1> Not that much CG was used.
Although the CG was great, there weren't that many in the movie. Unlike The Da Vinci Code, where they showed a bunch of fancy effects to visualize Robert Langdon's thoughts and explanations. I WAN CG!!

2> Tom Hanks in swimming briefs.
O_o Le Horrorz!!! Think about the children!!!

3> They changed part of the storyline!!
I mean MUTILATED it!!! Wtf I was looking forward to the ending, but they butchered it. Fuk! Whyyyyy~!!!???

4> No Illuminati Diamond!!!
Instead we get a pair of keys. Nothing more controversial than a couple of keys, eh...  (ok la, maybe the whole diamond wouldn't fit on someone's chest. But still).

5> The duration of the chase was unsatisfactory.
It takes Langdon 5 minutes to get from one statue to the other. Not enough time for the suspense to sink in. It's as if they barely had any trouble figuring out the clues.



Overall, I think people who haven't read the book would probably enjoy this movie.

Since I read the book, I had a some expectations which were never met by the movie. Haih... sedikit kecewa la this.


Still a good movie. If you find The Da Vinci Code a good watch, then you should give this one a shot.



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Kouda Entry_157: At The Premiere

I wish I could've blogged about this sooner. But I didn't have my laptop with me when I went to KL.

I've managed to update my Facebook status by using Reza's Blackberry and Azi's Nokia 5800. Hish, I should get a phone with a wireless. Lol.


at 1:27 am!?


Now that it's already the 17th, and the movie officially premiered for the whole of Malaysia to see, I can write an all-out "review" of it. Har har.


But first, OMG Kyo must tell what happened at the premiere!!

Azi and I were just chatting away, waiting for the movie to start. I think we annoyed a few people, but whatevs, we were bored. Lol. (Sorry lah ^_^;;)


And then Josh (one of the advertlets people) said a few words. He started to announce the winner of the blogging competition.

But little did I know, there was one category that I never knew existed:

I was shocked and nervous. Lol.
Didn't expect my name to be said out loud for everyone to hear.

I didn't even know that there was a "Most Creative Post" category. XD


 05   06


Good thing Miao didn't join in on the competition. He'd pwn my ass in a heartbeat. Lol.


Thank you Advertlets for letting me win something! I can't remember your names (except Josh) because I was so stoked. Lol.

If someone could kindly remind me... I'd appreciate it. XD


Oh, I'll write that "review" later. Wouldn't want this to end up being a mixed up entry now. Til then!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kouda Entry_156: Road Trip!

Astaga my internet was down for a few days, and I couldn't post this entry until after I got back from KL. Lol.

But it's better than not posting it at all la kan. XD


Wootz!! Going for the premiere of Angels and Demons!!

And now I'm getting all prepped up for my road trip to KL!


OMFG I'm so excited!!

But while planning the trip, one thing occurred to me:


And that is...

04- -04b


Who'd want to accompany me all the way to KL just so that I can go watch Angels and Demons with Azi anyways? Lol.

I'm not going to let that stop me! I'll consider this an opportunity to learn how to get lost find my way to KL alone!


I just hope I don't run into any trouble along the way >_>.





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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kouda Entry_155: OMG Kyo Gots Tickets!!!

I was going through my usual sites this morning. And I noticed that I had a few new e-mails. I checked:

01 + 02


OMG YAY!!!!!!




I hate that centipede.

Facebook status




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