Friday, May 30, 2008

Kouda Entry_19: Underneath the Broken

It is our flaws that makes us human,
It is our humanity that marks our imperfection,
Our imperfection makes us unique,
Our uniqueness is our flaw,

Because we despise those who are different,
We resent the better ones,
Those who stand above us,
The ones who are stronger,
They who do not feel the pain we feel,
He who makes us feel human,
Makes us feel flawed,

But i have come to realize,
As these blurred images clear,
I too am human,
and i too, am flawed,

I do not see myself as the higher,
I refuse to see myself as the better,
Because my reality,
My perfection,
is knowing that I am weaker,
that I am the latter,
the reprobate,

Rejoice, You may rejoice,
I urge you,
For now you know,
that I am as you are,
I am not strong, not better,
not higher, not greater,

I am the latter,
I am the weaker,

Rejoice, please rejoice,
For your pain is not your own,
For I once bled as you do now,

And I am weaker,
for fear to be cut,
I let my hands go,
I despise the blood.

I am the weaker,
I need you to know.
My imperfection craves the ache,
But my reality yearns this peace.

I am the weaker,
Because I hide behind these doors.
And it pains me to see,
That what lies beyond them,
is the very thing I refuse to feel again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_18: Double Repetition


...and so the day comes...

...the day when i have to repeat two, count em, TWO chemistry papers.

Imagine people, crammin TWO chemistry subjects into my oh so fragile little bundle of lobes in a single month. *Shudders*. I think this could pass as one of the most brilliant modes of punishment ever invented. I'd say it'd be right up there, next to "detention" and "lashing". What makes it so devillish? Its the fact that it deals damage to both you both physically and mentally. I'd say its 90% mental.

Consider a situation:

Man: Dude, I hear you're gettin punished?

Kyo: Wut? 100 lashes? Lifetime in prison? Hah! I laugh at such trivial shit.

Man: Two chemistry papers in one month

Kyo: *insert blood-curdling-girly-pathetic-maximumvolume-scream here*

Man: That's okay man...let it out *shakes head in sympathy*


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kouda Entry_17: Rejoice

I'm home!!! HOME!!! Howwwmmmhhh!!!!

Ah, to be back in the hometown after a whole semester of nervous breakdowns. The drive back was decent. I mean, the 8hour drive was quite bearable. At least i didn't crash into anything or anyone. I have my buddy, Zack (obvious nickname) to thank for that. But yeah, wish the guy would at least take over when i was fukin sleepy. But noooo~ he was bein a fukin pussy. Haha. Meh, i wanted to drive all the way back on my own neways. Its a gud practice.

Update y'all!!! FUKIN FLAT SCREEN TV IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!! Kyo orgasms. Wakakaka.

Owh, and wut appears to be one of them hp-compact-pc-with-no-oversized-cpu things sumhow found its way into the living room too. Kyo orgasms again. At first i was like "mana cpu? at the shop?" and then i saw my dad using the net just fine. That was wen I was "WA LIAO WEHH!!!!!! FUKIN HAWT GILABABI SIAL MY DAD HAS BEEN SPLURGIN I LIKE SO MUCH LOL!!!"

Kyo orgasms. and is bein a fukin girl. Lol.

Oh oh!!! My dad is lending me his Motorola Razor which is like damn hot! Its old n worn out. But still, upgrade y'all. At least kyo ada camera now. Haha...i feel kuno n shit... I'm no motorola fan. I dun like having to learn the interface all over again. My preference lies within the hawtness of nokia applications. Yea2, i'm sure nokia is plenty awesum. But kyo is a true budak sejati nokia. Haha.

Ok ok. I'm done talkin bout the good things that are actually happenin now. Fuk dammit, kyo is turnin into an optimist again. Now its proven that my emo-ness came from bein in uitm shah alam. Case closed.

My house is turnin into a kilang barang letrik!!! (in reference to what azi sed. keke). ME LIKEY~!!!

One last time, kyo orgasms XD.

gross... lol.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kouda Entry_19: Manusia Besi!

Ah, ironman. Like omgwtf!? It was like, fukin awsum!! There is no expletive in the world that could describe the sheer hawtness of this movie! I swear, if you watch this movie, you'd just wanna buy the dvd and fukin make luv to it! XD!!!!! The animation was scorchin y'all! And the mechanics of the iron suit was just..unearthly. Oh, the acting was muthafuhkin great! Robert Downy was damn sarcastic n shit. Seriously, genius-fast talkin-sarcastic-scientist?? Its like god embodied all things i wanna be into one man. XD.

Kyo is being such a schoolgirl rite now. I mean, i was an emo-bitch like, 10 seconds ago. Mood swing much. I need a jumbo sized coke...

But c'mon! Who the hell wouldn't get excited over THIS wundruss work of art!? *DROOOLLLZZZ!!!!!*

Jaws hangin open? I have that too. XD wakakakaka!!!

Serously, if you haven't watched this movie yet, go hammer your head in with a shovel, and then go to your nearest cinema. Who cares if you're bleeding to death at the time.

Kouda Entry_16: F.I.S.H.

Seafood y'all!


F.I.S.H = Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization. ANd you know what that means? It means God's gonna be pwning ur asses if you screw this topic up and fail ur molecular biology paper!

Yea2, just when we all thought Kyo's gonna be shittin bout things OTHER than his studies, here he comes again, blabbering about sum random chapter in his syllabus. (insert a "do you see if i care what you think" image here).

I'm a bitch. Get used to it, or i'll shuv a FISH up ur be-hind. N believe me, having a marine life-form in ur anal cavity isn't really sumthin u'd wanna experience...*shudders*

I think i need to eat...Azi sez i get cranky when i dun eat. XD.

Aite! Random shit over! Now get back to your daily lives, people! Seriously! *pft*