Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kouda Entry 15: chm260 = fuk101

Ok, lesse, the finals are comin up in like, *blink* o shit its here.

Oh, wut? I haven’t updated in a while? Kyo has a life, people. And uitm’s internet connection is heading towards what we wud like to call “dayem-nation”. If there is any one facility in the world that does an amazingly exponential job at slowly desecrating all sense of hope in the lives of us young people, it wud definitely be uitm.

Note to self, do not waste so much cyber space trying to elaborate on how this place can be a rusted pipe up the rear. O mai, graphic much. XD har har.

Kay kay, back to me bein a bitch about having to study for my Instrumental Analysis paper. Wait, I think they’re callin it Analysis of Imminent Failure now… … …One can dream…

Why in the name of Andramalech’s backside is the damn thing so effin hard to study for!? I mean, the info isn’t really as easy to connect together as all the other subs. I dare you to try and make a mind map out of the IA notes. Trust me, u’d end up with a frikkin Atlas. And not the user-friendly kind either.

Haih, I guess this sem is still full of built up angst over chem. I need more color in my life…

Monday, April 7, 2008

OMG Emo trip

For the love of lucifer, i can't believe i had a frikkin tsunami of an emo session. And y? Because i watched a movie so fuckin corny, that there isn't a vegetable in this world that can even describe the corniness of it. Or is corn a fruit? *contemplates for no reason*

I think it was my instable brain's way of balas dendam for when i felt nothing after watching *spoiler* Sam in "I am Legend" die. I was like, "okay...this wud b a great moment to feel a shred of sadness for the damned mutt and the obviously doomed doctor". But noooo~, i was fuckin emotionless n shit.

N now, one cheesy movie later, Kyo got plummetted into an abyss of dysfunctional, misdirected feminine outburst. N i had to do a virology assignment that night. Altogether now, Faaarrrhhhhkkk~!!!!!

But yea, the job got done...barely. Meh.

Oh, the freakishly juvenile movie that barely merits any kind of recognition. Doi. I was just interested in the lead actors' acting skills. Too bad their other works (especially the male lead, Luke Mably) aren't easily found in stores. And I am so craving to watch Spirit Trap. YTF am i only interested in stuff that we dun have/sell here in msia? I hate my fukin self. My obsessions are effin annoyin.