Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kouda Entry_187: Convo (Part 2)

Took me a while to get this one done. Almost 20 panels in a single entry. Whew…

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to Part 1.

And now on to Part 2.

Convo (Part 2): Series of Problems

I was determined to make it a good day! Heck, I wasn’t going to let my one day of triumph be marred by lack of sleep.

187 - 01   02

Lol. Went all out planning ni.


3 panel



It was probably a miscommunication or whatever. But, my stress level was already reaching dangerously high levels.



187 - 07   08

187 - 09   10 187 - rush1 
It took me a while to find my sister though. There were huge masses of people everywhere! But, I managed to find her after a while.

187 - 11   12 187 - 13   14

I know la, it’s just a packet of facial tissues. But it was just so sweet ^_^. Thanks, sis!

After that was well and done, I had to quickly rush back to the gathering area immediately.

187 - rush2

But then, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that they had already started to line up.

187 - 15 187 - rush3
Had to rush and look for my spot in line. I was seriously hoping that it’s not too far off.

187 - 16

But then, one of the people in charge asked me to put on my robe and mortar board. (I didn’t want to run around with those on)

That’s when I realized…

187 - 17   18

And then my stress level increased a bit more. Lol.

It was already a hectic start to my convocation day. But I was still determined to make it a fun day!

But little did I know, a lot of crap was still waiting for me… Haih…


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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kouda Entry_186: Convo (part 1)

Yosh! I finally finished sketching the blog entry for my convocation!!

Due to the amazingly huge amount of shitty things that happened on that day, the blog entry turned out VERY long. 45 panels of comic strips! Gilaks.

So, I’ve decided to divide the entry into 3 parts. And here’s the first:


Convo (Part 1) : The Day Before

All of us were excited about the big day. After all, we spent 3 years studying our asses of to get our diplomas.

01 - 02

I wanted to finish my assignments that night. So that I could fully enjoy my convocation day and no studies-related stuff would get in the way.


186 - 03



186 - 04

But then my computer started to be a real beyotch. Lol.


 186 - 05


186 - 06

186 - 07


It was really annoying!!! My Dell kept crashing over and OVER again!!


And then, around midnight, a friend of mine came over to give me the material for ANOTHER group assignment.


08 - 10


But in the end…


186 - 11

I ended up having to stay up all night to finish the assignment.

Not only that, I had to use my roommate’s laptop because mine kept throwing tantrums.


As a result…

186 - 12

Abis la my convo…hancur…


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kouda Entry_185: Inspirational Words…


185 - full

Finally a comic strip!!!


But how come it has to be one where I get bullied?

Truly inspirational words; If a killer centipede and zombie grape is on your tail, RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!


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Monday, November 30, 2009

Kouda Entry_184: Vlog 02

Since I got a new laptop, with a valid webcam (woohoo!), i thought i’d give vlogging another shot. Keke.

Be warned, I abuse the phrase “at any rate” far too much. Like, what the hell?

I look ugleh. Seriously. Haha. And you guys probably can’t hear a word I’m saying. Kyo mumbles. Shuddup. Lol.

Still haven’t finished that artwork yet!!


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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kouda Entry_183: "All I Can Do Is Bleed"

Finally got around to doing this one. I've been thinking bout this for ages. But never really got around to it. What with the final exams and the chronic laziness. Keke.


 Make Me Bleed (col) - smaller2
click for larger view


It's pretty much the same concept as "Fallen Promise" and "All I Can Do Is Wait" in my previous entries.

It's up for interpretation, really.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kouda Entry_182: "The Reluctant Traveler"

Oh no, another emo art by Kyo.

click the image for a larger view.

Sometimes, there are certain things that goes on in my head that I find somewhat difficult to dismiss.

Each mistake I make entails a hundred hesitations. In the next few years, I'll probably be to scared to even move a finger.


Ntah, I think the lack of privacy is making me a bit screwy in the head. Why do I think that? Because my ungodly habit of talking to myself has been getting worse.

Shut up.


Could be other reasons, but I can't figure it out yet.


Ah, well...



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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kouda Entry_181: Makum 2009

O wow, it's been almost a month since I last posted something. A lot of things happened, really, but the mood to blog about em never really sank in.


i.e. Kyo was being uber lazy. Akaka.


So, a few weeks back, I joined this competition (Festival Tari 2009) under UiTM's group, "Prisma Seni". (Trust me, I never expected myself to join a group like that, but hey, shit happens. Lol.)

Seriously though, they're a fun bunch to hang out with. I'm more than glad I joined.


Anyways, the competition was held in UKM, which means all of us had to stay there for a few days.

181 - 01

And when we got there, we had loads of fun ^_^.

02   03


Sorry Azi, Kyo didn't get any. Wakaka tetiba azi masuk citer.


But of course, we all know that Murphy's Law is always going about and screw with me, kan?


I was sleeping soundly that night...when suddenly...

181 - 07

08   09


181 - 10

Food Poi = Food poisoning.


Bankai, I had a nauseous gut for a whole day. It was NOT pleasant, okeh. It was both tiring and embarassing.

Kesian those guys for having to put up with my sickly self. Sorry guys! :<




omg story yang tergantung. haha.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kouda Entry_180: Sayang


Sayang, why did you leave me all of a sudden like that? Macam mana I nak siapkan assignment yang bertimbun2 ni? Nasib baik I already copied my presentation files. Takkan you sanggup nak throw all my hard work down the drain like this. Isk3... Kesian la kat I ni.


Blue Screen

My laptop yang tersayang terkeluar Blue Screen of Death (Again)!!!! Nooo!!! Don't leave me!!! DX


Yes, perlu highlight. Nanti ada yang salah paham and menyebabkan berlaku gossip yang memenatkan aku jer nak mengeksplen bebanyak kali. Ahaha.


I know I've been bitching about you hanging and being all slow and shit, but still... xnak ah trus xde laptop kot.



180 - 06

Wut were you guys expecting? Lol.



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kouda Entry_179: A Day with Kyo

Here's a sneak peek at what my daily life looks like:

And now you know why I can be such a bitch at times. Ohoho.

Lol Fared makes an appearance in panel number 5. Wanted to draw Pet also, but x cukup space. Haha you guys have no idea who I'm talking bout kan?


THEstress dowh!END


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kouda Entry_178: Give Me Soul

Title berabis feeling. Ahaha.

Well, it's the title for my new wallpaper, really. I didn't wanna use "heart" cuz it'd be too corny.

"Soul" is still corny, I know, but way less jiwang than "Heart", okeh. Now shuddup. Lol.


I was actually watching The Fray's "Heartless" music video. And it gave me an idea; It'd be hella kool to have custom doodles for a wallpaper.

But I thought a crumpled up "heart" wud be easier to do. Kyo kan malas. Ahar har har.

Heart Add - boxless
click for full-sized (bigass) image

First time making a wallpaper which incorporates an actual image of myself. Looks ok ka? Hmm... -_-...

My facial hair was all over the place, so I decided to avoid using my actual face. I've been skimping on my personal hygiene a little bit recently. XD. A little je la. I still bathed, so there.

But still, it adds to the mystery of the wallpaper. Bajet model la konon ni.

Yup, that's Kyo, wearing a jacket yang baru beli. Ekeke.


And since I already had the camera in my hands, I decided to take some extra shots. And this came up:

Heart Rid
click for full-sized image

Using old paper as artwork!? Kyo is going green! Recycle yo!!

That's it. Saja nak update blog. XD


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