Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kouda Entry_176: "All I Can Do Is Wait"


Kyo is expressing himself by drawing again. Biasa la, was looking for an excuse to escape from doing my lab report. Lol.


Kyo - All I can do is wait (Col) - smaller

click image for full view


This is why I love emotions. The very source of inspiration when it comes to scribbling using photoshop. Woot!

Not the most original idea, I guess. Since, I did draw something similar to this a few years ago. But that one involved a crucifix. So I guess this one is more suitable for the less liberal audience. XD

Also, was trying out a new coloring style. I cleaned out a lot of the rough sketch lines. And no inking was done whatsoever.

Not the best result. But, it's all about experimenting after all kan~. Keke.


You can take a look at the sketch at my deviantart account;


And that's that.



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