Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kouda Entry_151: Spastic

My Internet's been down for 3 days now!!! Or was it 2 days...? Meh, felt like a week to me.

I can't stick to any one task!!!

I keep changing my mind 5 seconds after I started doing something.

It sucks, really.


O shit, that centipede is starting to become a regular on this blog.


That's it. I got so bored that all I could do was draw those 4 panels. So sue me. Lol.


Bah, an uber long post is coming up. Now if only I had more readers to show it to.


OMG my 2nd Dan Grading is tomorrow!!!! I am having these intervals where I actually feel nervous!!! It sucks!!! T_T


THE sudden END

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kouda Entry_150: Breaking All the Wrong Things...

I went to my weekend Taekwondo training 2 days ago. And since my 2nd Dan grading is coming up, I can't afford to miss any sessions.

But last Friday, my instructor told me this:



Now I know breaking 4 boards in 6 seconds SOUNDS easy.

But if you consider aiming and balancing yourself after breaking each board, 6 seconds is "just enough".

That means no room for "OMG I made a mistake" or "O shit I missed the board and cracked the board holder's fingers instead".

I cracked plenty of fingers before this... Just ask my instructor. Lol.



Poor thing. He'll never masturbate the same way again...



O shit I got a Taekwondo class to teach in 30 mins! *Rushes off to get ready*



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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kouda Entry_149: I Dream of Centipedes and Spiders!?



Last night I had a dream about spiders and webs and junk.


Just 2 nights ago, I actually dreamt of a fuckin HORDE of centipedes!!

Red...crawly...creepy...disgusting little bugs all over the place.


It's probably because I found a damned centipede in my bathroom the other day.

It was probably about 10cm long. But gross is still gross.

I mean WTF!? How the hell did that thing get into my toilet!? The place is practically sealed shut!!

Let's consider, shall we:


Suspected method of infiltration:

Centipede 01
Centipede 02
Centipede 03

I've been reading too many microbiology books...



Suspected method of infiltration:

Centipede Drain 1

I don't wanna imagine a bug doing that in real life. . . O_o.



Suspected method of infiltration:

Centipede Wall


. . .


. .






No worries. I killed the damn bug using a full can of Ridsect.

Mebbe it was just half a can?


O no! The Greenhouse effect!



Friday, April 24, 2009

Kouda Entry_148: Minathos WIP

Was updating my DeviantArt account last night. And while I ran through my gallery, it occurred to me that I haven't done any colors in a while.

A lot of my stuff were sketches and monochromic logos. And then I thought. "Do some colors la wei".

Ok, fine, I'll do some colors. And this is the fucker that I decided to mutilate:

Minathos - smaller
Click Image for a slightly larger view

The full-sized image can be found in my DeviantArt account, or you can just click this link:

After about 2 hours of slow coloring, this is what I came up with:

Minathos 3 (Color)
Click Image for a slightly larger view

Work in progress. Still figuring out the color scheme for the axe.

Cleaned up the lines a little bit. There's still some smudges that needs to be cleared, but I'll leave that for later.

Got rid of the tail too. It didn't seem to fit in with the whole image. No idea why I decided to give it a tail in the first place.

The fur and skin texture needs a bit more work. It's a little too "flat".

Not too happy with the overall color though. I might edit the hue after I'm done.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kouda Entry_147: Workspace - Tag


This is more fun if you haven't cleaned up your workspace in AGES. XD

1> IMMEDIATELY take a picture of your workspace. DO NOT ADJUST OR MOVE ANYTHING. Where's the fun in that? Lol.

2> Find at least 5 things on your table that you think needs some explaining. (Like an object that isn't supposed to be there).

3> Explain those items.

4> Tag your friends, or whoever that you feel has nothing better to do. Lol. Especially tag those who haven't updated their blog in ages. Bagi inisiatif la konon ni. XD.


------------------- < BEGIN > -------------------



1> IMMEDIATELY take a picture of your workspace. DO NOT ADJUST OR MOVE ANYTHING. Where's the fun in that? Lol.

Kyo's Workspace


2> Find at least 5 things on your table that you think needs some explaining. (Like an object that isn't supposed to be there).

Kyo's Workspace - Labelled


3> Explain those items.


Raldo! I have nowhere else to place this thing without it getting in the way. Besides, kawaii janai? XD


Project Soul Node notes

"Project Soul Node" notebooks. Uh, I was working on "Exorsus", and I kept chucking those books on top of the printer-scanner. Waaat? Organized mess bah this. Lol.

Astaga I have like 5 books full of plans and concepts about that Project already. Gilaks.


Minyak Panas Cap Kuda 1

"Minyak Panas Cap Kuda 1". I was having some muscle pains around my thigh from all that Taekwondo-ing. When I told my Mom, she popped this up.

At least the pains are gone now. Yay! Whoever said "No Pain, no gain", is a bloody masochist.



"Actal". It's an Anti-acid. In short, Kyo's stomach can be a bitch. End of discussion. They're chewable!



"MaXx Fitness" workout gloves. Well, I don't really use em for workouts. It's for drawing. Since my hands sweat like hell, this thing prevents my palms from ruining the paper while I sketch. It's effective, at least.



My old Canon scanner. Used this back when I was in high school. The driver's missing, so I can't use it anymore. It served me well. Which is why I refuse to throw it away ^_^.



Nail clippers. Malas dowh mau cari this thing whenever I need it. That's why I just plant it under the desk for easy access. Saves me the hassle of having to get up and look for it. Yes, Kyo is very efficient XD.



4> Tag your friends, or whoever that you feel has nothing better to do. Lol. Especially tag those who haven't updated their blog in ages. Bagi inisiatif la konon ni. XD.



Still drafting that "To Shah Alam: Part 3" entry. Lol.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_146: Reminisce

I should be working on "To Shah Alam, Part 3", but I something came up and I thought it needed an immediate blog-fest. XD


Azi was cleaning out her room the other day, and she found a big pile of old memories.

One of em was this, the very first Chibi of her that I drew:


Aww... brings back a shockwave of old memories.

Ah well, seeing as I learned a few new tricks with Photoshop since my old Sabah days, I decided to remake that artwork:

Azi - Chibi done

Ohoho, a nice, clean, sharp image. And there's no hassle of having to scan the damn thing too. ^_^

Yes, Azi, that siggy of mine at the bottom right corner is a must! Lol.

Bah, you can always erase that thing using paint.


And here's the logo I made for our "Adventures of Kyo & Azi" (A.K.A.) phase:



Been a while since I saw it. Small little fucker, isn't it? So I decided to spruce it up a bit:

AKA - 250 x 250

Yay our logo is all fresh and fancy now! Ahh...I lurves Photoshop. Lol.

Yea, yea, we know. It's the Star of David. Shut up.

We're both Dan Brown fans. And after reading The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons (and a heck of a lot of wikipedia and googling about), we learned a thing or two about the meaning behind the Star of David.


But whatever, it looks kewlz! And as a graphics guy, that's all that matters. So cram it. XDDDDD



Friday, April 17, 2009

Kouda Entry 145: To Shah Alam (II)

Streamyx fuckin sucks. My internet's been down for a whole day now. And for a guy who practically breathes the internet, that bites.

It's Friday! Naruto and Bleach Mangas are both out and I can't read em!

Ah well, now I can blog without (much) distractions.




For a little bit of context, here's a quick recap;

Kouda Entry_140: Slip SPM


Yup, the guys and I went to Putrajaya to go grab that elusive SPM slip of mine. And it was...enlightening.


Parking 2

Apparently UiTM isn't the only place suffering from a chronic shortage of parking spots.

It kinda looks like one of those places where they sell used cars. Big, bulky, shiny (and probably expensive) cars.

Whatever happened to the Kancil? Seriously, if everyone drove a Kancil, we'd get double the parking space.

But noooooooo. Instead, they fuggin STOP the production of those things altogether, and start making MyVIs and ViVAs. Wtfux?

Not to mention Kancil doesn't use up that much gas.

I swear, the government is so fuckin superficial, it pisses me off.

Parking 3

A Pos Laju truck? And yet my slip never even made it out of their godforsaken office. Fuckin asses.


Slip 01

There were no lines.

There were barely any people (visitors).

The place seemed downright deserted.


What I'm trying to say is that the people there looked like they don't have anyone to entertain. Meaning that they're NOT ALL THAT BUSY.

Remind me again why it took so long to get my slip sent out?

. . .

O yea, typical drones that don't take their jobs seriously. Pfft.


Be reminded that I called these people 1 hour before I arrived. This was to avoid having to WAIT unnecessarily for my ALREADY delayed slip.

But after I arrived, they still made me WAIT. Okay, maybe for like 15 minutes. But still.

Apa, baru nak print out ke benda tu? >_>

It's a good thing I had Shakir with me. X jadi plak nak maki hamun those drones. Wtvr, I didn't want any needless drama.



Ah well, after we got that done, we went searching for shit for me to blog about.

Slip 02

Ohoho agak candid. Sucks.


Sexy back series. Ahahaha:

Pjaya 1



Ahaha...forgot I was wearing a shirt with the words "New York" plastered at the back. Fail.

Oh, here's Shakir:


And here's a bunch of Korean tourists.


Stalking people is fun! XD. For about 5 minutes. Pfft.

Not that many entertaining happenings occurred. So I guess that's it for Part 2.

Part2 end

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kouda Entry_144: To Shah Alam (I)

part 1

I know I should blog about that trip to Shah Alam recently.

But I have zilch inspiration XD.

Shut up, I've been busy with my everyday crap.

01 - Busy

. . .


Okay, so maybe I was just being lazy and procrastinated. Wtvr.


So, yeah, went to Shah Alam last Tuesday with Azri, Acab and Kamal. Cuz god forbid I drive all the way to Shah Alam alone.

 02 - Direction

You try driving a full 400km with that retarded sense of direction.


Oh, and to boot, I locked myself out of my car before we even managed to make our move. What is it with me and getting locked out of places? >_>.


That last one hasn't happened yet. But it's kinda obvious what I'd do if it did. Lol.


About the car, it's a good thing Azri knows how to unlock the car door using a metal hanger. Honestly, I was impressed.


Learn new things everyday.

Good thing Azri there is skilled at busting into cars. God knows what I would've done without his Grand Theft Auto skillz. XD.


Oh, and I noticed something very stupid along our journey to Shah Alam:


Seriously. You don't need to have a licence to figure out you're not supposed to leave your car there. Selfish turd.


Seeing as how I was driving all the way to Shah Alam, and we didn't make that many stops, I couldn't take that many pics.

Well yea, there's the occasional stopping for a drink. But that didn't strike to me as "interesting". Lol.


Although there is this one incident where I almost ran over a friggin monkey. But thanks to my mad driving skillz and experience playing "Burnout: Domination" (lol), I dodged that fucker no problem.

But Kamal wasn't wearing his seatbelt. So he got tossed around in the car like a piece of fruit in a blender. It was hilarious. XDDDDD.

At least now he knows enough to put his seatbelt on when Kyo's behind the wheel.


OMG I just noticed that I never posted a pic of Kamal here.


Excuse the blurriness. Took that pic with my N76 instead of my digicam. But hey, at least now you know what the guy looks like XD.


We got to Shah Alam at like 3am. The good news was that there were no traffic jams anywhere along the way. THANK GAWD!

Bad news was that as of 12 midnight, I was already 60% asleep. Not sure if Kamal noticed this (he was in the car with me).


I think I almost dozed off like 10, 20 times AT LEAST. And I swear the car was flying. O_O.

It was raining like hell too. It's like the sky had chronic diarrhea or something.



Ah well, we got there safe. And we were fortunate enough to have Shakir provide us with an empty dorm room to stay in. Wootz!




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