Monday, December 22, 2014

Kouda Entry_299: Saiyens


299 - 01299 - 02
299 - 03
299 - 04

299 - 05


Well, this isn’t a topic I would normally voluntarily bring up. But I have to admit, it did cross my mind on multiple occasions.

Hey, I’m ok with being the nerdy antisocial and slightly weird genius scientist uncle who is devilishly handsome, has an insanely high H-index, is crazy rich, lives alone and probably has weird casual sex with random strangers every now and then oh wait what was I talking about lol nvm.



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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kouda Entry_298: Jump!










FINALLY, a comic blog entry!

Here’s a tip to all of you; When walking up to your apartment, NEVER, EVER walk too close to the walls.

ESPECIALLY when you’ve near a corner. Cuz that’s when a random frickin lizard will jump for no goddamn reason right at you.



Monday, December 8, 2014

Kouda Entry_297: Le Sis’s Wedding

Two video entries in a row! I know, I know, my semangat to blog/vlog is very de sporadic lulz.
Kouda Entry_297: Le Sis’s Wedding
My sister got hitched recently (well, 2 months ago, but you know how I am with my video entries. Nasib baik sempat buat je lulululz). And I've put my video editing and (mostly) stalking skills to some use.
I was surprised when I heard the news, to be honest. Mostly because there were never any hints that she was going to get married. But nonetheless, I’m nothing but happy for my sis. :3
One more wedding to go (Which is my brother’s), and then I’ll be the only one left in the family spending every waking moment dodging the “bila nak kawen” question. *mental preparation*
Delayed entry. But my computers decided to make this difficult, so what can ya do.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Kouda Entry_295: Gesticulation

A labmate of mine pointed this out to me recently.

Yes, I have an unhealthy tendency of maximizing the use of hand gestures when conversing. I’m just mental that way. Huehue.

Hand gestures makes conversations more theatrical, amirite?

Don’t judge me.



Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kouda Entry_294: Reaction

I presented my research progress the other day, and this is basically how it went down:

Reaction - 01Reaction 02





Reaction 03


And that’s why I don’t come running whenever I get results.



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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kouda Entry_292: Juliet

Oh hey, it’s been a little over a year since I’ve made an idiot of myself. Time to remedy that by lip syncing like a lunatic. I need to de-stress anyways. Har har.

Kouda Entry_292:- Juliet

Oh, yes, I’ve had my hair cut since my last video. Well, it certainly is a lot easier to manage. Lulz.

Aaaaand we’re done.


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kouda Entry_291: PhD

Ever wonder what being a PhD student is like? Well here’s a brief summary.


What my PhD makes it sound like I’m doing:
291 - PhD - 01

What PhD is like 99% of the time:-
291 - PhD - 02

While my computer was in the middle of “Installing update 106 of 138”, also known as “WTF IS TAKING SO GODDAMN LONG!?” and I couldn’t do anything about it, I decided to draft out an entry.

So, thank Microsoft’s crappy updates for the blog update combo. Then go burn their office down for making me miserable. Tee hee.




Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kouda Entry_290: 27 Things

Honestly, I’ve trying to bring back my annual Birthday post. The concept of which is to make a list of events that have occurred in the past year. And the number of items in that list has to equate to my age. This way, each year, I’ll be motivated to try more and more new things. :3 (and simultaneously giving away my age. lolwtf…)

In 2009, there was Kouda Entry_128: 22 things

In 2010, there was Kouda Entry_188: 23 things

In 2011, there was Kouda Entry_226: 24 things

I’ve missed 2 entries (2012 and 2013) due to my studies. But, I did my best to make sure the 2014 birthday entry happens (albeit a little later than it was supposed to be. Huehue.)

And so, here’s 27 recollections of the past year (2013-2014)…


27 header_done


1> Generated resistant strains for my research.
27 things - 01 

2> Got a new marshmellow of a nephew (Zubair)
27 things - 02

3> IIDEX 2013: Gold medal
27 things - 03

4> IIDEX 2013: Best Poster Award
27 things - 05

5> Bioinnovation 2013: Bronze 27 things - 04

6> Converted from MSc to PhD
27 things - 06

7> iPoPS 2013: Best Oral Presenter
27 things - 07

8> Got my wisdom tooth removed (after I developed an ulcer from it's incessant scraping on my inner cheek)
27 things - 08

9> Started jogging (“Zombies! Run!” app)
27 things - 09

10> Moved to a new place.
27 things - 10

11> Brother’s wedding (Ee)
27 things - 11

12> Brother’s wedding (Mat)
27 things - 12

13> Brother’s wedding (Zee)
27 things - 13

14> First niece
27 things - 14

15> No-break labwork.
(3 straight days at the lab. i.e. no going home, with little to no sleep. SCIENCE!!!!)
27 things - 15

16> Ramadhan migraine.
(On the first day of Ramadhan. A friend had to drive me home. Maximum embarrassment achieved).
27 things - 16

17> Locked out of the lab due to some nonsensical drama.
27 things - 17

18> Went to Legoland (Johor, Malaysia)
27 things - 18

19> Won a Lego Star Wars Podracer at Legoland.
27 things - 20

20> Got a Samsung Note 3 (Finally, an android smartphone).
27 things - 19

21> Made the intro montage for the “International Postgraduate Conference (iPoPS) 2013”. Click the image to watch.
27 things - 21

22> Went to the premiere screening of “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” with Azi.
27 things - 22

23> Was requested to be the emcee for the “National Seminar On Pharmaceutical Material Characterization 2013 (NasPhaC’13)”.
27 things - 23

24> First open house at Azi’s place.
27 things - 24

25> New DSLR (Nikon D3200).
27 things - 25

26> Achieved 200 likes on the Facebook page.
(I swear I’ll update the trophies page one of these days. Lol).
27 things - 26

27> First animation (-ish) project.
First of many more, I hope. Click on the image to watch.
27 things - 27

Aaaand that’s all 27 events that I can muster up. Hopefully, 2014 will be full of even more events to include in the upcoming list. :3




Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kouda Entry_289: Battle III

289 - intro
289 - set 1
289 - set 2
289 - set 3
289 - set 4
289 - set 5
289 - set 6
The Mucus Beast makes his debut!! Will Kyo survive it’s attack!? Will his incessant coughing ever stop!? Find out next time on “OMG KYO IS SICK AGAIN WATDEHEL”!?

Not sure why it’s Battle “III”? Click the links below to learn about the previous battles:-
Battle 1:- Kouda Entry_214: Battle II
Battle 2:- Kouda Entry_208: Battle!

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