Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kouda Entry_215: Double Vision

Yay~. Made another lip syncing video due to excess time. :D



Kouda Entry_215: Double Vision


Watch it on Youtube to get the full HD feel~.


Took me about 12 hours to get this one done. But I guess it turned out OK. I like that it turned out looking so fast-paced.

I didn’t want to make another video unless I could make it at least a little bit better than the last one (Kouda Entry_203:Every Other Time).


I know, I know, what’s with me and songs that have “Na Na Na” in them. It’s a fun song. Dah.

Abis la korang. Every time dengar lagu ni mesti ingat my retarded self tgh wat keje bodo ni depan kamera. Wakakaka!




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