Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kouda Entry_109: Exorsus Thread Problems

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Click the image to pay the site a visit it turns out, converted their forums over to PHPBB3, whatever that means.

The bad news is, now that the format has changed, my project thread (Exorsus) got mutilated. And now I have to refurbish the darned thing.

The good news is, the links are still there. So, all i gotta do is edit the html a tad, and it should be good as new. And we all know kyo likes to mess around with html codes. Ahahaha~!

Well, always been planning on revamping it so as to "celebrate" the new year and all. No better motivation than an obligation, eh?

Photoshop frenzeh~! Wooootzzz~!!! XD

Kouda Entry_108: PSP in a Pinch

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Click the image to see the article

As it goes, the psp is having a bit of a problem in sales. Apparently, not that many people are buying psp games.

Itu la kau Sony, jual barang bapak mahal. And the UMD idea for the psp was a HUGE mistake. Bulky, EXPENSIVE, and noisy (so i've heard).

Seriously la weh, one UMD costs as much as one Blue-Ray. Apa cer? Sony's attempts at preventing piracy is biting them in their enterprising asses.

Also, both Wii and DS are striving in the market industry. Why? They're equally fun, right? Well, duh, they're a heck of a lot CHEAPER than the PS3 and PSP.

Image Hosted by
Sleek, white, and a good excuse to swing your arms around

The Wii, Sony's nightmare, and the PS3's punch in the gut. It's selling point? The games are CHEAP, the console is cheapER than the PS3, and it's a revolutionary gaming console where hand movements play a crucial role.

Downside? The graphics aren't nearly as legendary as the PS3, and it doesn't offer the extensive online capabilities that the PS3 offers. Oh, and it doesn't play DVDs and shit.

But hey, we buy a gaming console to play games, not to watch movies, right?

I'm just bitchin cuz I own a ps3, but can't afford to get new games as often as I would like. Deng.

Image Hosted by
Not the hottest design, I agree

Okay, the design for the the DS is not really to my liking. But hey, it packs hours and hours of addictive gameplay. Who am I to bitch about that? Lol.

Well, in this case, I'm still kinda glad that I opted for the PSP than the DS. Since my all time fave game; "Monster Hunter" (along with a few other choice games) isn't available on the DS.

Okay, okay, I am begging Sony to PLEASE come up with a new mobile console. DS is pwning your ass. I'd hate to see the PSP franchise go down the drain.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kouda Entry_107: ENOUGH!

An sms made it's way to my phone earlier today:

"Urgent! Cek email!"

At first I didn't even take a look at the sender's number. I thought it was about my Supplementary Test results. So, I went and checked the UiTM Student Portal.

But alas, no updates regarding the results.

I checked the sender's number on my phone. And I grieved.

I checked my mail, and my grief turned into a flaming mass of uncontrollable fury that could very well envelop the whole 50% of Kelantan's population.

Oh, and I laughed out loud at the sheer stupidity of the message.

Take note that "To Miss X" and "1st Day" was quoted by the sender from another blogger's page, not from me.

The following is the e-mail I received. The writing in blue was quoted by the sender from the blogger's page, and the writing in red are the sender's words themselves.

To miss X

I dedicated the song "so in love" by all 4 one. Miss X, u know how to love but dont know how to be loved. Hahaha.. please stop dreaming, back to reality, to ur first one, and ur son.

1st day

huh today is my first day of fasting, after 8 days in heaven. hahaha. tomorrow is my biggest challenge, with my fav medic test and that mother fuckin quiz. huh. cpat la kau mati. x larat nak pretend that i dont know anything about u.

I tak larat lagi nak tanggung sorang2.
Fuck to all ur crews n da cronies of dem yg bersubahat.
How cud U?????

Okay, "Tanngung sorang"? Apa cer? You're married. Ada husband. It don't take a genius to figure out who to go to. Your words are effin misleading, it makes me sick.

Fuck my crew and cronies yg bersubahat? Hello, unlike you, I know how to keep a secret. Saper yang slalu cari me even when I'm class? Saper yang mintak my classmate panggil me when I'm in the lab? Saper skang yang mengkantoi-kan diri? Hah!?

Saper yang ada blog stating all the disgusting feelings and things she wants to do!? Saper yang slalu mention my name on her blog, PUT MY PICTURE AS HER PROFILE PIC, and x abis2 maki hamun pasal me n my frens!?

Salah saper skarang!? Hah!?

Don't you dare put the blame on that blogger. Check the date on her post la wei. August 2008. It's not my fault if she stumbled onto your blog at that time. She probably found out about that blog way before I did.

If you didn't splatter my NAME and FACE all over your page, xder la kantoi. Nama penuh lagi tuh. It's called "subtlety", cepat pegi bukak kamus cari apa makna.

I don't speak about you to my classmates. Why the hell would I!? I've got better things to do with my time. Like jump of a building, or leading a band of blasphemous freaks into a burning pyre.

Tolong la, I'm losing my last ounce of respect for you. Sudah2 la.

Move on. The more you keep bringing this up, the more I feel like getting a restraining order.

Kouda Entry_106: MP3 shuffle survey

Azi made me do it. XD.

It was kinda fun tho. Lol.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. remember! SHUFFLE !!
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW silly it sounds.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.

1. If someone says, “Is this okay?” … you say?
"Piece of Me" - Britney Spears

- O mai, very de kinky. hahaha.

2. How would you describe yourself?
"Basket Case" - Green Day

- Ahaha, even my mp3 player agrees that I'm a retard.

3. What do you like in a boy?
"Time of Your Life" - Green Day

- Astaga wtf!? That is so effin gay. >_>

4. How do you feel today?
"What Goes Around" - Justin Timberlake

- Ah yes, the ever perpetual feeling of being screwed up by Karma. Touche'.

5. What is your life’s purpose?
"Walking Away" - Craig David

- Akakaka! Yes yes, Kyo is a loner who will forever stay single and free of these women and their annoying emo-trips.

6. What is your motto?
"Better Man" - Robbie Williams

- O_o eh!? Oi! Wtf!? X leh blah punya motto. XD

7. What do your friends think of you?
"Psycho" - System of A Down

- Correct! Hahaha! Why do I have System of A Down in my list neways?

8. What do you think of your parents?
"We Made It" - Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park

- Aww...Yup, my parents have come a long way.

9. What do you think about very often?
"Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley

- Enough with the "point out that Kyo is a nut" la wei. XD.

10. What is 2 + 2?
"Winning Women" - Rihanna ft. Nicole Scherzinger

- Uhuh, 2 + 2 = HOT WOMEN! The epitome of male mentality. Lol.

11. What do you think of your best friend?
"Die Another Day" - Madonna

- Yea gurl! Azi, ini statement so defines us. Hahaha.

12. What do you think of the person you like?
"Welcome To the Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance

- A black mass of mournful flesh? I have a sick taste in people, apparently.

13. What is your life story?
"Supermassive Black Hole" - Muse

- O yea, my life is a ridiculously huge Quasar that consumes everything that comes close to it. >_>

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"If That's Ok With You" - Shayne Ward

- Does that mean I'm gonna grow up to be a gay singer with a coreographer who should be shot?

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
"I Don't Love You" - My Chemical Romance

- Weh! Apa cer!? >_> I only have carnal lust for the person I like? O mai, kinks.

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
"If I Lay Here" - Snow Patrol

- Pemalas punya groom. Orang ajak dancing, dia nak baring pulak.

17. What will they play at your funeral?
"Promisuous Girl" - Nelly Furtado

- -_-;; As soon as I die, they'll use my dead carcass as a disco ball, apparently.

18.What is your hobby/interest?
"Wake Up Call" - Maroon 5

- Yes sir, my hobby is to be a part time alarm clock for wandering travellers.

19. What is your biggest fear?
"ATWA" - System of A Down

- wtf? The heck is ATWA? But I do fear System of A Down tho. Their screams give me nightterrors.

20. What is your biggest secret?
"Whatever You Like" - Nicole Scherzinger ft. T.I.

- Uhuh, my deepest secret is doing all the notty shit I've pent up in my head. XD.

21. What do you think of your friends?
"Cemetry Drive" - My Chemical Romance

- O yea, you people always make me drive you around all over Shah Alam kan. Ahahaha! Meh, it was fun. XD.

22. What will you post this as?
"Needles" - System of A Down

- Why the heck do I have so many System of A Down in my list!?

23. Say something bout the person tagged you.
"Because of You" - Ne-Yo

- Yes, because of you Azi, I had to do this survey. Hahahaha XD.

I TAG AZFAR!! *poke* *poke*

I'm bored and have no one else to tag. Lol.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_105: Warning!!!

Omgwtf it's happenin again~!!

Observe, and channel the overwhelming fear and panic that struck my blood pump.


Le horrorrrrzzz!!! PANIC!!!

Mati la ni. If my hard disk crashes for THE THIRD TIME this year, I will so smack my dad in the head and demand a new laptop. Hahaha.

Dad, if you're reading this, that was a joke. Lol. Please don't disown me T_T...

So yea, my laptop's developed from just showin screens of a certain color, to a full blown "Blue Screen of Imminent Death".

Fukin Death, Imminent Death, sama kes la tu... My laptop is dying. Dah.

Oh, and the batteries are officially dead. It can't be used AT ALL anymore. Previously, it could last at least 5 minutes la kot. But now, zilch.

Here's a list of reasons why I should be gettin a new laptop:

> Dead Batteries (So my laptop is officially a skinny version of a Desktop, with MUCH less graphics capabilities).

> They don't make replacement batteries for my model anymore (WTF how the hell is that even possible?)

> Fukked up monitor that shows certain colors from time to time (like suddenly the whole screen turns white for no reason).

> The drivers are no longer listed in the Dell website (for my Inspiron 630m)

> Dell doesn't make the model I'm using anymore (Meaning Insipiron 630m is officially an obsolete piece of equipment that they don't want to taint their factories)

* * *

So yea, when my hard drive crashed for the second time, I asked my dad for a new laptop, but the request was rejected. But at least I got a new hard drive and a new external (Transcend. Lol.).

Then the colored screens happened. But the request for a new laptop was rejected again. Instead, my dad offerred to buy an RM500 flat screen monitor (How in the name of Beelzebub is that supposed to help O_o??).

And as you can see from above, the flat screen was only used to show that horriffic Azure Declaration of Doom. Ugh...

I wonder wut excuse my dad wud give me next. Hahahaha~.

Backup!!! Backup!!! Before all hell breaks loose! ...again...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kouda Entry_104: Supplementary Test

Okay, so we all know that Kyo has the IQ of a 50-year cow with a brain tumor the size of mount. kinabalu.

Uh...that just made no

At any rate, the point is that we all know I flunked my chemistry not too long ago. So, thanks to that, I had to go take a "Supplementary Test" for that particular paper.

Explanation; Those who are in their final semester, and failed a paper (or two) have to take a Supplementary Paper. This is to avoid them (like me) from having to take another full semester, which will delay their graduation.

But if you fail like a whole bunch of papers, then you can't take the Supp. Paper la of course.

* * *

Okay, I called the office on Monday afternoon to ask about the paper (Since, I only found out about it that previous Saturday, and I wasn't able to call the office during the weekends).

Here's the shocker; the office people told me, "Test awak pukul 9.00 pagi esok".

(I didn't really shout at the phone. Just thinking out loud. Lol.)

Oh, and I was still in Kelantan, mind you. So, you can imagine my PANIC trying to figure out how to get to Shah Alam in time for the paper.

I called my dad (he was in KL) and told him about my predicament. And fortunately, he didn't bite my head off. Oh, and he booked a 5pm flight for me. (Laju bapak my dad bought the tickets. Impressive.)

So, I had the pleasure of attempting the impossible; studying and packing at the same time. Haha.

Thanks to that, I ended up with a neck ache, which evolved into a nauseating headache. Good news is, I managed to study a few chapters before the whole "throbbing lobes" issue happened.

Image Hosted by
Rushed to get this 30 minutes before the test.

Wtf a hundred ringgit to take the test!? Well, if it helps prevent me from having to repeat a whole semester, I guess it's money well spent.

It was ok la kot. Except the fact that I studied the theories, but most of the questions involved calculations. Wtf!?

The previous Analytical Chem paper i had to take was full of theories, when I studied my ass off to do calculations.

This is a perfect example of how my Karma works. It sucks. Hahaha.

Ah well, hope I did better this time. I don't want anymore complications in my graduating on time. I want to graduate with Azi and the crew~!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kouda Entry_103: A Lesson in Life

O noes~! The semester break is ending!! Le horrorz!

O noes~! I failed my Analytical Chemistry, AGAIN!!!


Question; why is it that I can score an A or B for my chemistry papers during the Intersessions, and not during the normal classes?

Answer; because, as it goes, chemistry lecturers tend to make no sense during the normal classes, but go into overdrive during the intersessions.

Let me say that some chemistry lecturers are pretty good at what they do. Example, Puan Zarila and Puan Sharifah. Them to ladies should win awards for making me do well in the stuff they teach. And by "do well", I mean "actually understand and at least not fail". Lol.

And I thank Puan Zarila for doin the impossible; Actually making me pass a chemistry paper (Instrumental Analysis to be exact) without having to repeat it.

Let's review the stuff that went down in my Analytical Chemitry classes; (Okay, I don't wanna be mean, so I'll just say it in the most reasonable way I can):

- True, I did miss a majority of her classes, but only bacause they clash with my other classes. And I had no intention of putting any other subjects at risk of failure. (and I did pass em all, thank god).

- True, I didn't go to her labs, but only because I thought she'd cover the essentials in class. But apparently, either I was mistaken, or they never got pass my anti-chemistry-barrier located in the frontal lobe of my cerebral cortex. XD

- I did NOT sleep in her class, and paid as much attention as a retarded ass that I am was able to. But still, all I heard was gibberish.

- True, I didn't buy the RM90 book that she said we'd need. But based on experience, buying a big fancy chem book never did me any good. And I already had a set of notes given to me by my previous lecturer. It was thinner, lighter, and more straight to the point. And also, it had a few exercise questions for me to work with, along with its solutions.

- True, I never went to see her in her office to ask regarding the subject. But I studied on my own, and tried to figure most of the stuff out with help from a few of my friends. I thought I understood the basics of most of em, at least enough to give me a passing grade. However, obviously, I was sorely mistaken.

In comparison, I'd say I put a heck of a lot more effort into this paper than I did when I took it the first time around. But still, I ended up with THE SAME GRADE.

To all those friggin optimists that keep saying crap about "effort and success go together", please come up with another corny line that makes sense.

I won't make excuses. I failed the paper. That much is blatantly obvious. But I need to understand why I didn't get a grade that is even remotely higher than the previous one. I need to know what all that studying was for.

And why is it that I get such a dismal grade, even though I crammed in as much effort as I did with all my other papers?

My 5th semester was full of unnecessary crap, I get that. My "Medical Microbiology" results were lower than I expected, and I know it's because I had shit happenin during the crucial moments.

Example; I studied my ass off for the second (or was it the third) test, since I know I needed the points. I know I could've gotten somewhere between 80% and 90% at least, for that test. But on the day of the test itself, I had a godforsaken ache in my gut that was effin unnatural. To the point I couldn't get out of bed. A fitting reward for my hours of studying? Gee thanks...

A few of my classmates made it through their papers simply because they had the guts to bend the rules. And you know, the occasional cheating. I don't blame them, and I don't mind. You gotta do what you gotta do.

If you cheat, and get away with it, that's great. Really. Cheating in tests and exams benefits you, and it doesn't hurt your classmates. I swear, if I had the guts and skill to cheat, I would. But I don't. And so, my grades plummet.

True, I did take a few chances, but only when the opportunity was waving itself in my face, and I'd be stupid not to accept it. But I never made too much of an effort to cheat.

If you're saying that cheating, deceiving people is bad, then I say, we've been taught to deceive since we were kids. Only, it's called "being smart", instead of "being deceitful".

Proof? A lot of old fairy tales tell of how the good guy makes it through tough situations by being clever minded and witty. By deceiving his/her opponent, without having to actually do an impossible task.

- Alladin tricked the Genie into letting him escape a cave. Yet, no one is pissing all over him.

- Sang Kancil swindled god knows how many animals to get what it wants. Yet, we say it's smart.

- Puss in boots outwitted and ATE a shapeshifter so that he could survive. Who the hell would make such a twisted, brutal, bloody story to tell kids as a bedtime story!? Hish, sick bastards. Pastu anak2 besar jadi swindlers and serial killers, blame it on games plak.

The point is, if cheating, lying, deceiving others allows you to survive, go for it.

If you've got the balls to cheat during a test or exam, and you have a method that'll allow you to get away with it, I say good for you. I am NOT being sarcastic, I'm serious. You guys rock! I bow down to your superiority.

Let my misfortune and the fortune of those who succeeded at cheating be a lesson to you all.

If studying hard and studying smart gets you nowhere, then use all the streetsmarts you got, and cheat like the wind! Just don't get caught.

I'd like to remind all of you again, that I never cheated during exams. XD. I just regret that I never did.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kouda Entry_102: Cyber Trash

You know what I hate? Idiots who waste internet space.

How's that possible you ask?

The internet is limitless and theres no way that one (or more) imbeciles can use it up, you say?

Well, think again. I for one, have discovered a few examples of dumbasses that take up the space in the cyber world that could be put to better use by someone else. Namely me.

Okay, here's the context, just because I'm at least courteous enough to let my readers know what exactly I'm bitchin about;

We all know that my 2 favorite nicks are "Kyoru" and "Kouda", right? So, how come my blogspot has the url "Koudamainframe.blogspot" instead of "kouda.blogspot" or "Kyoru.blogspot"? I'll tell you why. Because 2 "bloggers" already took those 2 names.

Ok, ok, I'm not one to bitch without a proper reason. And I don't mind it if you're gonna be using those 2 nicks. I don't own them. Seriously. BUT, at least MAKE USE of the fuckin blogspots you made, you bitches! Take a look , and you'll see why I'm so pissed:
- wtf only TWO fuckin entries!? And since December 2005!? The hell!? It's called UPDATING, look it up.
- Also only TWO muthafuckin posts!? And they're not even sentences!! Damned muthaff....Last post was 2001. Melampau nak mampus.

Those idiots should at least DELETE their effin blogspots if they're not gonna fuckin use em! I could put those two URLs to better use! At least I UPDATE my blog from time to time, okeh!

Alright, mebbe I left my account in the net without using it for a few months also. But I at least had the audacity to come to my senses and actually BLOG. So, I paid my dues. I'm clean. But those two bastards are a whole new level of ignorant.

Ok, done with the braindead asses in blogspot. Now let's move on to Deviantart, shall we?

I had to resort to using Instead of "kyoru.deviantart".

Same issue, the nick "Kyoru" and "Kouda" were already taken. And I thought; "Hey, what kinda amazing artist is using my nick?". Woe is me, they're not even artists. Just a couple of repugnant leachers that barely even logged in, let alone publish their work (IF they can make art lah, which i SERIOUSLY doubt).

Take a look, and loathe with me, people;
- A damned emo 14-year old kid is using that nick. And what the hell did he do with it? Post ONE JOURNAL, and then leave without a trace. And it's about his parents' divorce. Ok, sad, whatever. But, if you're gonna ask for sympathy, do it in the proper place la wei. Deviantart is for ART! Not for a bunch of emo brats to gather and sulk. SINCE 2002!? Wuttahell!?
- Another retard, seriously. Last login was on september 2006. Here's her excuse for not updating her account;
"just a heads up for people...
i don't plan on updating any art until i get a tablet. >>
so... if you care... sit tight and wait for my big breakthrough!"

It takes you a godforsaken 2 years to look for an effin tablet? The hell? I've been pining for a tablet since I was 12, but you don't see me givin people lousy excuses. Not like anyone cares lah. Apparently, your breakthroughs take longer than a constipated old geezer waiting to experience bowel movement.

And why the hell are all them bitches female? (Ok la, if they're males, they wouldn't technically be "bitches", but you know what I mean). My nick is unisex la kot. Whatever. I accept that. But I thought girls are better at keeping track of what nonsense they do? Azi for example, is a well composed lady, who as far as I know, DOES NOT waste cyber space. You retarded femms should learn from her.

I'm not being sexist. I'm being dumbass-ist. Either update your fuckin blogs/accounts, or delete them.

I'm sorry for the harsh words, but they ring true.

Kouda Entry_101: Hallelujah

or Alhamdullillah, if you're so pious that you think I shouldn't utter a word that is even a syllable apart from your obviously limited vocabulary.

O mai, testy. Lol.

Dear sweet mother of Lucifer's unholy child, the most horrible thing happened to me for nearly a week; My internet died!!! Seriously, never deprive a guy who's life revolves around the cyber world from internet. I'd weep, but I was to engrossed with my PS2 and PS3. Ahahaha. I know, I hate you too. XD.

Thanks to the internet dying on me, I managed to FINALLY finish my FFXII, which I've put on hold for about a year. A bit dissapointed though, since now I have no quality PS2 game to waste my brain activity on. Haih...

So, yea, since my net was down, I was forced to do the unthinkable; Go outside.O_o!!!!!!

Oh le horrorz!!

Good news is, I actually went and had a look at the "Big Apples" we got at the new Tesco. Yes, people, Kelantan has Big Apples. I thought my occipital lobe was bein a bitch, but nope, it's the real deal.
It just so happens that a friend of mine from KL dropped by in KB for a bit. And he insisted we went to the doughnut shop.

The Jawi Gives It That Extra Oriental Taste. Lol.

It's messed up when the government landed us with Big A's, but fail to provide a godforsaken cinema, or a Starbucks. Wuttafak? Ok, ok, since i have no friends here in Kelantan, it's not like I'll be goin to a cinema anytime soon. And when i say friends, I mean people that i don't have to be all fake with. Haha.

But hey, without a cinema, how the hell are all these kids gonna get rid of their pent up hormones and raging horniness? Kesian itu budak2. XD.

So, long story short, we bought a bunch of them donuts and I gotta say, they tasted a bit too extreme for me. Haha. There's just this distinct taste that kinda makes me feel like I'm chuggin down a bucketload of fat. XD.

Don't get me wrong, it was relatively good. But, it just makes me feel like I was downing a can of condensed milk. And coming from a Kelantanese, that's something. Kakaka.

Mebbe my tounge is aging, and my sense of taste isn't as hip and exciting as it used to be. Pfft. I'm 21 okay, not 121. I can still eat a bowl of sugar and not end up with a critical case of diabetes. All my teeth would fall out, but my kidneys would still be at full capacity. Lol.

Oh, the staff at KB's Tesco are very skilled, I must add. Upon entering the mall, I saw this ridiculously long chain of Trolleys extending outside the entrance.

Staff yang takder kejer

It looks longer in person, I swear. Haha, now THAT's the statement of the year. Lol. But, seriously, the chain extends even farther to the left, beyond the reach of the camera's view.

So, either they were tersangat rajin to push ALL the trolleys in the world all at once, or they were record-breakingly lazy to lug them in one batch at a time. You decide. I pick lazy, naturally. XD.

It's not convenient for the customers la wei. I mean, I saw a guy having to jump over the damn trolleys to get to the other side. I'd do the same thing, but I was wearing a pair of shoes that had zero grip. Needless to say, I'd fall face first with a spectacular display of blood and gore if I tried.

But I didnt. So there. =3

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kouda Entry_100: Anger Management

Aite, I wanted to do sumthin sumwhat special to celebrate my 100th post. But then I thought, "screw it". Lol.

So, instead, I'm gonna show you sumthin that if my dad finds out, he'll ship me off to India...

No, he didn't catch me pleasuring myself, u perverts. As if. Now get those filthy thoughts out of your kinky minds. Hish.

Aite, so let's start at the top. One morning, about 2 days ago, I was minding my own business, sleeping n all. And then my mom woke me up by ramming her fists on my bedroom door. And I was like, "For the love of Lucifer's unholy mother, who in the right mind wud go knocking on a person's 9am...!?". I had a late night, shut up.

So, yea, as it turns out, mom sed that daddy dearest wanted me to pick em up at some workshop near his office. The last time he asked me that, I ended up getting lost, and he called someone else XD.
Ok, there I was, my hair twisted up all over the place, my eyes bloodshot (exaggerate), my eyebags wud shame even the Grand Canyon, and don't even get me started on my morning breath. O_o. . . icks. Mom decided it was a bright idea to give me directions while the left side of my brain was still out cold. Then, I was like "uh, yea, uhuh, wut? Amik papa?". And FINALLY, it occurred to her that I should probably take a shower before she landed me with the whole "go fetch the guy who gave half your genes" idea.

We all know it takes me 30 minutes (give or take) to finish showering. ... ... WAAAT? Is it a crime to be hygienic? And NO, I don't abuse my shower lotions. Hish, perverts. XD.

So, long story (and shower) short, I went to the car, and that's when all the retarded karma in the world decided to bite my in my skinny ass. Let's take this step by step, shall we:

1. I pressed remote to unlock the car. Nothing happened.
2. I pressed again. Nothing happened.
3. I broke my finger by pressing on the button to hard. Nothing happened. (>_>)
4. I cursed (yay!)
5. I shoved the car keys into the door. It opens.
6. The godforsaken alarm starts to blare. It naturally happens whenever you shove something into something else. You guys should try it sometime.
7. I cursed (yay!)
8. I pressed the remote again. Nothing happened (yay!). Alarm still blaring.
9. I started the car, hoping the screaming bitch of a security system wud put a cork in it. But nothing happened.
10. I tried the hazard lights (for wutever reason, i dunno. Hahahaha~), nuthin happened (duh).
11. I turned off the hazard lights, but the lights won't turn off. WTF?
12. I cursed (everybody do "the wave"~)
13. I pulled the keys out, alarm still alarming, hazard lights still...uh..hazarding (lol).
14. Then, the alarm suddenly decided to give it a rest. (thank god).
15. I got out, closed the door, and took a look at the blinking hazard lights.
16. The lights suddenly stops. (THANK GOD~)
17. I opened the car door again, hoping to finally get the day started with.
18. THE GODDAMN ALARM STARTS BLARING AGAIN. (and the remote still won't work)
19. I cursed out loud (i think mommy dearest heard me. lol)
20. Finale; I (literally) rammed my right foot into the car door.

That's right people, Kyo kicked a car right in the gonads. And this is the result;

Is That a Footprint? Lol.

Ahaha, well it's not much of a dent, but if dad finds out it I went medieval on that old rustbucket, he'd put a real dent on MY face. Lol.

Ey, I didn't kick it all that hard. It's not my fault the damn thing is more flimsy than even UiTM's finest limp-wristed queen. If it can't withstand a feather-light kick from sweet innocent Kyo, how the hell is that thing supposed to protect me from a car crash? I'm gonna sue Daihatsu, or whoever it is I can sue. Yes, this makes no sense. XD.

Lesson is, if you're gonna kick something, make sure it's something that has flesh. You might end up on a wanted poster for randomly assaulting a pedestrian, but at least it'll feel good. And most importantly, it won't dent. Haha~.

This ends our Anger Management session for today. Remember, when you feel like strangling someone, take a deep breath, and make sure you leave no witnesses.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kouda Entry_99: Superheroes Are Gay

Batman uses Robin as a boytoy. No doubt about it.

And He-Man shud be renamed to He-Queen. >_>

If you kidz dunno who the hell them people were, then you shudn't be reading this post.

Young people use curse words!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kouda Entry_98: Spelling Error

I swear UiTM is just so friggin hillarious.

How's that pronounced? Pres-tee-goss? Seriously, don't you people proof read these damn things?

Azi pointed this out to me. I was just minding my own business at home. She insisted I send a message to the people responsible, so as to avoid further embarrassment on out part. Hish, malu sey.

I mean, if the Perdana Menteri ever found out that they spelled that damned word wrong, he'd take back that Anugerah in half a heartbeat.

Oh, the shame~.

Let this be a lesson to all of you. ALWAYS proof read your work. Especially is you're workin for UiTM and you have the dignity of the whole population there at risk.

On a side note, not all of us are retards, kay? I can spell just fine. Although I do make the occasional typo every now n then, I've never embarrassed a whole mass of people before.

If you guys wanna take a look at it for real, then you better hurry up. They might take it down. No hurry though. It's not like the staff there works at lightning-fast pace. Hah. XD

For shame~~~~~~~~!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_97: Life at Home

Fook, I haven't updated a thing lately. Azi pun dah marah2 nih. Ohohoho.

That's probably cuz all I've been doing this past week is sit in front of laptop and work on my nerd stuff.

Either that, or I'd be smashing the PS3 controller. Ah~, the joy of yelling at them virtual monsters is unlike any other. It's good anger management too. Wakakaka~!!

That's the problem when I stay in Kelantan, people. NUTHIN happens. Ahahaha~. Well, nuthin that involves physical labor lah. Graphics-wise, lain citer.

Apparently, I'm devoting myself to my game-making habits. A lot of people are probably getting annoyed at how little development there's been in the past year or two. And by little, I mean none at all. XD.

Got a few updates made on the project. And I even managed to help a few friends with their requests. Did a logo design for this futsal thingy, and I had to translate an article from Malay to English (a request by an english teacher pulak tu. Har har.).

O crap, I missed this week's Taekwondo training. Why? Because it's been raining on and off for that past week < /alasan>. Kekeke.

But at least I get to put that exercise machine that dad bought a few years ago. You know, one of those static bicycles that all the fitness freaks use. I'm not saying i'm a fitness freak tho.

At least it gets the blood running. And god forbid I gain more weight. The last time I got up to 56kg, I panicked like hell. Mau nangis pun ada. Haha. No lah, I'm not that much of a pansy.

What!? I'm trying to stay below 55kg, aite? Shut it. Don't make me chuck my weighing scale at you.

There, I updated my blog. Happy? Now wheres my present? Lol.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kouda Entry_96: Exorsus Recovered~!!!


It's an effin miracle!

I was goin thru my stuff while packin the other day. And guess wut I found!? Exorsus backup pendrive!!!!

Words can never describe the sheer gratitude that is overcoming every last vein in my system. XD

The files are very updated, to my surprise. The scripts, events, graphics, audios, all there. I must've copied the project folder for safekeeping. Smart move, eh? Kekeke.

Exorsus is back! And with that, Kyo will now devolve in terms of social skillz. Hehe.

You can view the project thread by clicking the Exorsus tab on the nav bar btw. Or, you kud just click on the image in this post. Thanks~! ^_^.

Now, onwards to game-making~!!!!

(I shud really proof-read my posts next time. Lol)

Kouda Entry_95: Remnants of Annoyance

I wish some people wud just leave me alone. Seriously.

Can't a guy get sum peace and quite over here? Tak tenang hidup aku.


And Reza, it's called a Shout Box, not an Expletive Box. (>_>)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_94: Back Home

Hey yea! Finally got back to good ol' Kelantan.

Got back last nite, at about 10pm mebbe. I was too disgruntled to give the clock a second look. Why? Cuz my brother, Riz, decided to go see his friends before we headed home.

The initial plan was the we take the road to Gerik, and from there, onwards to Kota Bharu. But, plans don't always work out, rite?

Well, Riz had this brilliant idea of letting me drive. Huge mistake. Cuz we all know I'm completely braindead when it comes to directions. Lol. XD. Meh, i gotta learn sooner or later.

So, long story short, we ended up spending about an hour going about in the wrong directions. That's no typo, directionS. Big fuggly S. Lol. I swear to god, as soon as they invent a way to implant a GPS into human brains, I am so~ signing up.

When are you scientists gonna start inventing brain implants huh? Enough with the boob jobs. If we ever run out of silicone in this world, i'm gonna beat them large-breasted blondes with a stick. Ah...its wut every man wud dream of... XD. Sick.

All n all, it was an ok drive. Though, I almost snapped my neck 2 or 3 times while trying to sleep in the passanger seat. My sleeping skills need a bit of work.

Not that kind of sleeping, you pervs. Go bludgeon yourselves.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kouda Entry_93: Noises

I'm bloggin in one of UiTM's 24-hour study room at the moment. Which, might i add, isn't really available for 24 hours, btw. Wuts the point of having a 24hr room if ur just gonna chase every student away for staying there after 10pm?

Seriously, a few months ago a bunch of uitm students got boned by sum PakGads for staying late in the effin study room. And then later, we were banned from sittin there beyond 10pm (give or take a few minutes).

That sucks, and the plethora of PakGads in this facility is a nuisence. End of that discussion.

Now, the main agenda:

Question: which do you prefer to study in;

a) a room with proper carpeting that muffles excess, unwanted noise or

b) a room where every single sound you make echoes like into an annoying buzz

Well, ladies n gents, if you picked (a), then i suggest u stay away from the aforesaid study room. Every single solid matter in that effin room practically amplifies all form of sound waves that makes contact with it.

That's right, floors, tables, walls, glass windows, u name em. They all make noises echo. Its a pain in the rear. And you have to stay ABSOLUTELY STILL in order to avoid making any unwanted noise. Yea well, that and just sit down and study quietly. Lol.

But not everyone can sit down and shut up for more than 15 minutes now, can they? Noooooo~.

Kidz wud be discussing their studies with classmates, sum wud be on the effin phone and speak as if they own the fuckin room, and others wud just be completely oblivious to the fact that their cellphones can be set to SILENT MODE.

Idiots. Period. Well, not the ones doin the discussing la. Lol. I'm not THAT mean.

So yea, the study room echoes. It sucks. Sum people shud be thankful that they were born deaf.
But i like my sense of hearing very much, thank you.

Good news is, at least theres air-conditioning in this room. Its a relief knowing that you can study without the risk of dehydrating to death while u least expect it.

still hate the noises these kidz are making... >_>

Translation: Hey Shaddap!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kouda Entry_92: Layout Overhaul

I decided to upgrade the template / layout n see how i can work with it.

I'm obsessed with the tabs below the header. Its effin hawt. And the only way to add them was to upgrade the layout. So, meh, u gotta do wut u gotta do.

The words in the header seem a bit erratic... Need to change that later.

More template edits to come~!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kouda Entry_91: Hark! Tis Random!

My Food Microbiology paper was a bitch. I hate it so effin much, seriously.

I studied (and understood ever so well) about 85% of the shit in the notes that I have. Now THAT is sumthin that i shud be praised for, I swear.

But woe is me, wut came out in the paper was the 15% that i missed (or failed miserably to get thru my godforsaken thick skull).

I believe that the universe did a very fine job at screwin me over once again. Touche'~! If there was an award for the biggest loser in the world, i'm confident enuff to say that I'd win it, hands down. No competition.

Shut up. I'm being emo. >_>.

All in all, at least i managed to kench most of the answers.
Bajet bagus la skarang.

Medical Microbiology paper tomorrow. I wonder how i'm gonna get screwed this time. XD.

Weh! Study!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_90: New Template

Its the 90th post, and Kyo needs an excuse to photoshop frenzy.

I was too lazy to figure out how to change the font color~. So, I decided to make another template instead.

Its bluuuuue~. A little bright for my ever so (annoyingly) sensitive eyes. But wutevah.

O lookie! The header is fukin animated! O mai nerd lameness! XD. Kyo spends too much time photoshopping and too little time studying.

Still havent worked on the headers for the sidebar yet. I got Food Microbiology paper 2moro. Need to hit the books~!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kouda Entry_89: Libraretards

We were all bein a bunch of brain-dead asses in the library. When we shud've been studyin for our entrepreneurship paper, this is wut we did;


No better way to get smart then to eat ur classmate's brains. I heard they taste like chocolate covered strawberries. Om-nom-nom-nom-nom~. Lol.

Makin a mess

So, they were all plastered all over the carpet. I just decided to capture the moment and whore about it on the net. One minor problem; My face is missing! Wtf!? Lol. Ah, azi with her muka bosan. Kesian~.


Yea, Shakir makan dalam library. Nasi lagi tu, melampau. Haha. We shud all follow in his example and open a buffet in between the shelves. Now THAT is wut i call a REVOLUTION~! Keke.

Is it supposed to bend that way?

I got bored, so i decided to mutilate my kneecap and see wut happens. Lol. Didn't bend as much as i thought i wud tho. I recall being able to do much more when i was a kid. Back when i still had flexible ligaments and a mind clear of porn. XD.

Kyo yang tersepit

Let this be a warning; Small children (and skinny teens) can die of being stuck in doorways. The worst part is that all the lint from the carpet got all over my shirt. Ewww...seriously, NOT kool.

If I was ever to die (i sound like i think i'm immortal...bodo), I'd rather not die in the dirty, uncleaned, hideously decorated floor of the UiTM library. If that statement doesnt make me sound gay, i dunno wut does. O_o... Forget i said that...

Finally, a video of the pointless shit we were doing behind the stacks of books. Warning, video contains zero nudity.


And we got like 0.5% studying done. Haha. The library closed at frikkin 5pm. The hell are we supposed to study before 5pm? Everyone knows that all the hot-kinky-nerd-action occurs after sundown! XD.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kouda Entry_88: Stupid is Fun

I'm stupid, and I'm fun. Observe;

Azi did not consent to this photo. If you've read this blog, it means that I have already been shot dead by her.

Kouda Entry_87: ETR Presentation

So so so~, me n the crew had to present our Entrepreneurship project paper the other day. I hate that damn subject. So effin berterabur. So fukin unorganized. It is (one of) the main contributor(s) to my unfruitful frustration throughout this semester. And just when I thought I was done with it, the lecturer(s) decided to throw my group one final curve ball right in the nuts. Haih... MY PROJECT PAPER WAS FUHKIN REJECTED! WATAFAAAKKK!?!?!??!

After all those allnighters. After all that work. After spending all that money to print, bind, and driving around to print and bind that damn project paper. The verdict was; BUAT BALIK. O_O!?!?!?!?


I am bein such a typical teenager here. Ohohoho. But still, I need to mangle sumone. Anyone. I promise it'll be slow n painful.

N look how happy we were BEFORE the presentation;


See, look at them optimistic faces~. Oh, how naive we were. Uh, I was seriously worried that Azi was gonna strangle me. She's cute n all, but the girl is clueless when it comes to handling neckties.

And here's me adding sum finishin touches to the presentation (Right before the damn laptop pulled a suicide act that gave me a godforsaken heart attack the size of mount. kinabalu).


I...uh...had no idea why i was squatting down...really...The lack of tables didnt really help. Deng.

Take note, exactly five seconds after i squatted down, my laptop revealed that some of the powerpoint slides just MIRACULOUSLY disappeared. No, seriously. Hence, the heart attack. I had to rush all the way back to the flat just to go grab my baby Transcend (yes, I'm a nerd) and recover the backup.

Effort wasted, end of discussion.

I want pie.

Kouda Entry_86: Font Frustration

How in Gods holy name do I change the font color for this effin template!?

I ain't changin to the new layout, cuz that'll really throw off all the edits i've done to this template. Which means i'll have to re-learn how to edit the template. Which I am too lazy for. hahaha~.

Using the Tic Tac template btw. I heavily modified it, but the basis of the script should be the same.

I had this idea for a new template. And this new template is pretty much black in color. So, in order to apply this new idea of mine, I need to change the font color to white. And for sum reason, I can't seem to locate the particular line that allows me to do just that.

So, sumone, please, tell me; How the hell do I change the font color for this template~?

HELPZ~!!!!! D:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kouda Entry_85: Transcend

Aite, so we all know how my laptop keeps pulling an over-the-top dramatic suicidal act. And apparently, I’m sick and tired of losing my progress and having to start over. So, I went to PAS and looked for sum external Hardisks to help me with my little predicament.

Okay, off topic; I’ve been to PAS a number of times with the crew (Shakir, Zana, Rai and Azi). Sometimes I wonder wut the shopkeepers at the place think about us. Slalu je datang sana, tp bukan beli apa2 pun. Haha. We were always goin about the computer n phone shops, surveying stuff we thought we needed. But 9 out of 10 times, we never really bought nethin. I’m sure the pakcik2 and abang2 at the stores are sick n tired of our faces alrdy. Ekekeke.

Orgasm at Will

So, anyway, we walked up n down PAS, and saw a few interesting options for me to pick. I got my eyes set on these “Toughdrives”. Uber sleek, amazingly awesum lookin. And of course, the price can burn a hole in your wallet. Dad wudnt approve of the smouldering patch I’d be putting in his bank account. Thus, the search continues.

Aite, basically, I wasted an hour or two lookin for a good Hardisk that wud be slave to my huge piles of por…I mean data. XD. And at the end of the search, there it was…the one gizmo that grabbed my attention like a fat kid to a cake house; Transcend, 2.5” Portable Hard Drive.

Oh droolz~

I salivated. It was so effin hawt. Although it was only 160Gb, but hey, 160 is good enough for me to jam in a bunch of shit in it. And besides, if the size is too big, say 320Gb, it’d take days, weeks to scan through for viruses. And gosh-darn it, Kyo has absolutely ZERO patience to be waiting days on end for a simple virus scan. Har har.

So, yea, I reported to dad. Why? So that he’d wire me sum money. Duh~! I know, I know, I’m suckin my dad dry. But Kyo has his needs, and money is an awsum method to make up for the lack of attention. Ohohoho, drama much. I ain’t goin into that this time around.

Okay, okay, I called dad, and then he sed that he’s coming to KL for sum sort of business. So, he sed he’ll check the Hardisk prices at Lowyat first before making a decision bout my getting a hardisk. And I was like “(O_O) Oh nooooeeess!!! Dad is so gonna get me chikai hardisk with zero shock-resistance.

I had lost all hope. Haih…

The next day, I called dad, and I was ready to get all disappointed n shit. He sed he’s at Shah Alam, eating at sum restaurant near UiTM. I was workin on a project paper with the crew (we were doing work in the parking bertingkat. Bengong.), so they tagged along with me to meet my dad. I think they kud tell how little expectation I had in me about the hardisk. Haha. But hey, when I met my dad, we didn’t talk much, cuz I was in a hurry to finish the godforsaken project paper. Mom was there too. Biasa lah; salam, tanya khabar, yada3. I didn’t take a look at the HD just yet.

Once I got back in the car with the crew, I took a peek at the plastic bag bearing my new HD. O MAI GAAAAWWWWDDDD (so gay) !!!!!!! Dad got me the godly Transcend!!!!! Scream! Happiness! Erratic behavior!!! Lol. We all love my dad.

2.5” Portable Hard Drive
Durable Shock-Resistant Design
U.S. Military Drop Test Standards
OneTouch auto-backup button
StoreJet Elite data-management tools (which at the moment, I find to be extremely annoying…I swear)

It needs the “StoreJet Elite” software thingy in order to transfer files into the HD. So, you can’t just simply copy-paste files in and out the system. Haih…annoying. But hey, sets me apart from the rest of the kidz in UiTM. Ekekeke~.

Regardless of the downside, I orgasmed so hard when I realized how fortunate I was. Its gross, but its my blog, so shut up and keep reading. Lol.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kouda Entry_84: Le Bored

Aite, we all know how Kyo tend to google weird (and random) stuff when he's bored. I found this thingy on the net that inteprets wut ur name means. So, here's what "Izwan" means. Lol.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are incredibly wise and perceptive. You have a lot of life experience.
You are a natural peacemaker, and you are especially good at helping others get along.
But keeping the peace in your own life is not easy. You see things very differently, and it's hard to get you to budge.

You are very charming... dangerously so. You have the potential to break a lot of hearts. (WTF?)
You know how what you want, how to get it, and that you will get it.
You have the power to rule the world. Let's hope you're a benevolent dictator!

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. (Haha~)
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic “Type A” personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

Kouda Entry_83: Pole-Bending

It bends lol

This is random. Haha. Saw a van parked at the Medic Faculty. Or was it the engineering fac? Meh, you people share a building, it’s hard for me to tell. I feel your pain~, FSG is overrun by random ppl from random faculties. And we all know how I despise random crowds of people suffocating the space.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kouda Entry_82: Timber

It was raining like hell about 2 days ago. Thunder and lightning were prowlin out n about in the skies. Gilababs. I swear, if I walked around in that awsum gust, I'd be blown half way to india. And I'm not talkin bout the good kind of "blown" either. Lol.

Oh, and after the "ribut yang gilababi lebat nak mampus" subsided, me n Azi discovered that there has been a death nearby.

Rest In Peace, Mister Tree.

Wut? U were expecting a decrement in the human population? U wish. U n i both. Lol. No lah, no one died. Just this unfortunate member of the Mother Nature society; Mister Pokok Tepi Jalan. Poor thing, we hardly knew him.

Pak Gad to the Rescue

Believe it or not, this sort of shit happens regularly in uitm. Trees keeling over and dying. Oh, the horror. But I think the kids in the Pertukangan Department wud be ecstatic to see new raw material for them to gut alive. Lol.

Jatuh ditimpa tangga

Kesian Mr. Tree, dah la jatuh, kena decapitate oleh the UiTM officials pulak. Isk isk. He's probably a proud part of the university's furniture now. Mama Nature wud be proud.

Kouda Entry_81: Kyo Splurges

Aite, so a lot of people have been bitchin bout how my shoes are hideous. Meh. But, I seem to have an excess of cash on me. So, decided to humor them, and buy myself a brand spankin new pair of shoes.

So, we went to PAS, but there werent any footwear that caught my interest. So, membazir masa di situ.

Then, we went to PKNS, lookin for sum cheap-ass shoes, just to satisfy my need to look around. We spotted an interesting pair. But, i decided to press on, and keep on lookin before makin a final decision.

Later, we set foot into SACC, a place of relatively good quality shit to waste your money on. And Kyo landed him 2, I repeat, 2 pairs of shoes. One formal, and another casual.

Kyo and Azi's Footwear

When there's a mirror in your presence, do be sure to let the vain side of ur personality take over. You'll be grateful later. Hoho.

Imagine Wut the Upper-half is doing. Ekekekeke~

I gotta admit, them shoes don't look so bad. And comfortable too. As opposed to Azi's killer tormenting heels of death. Thank god I was born with balls, n not boobs. Mati la if I have to wear heels. Lol. Kyo is a feminist bastard. Kakakaka~!!!

Oh, havent taken any pics of the formal wear yet. Malas. Xyah la menunjuk2 nih, riak. Tau tak riak? It means "to have people hate u simply because u look hot". Tu pun x tau? Haha.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kouda Entry_80: WATAFAAAAKK

Not mine, but might as well be

My hardisk crashed lagi.

Life sucks.

Dad x bagi beli laptop baru.

I emo.

I was pregnant...with fury. Duh.

And shakir was scared of my silent anger.

And azi thought my being pissed was hot n matured n sexy n...strong?

And I thought that was just wrong.

I smacked azi.

In the face.

Now i have no frens.


No lah, i didnt smack anyone. But i might as well. Damnit, this is my 2nd hardisk that crashed. That's more than a sign that this its time to chuck this effin laptop into a canyon or sumthin.

Dah la while i was drafting this very entry, the screen suddenly turned black for no apparent reason. Bankai. Merajuk ntah naper benda nih. Wut did I do~!? Is minding my own business such a grave sin that i do not deserve a peaceful life? Tengok, dah mengungkit lain punya topik. Bodo.

Haih..."life sucks". Tis a chant we all shud be adapted to.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kouda Entry_79: Tidiness is Hereditary

I've noticed this a while back, tp skarang baru nak blog about it. You see, my theory is that your work ethics can be inhereted. As in, how ur mom or dad does his or her work, or how he or she keeps the work area arranged.

Exhibit A, notice how mom keeps her work table.


Now observe how Kyo keeps his work table;


Well, in all fairness, my "table" is relatively neat n tidy. kekeke. Bende lain je yang berterabur. Hey, if i had a bookshelf all to myself, things wud be way tidier. ... ... ... Alasan. XD

So, based on the observations made, it can be concluded that Kyo inhereted his habits from mom. Lol.

. . .

. .


Stil not cleaning that place up.


Kouda Entry_78: Raya-ness

So, yeah, its been a week since raya passed, and i still havent updated my blog. Pemalas. Lol. Ok, ok, even though no one really cares, I thought I'd talk about the raya mornin neways. Just to puaskan my erratic self.

So, here are a few pics of the raya mornin~:
Riz Yang Makin Sihat. Lol

And that wud be dad sittin in the couch back there. If u can see lah. He does a great job at blendin in this time around. Haha.

Ee in Green

His name is Izman Fariz, and I have no idea why mom n dad decided to call him "E". Nama panjang2, in the end his nickname is a single letter. Mudah bangat. Lol.

Number 7: Mat

My younger brother, and the youngest in the family. The bastard's taller than me, dang it. There is no justice in the world. >_>

Tripod fest

That wud be Zed (in dark red) and Zee (in dark brown) settin up the cameras for a family picture. And no, we havent had a family picture in about 14 years. Well, we thought it'd probably be a good idea, just in case we forget just how many of us there are. Keke.

The (only) women of the family

Yup, only two gals in the gang. And if you can't tell which is mom and which is sis, then u shud go and get urself run over by a van. I dunno, sajer.

O_o there is NO JUSTICE!!!

See~, i told you he was taller than me. Ok, ok, "tall" is an understatement. He's an effin skyscraper. Dah, happy? Haha. Xper, xper, I was born to be small, cute and adorable. I shud just reside to my fate. Ekekeke~.

Graph of Time Versus Height

As seen in graph above, it can be concluded that Kyo is fated to be a midget for his entire life. Oh, the one on the far right is Zed, the eldest brother in the family, and he holds the title of "skyscraper" at the moment. Mat is first runner up. Lol.

Raya 2008 Family Picture

Izman (5th), Izzuddin (2nd), Izham (4th), Izmil (7th), Izran (2nd)
Izwan (6th), Ismail (Dad), Zaliha (Mom), Izati (1st)

Yea, Kyo strategically sat in front to avoid his height deprivation from stealing the attention. See, I do care about other people. If I looked pendek, nanti sumer ingat i look cute. Susah la pulak. Lol. Um, not the best pic of sis, she's gonna kill me if she sees this. Wakakaka~!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kouda Entry_77: Hari Raya 2008

To all my friends and family. A year has passed since the last Raya. In that time we've all matured and learned. In the past year, we've all felt happiness, and we've all felt pain. Be it small or great.

On this day, our ancestors won a great battle.
On this day, we achieved a goal, as we did in the years before.
On this day, we hold the hands of those dear to us,
and we ask for but one thing;

We are all children of Allah,
And we are all sinners,
Be it to Him, or to his creations,
And on this day, we are granted the chance for absolution.

So, I take the opportunity given,
to wish all of you;
"Selamat Hari Raya",
so that you may enjoy this glorious day

And I wish to ask you,
all of you,
Forgive me for the crimes I've committed,
Absolve me of the the sins I've done,
"Maaf zahir dan batin".
So that our body and soul may be cleansed.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kouda Entry_76: Template Update

Raya's coming around soon. Thought I'd change the template a little bit to fit the festive mood.

Uh, I'm inept when it comes to colors. So, I dunno if the template's shade of green and yellow works. Looks ok, but my amateur eyes might be deceiving. Lawl.

Also, experimenting with gif images too. The "Template Update" animation up there was the end result. It kinda needs work, cuz u can actually see sum white pixels around it. Hmm...

All this when I should be working on my project paper. Wakakaka~!! Mati la dunia.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kouda Entry_75: Fuck It

Yes, good sir, fuck it, i say.

After only a few months of his Hardisk-crashing-emo-trip-of-the-century, Kyo has to FORMAT his goddamn laptop...AGAIN.

Bad news; Drive C (Local Core) is officially fresh and clean.

Good news; Drives D (Data Core), Drive E (Graphics Core) and Drive F (Audio Core) remains untouched.

At least its not all that bad. Lol. Good thing I keep all the necessary softwares inside my Data Core. Yea yea, I give really fancy-shmancy names to his drives. Shut up. Kyo is original. So, now I'm reinstalling everythin. System Drivers, Office XP, Photoshop, Audacity, Codecs, Tune Ups, Stylers, Kaspersky...still updating database. Haih, lambat ini Kaspersky. Susah tul bila dah hebat sgt. har har.

Update file pun boleh corrupt ka?

Call me Jakun, but I've never seen it before. Wakakaka. I guess even Old Man Kaspers pun ada problem. Lol. Ah well, its taking forever for this damn antivirus to update. Been waiting all morning, x siap2 lg. ~_~.

Good News; Laptop is functioning just fine.

Bad News; Drive C is a virgin all over again. Fuck it, i say. No, seriously. hahahaha~

Weh! Apa mencarut2 taim puasa ni. Bengap punya budak. >_>

Kouda Entry_74: Virus Alert!


Noooo~!!! I woke up this morning, only to discover this particular notice plastered all over my laptop screen. I was like…O_O wtf!?

Fancy, idn’t it? Lol.

Now I know wut ur thinking, “Tu la, download lagi porn”. Shut up. I’ve been downloading porn all my life and shit like this never happened before. Wakakakaka~!!!

That was a joke, and if you took it seriously, go see a therapist. Then jump of a cliff.

Naw, I think it’s because last nite, I was up looking for an RMXP software, crack and keygen (Oh! Kantoi x beli ori. Bodo). Well, anyways, prowlin about those download sites so indiscriminately came back and bit me in the ass. Babi tul.

Siap bagi essay kat aku. Impressive. Lol.

So now, I’m desperately trying to save my laptop…again… and prevent more data loss and another emotional breakdown. Oh...le horrorz...I' shock...o shit...

Erratic PC behaviour? Kinx.

I swear, these dang pop ups are so effin annoyin. Nak wat keje pun susah. Kejap2 "pop", tensen sey. VirusRemover2008? Do I look like I was born yesterday? Must I ungkit how much I'm a pissant when it comes to birthdays? Kasi lempang kat muka baru paham. Adeh... Emo~

Stating the Obvious...Duh~

"Parasite programs"? Ayat xleh blah. Kakaka. Wuts next? Computer STD? The hell is with these long-winded statements? "Please use recommeded sypware. I don't want to die. Tolong la wei. Don't u love me anymore? Nangis kang." Bodo.

Attention, you are fucked.

Notice the missing "All Programs" button at the of the damn thing. How the hell am I supposed to function without the damn "All Programs" button? Control Panel pun hilang. Babs...babs... What strain of virus wud do such an underhanded thing? I'd like to shove my shoe up the ass of whoever made that godforsaken malware. Biar la iang sebelah kasut pun. The satisfaction of knowing that he'd be constipated for life wud b enuff to make my day.

No porn?

Tengok. Penuh ngan RPG Maker XP shit. Tobat dah xnak prowl about those damned sites again. Xnak~ Xnak~!!! Baik g download indiscriminate shit. Lagi ada pekdah nyer. No seriously. At least if your laptop crashed because of excess porn-hunting, u'd deserve it. But computer dying because of game-related shit? Wut is the world coming to? There is no justice!!