Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kouda Entry_104: Supplementary Test

Okay, so we all know that Kyo has the IQ of a 50-year cow with a brain tumor the size of mount. kinabalu.

Uh...that just made no sense...lol

At any rate, the point is that we all know I flunked my chemistry not too long ago. So, thanks to that, I had to go take a "Supplementary Test" for that particular paper.

Explanation; Those who are in their final semester, and failed a paper (or two) have to take a Supplementary Paper. This is to avoid them (like me) from having to take another full semester, which will delay their graduation.

But if you fail like a whole bunch of papers, then you can't take the Supp. Paper la of course.

* * *

Okay, I called the office on Monday afternoon to ask about the paper (Since, I only found out about it that previous Saturday, and I wasn't able to call the office during the weekends).

Here's the shocker; the office people told me, "Test awak pukul 9.00 pagi esok".

(I didn't really shout at the phone. Just thinking out loud. Lol.)

Oh, and I was still in Kelantan, mind you. So, you can imagine my PANIC trying to figure out how to get to Shah Alam in time for the paper.

I called my dad (he was in KL) and told him about my predicament. And fortunately, he didn't bite my head off. Oh, and he booked a 5pm flight for me. (Laju bapak my dad bought the tickets. Impressive.)

So, I had the pleasure of attempting the impossible; studying and packing at the same time. Haha.

Thanks to that, I ended up with a neck ache, which evolved into a nauseating headache. Good news is, I managed to study a few chapters before the whole "throbbing lobes" issue happened.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Rushed to get this 30 minutes before the test.

Wtf a hundred ringgit to take the test!? Well, if it helps prevent me from having to repeat a whole semester, I guess it's money well spent.

It was ok la kot. Except the fact that I studied the theories, but most of the questions involved calculations. Wtf!?

The previous Analytical Chem paper i had to take was full of theories, when I studied my ass off to do calculations.

This is a perfect example of how my Karma works. It sucks. Hahaha.

Ah well, hope I did better this time. I don't want anymore complications in my graduating on time. I want to graduate with Azi and the crew~!!!