Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_105: Warning!!!

Omgwtf it's happenin again~!!

Observe, and channel the overwhelming fear and panic that struck my blood pump.


Le horrorrrrzzz!!! PANIC!!!

Mati la ni. If my hard disk crashes for THE THIRD TIME this year, I will so smack my dad in the head and demand a new laptop. Hahaha.

Dad, if you're reading this, that was a joke. Lol. Please don't disown me T_T...

So yea, my laptop's developed from just showin screens of a certain color, to a full blown "Blue Screen of Imminent Death".

Fukin Death, Imminent Death, sama kes la tu... My laptop is dying. Dah.

Oh, and the batteries are officially dead. It can't be used AT ALL anymore. Previously, it could last at least 5 minutes la kot. But now, zilch.

Here's a list of reasons why I should be gettin a new laptop:

> Dead Batteries (So my laptop is officially a skinny version of a Desktop, with MUCH less graphics capabilities).

> They don't make replacement batteries for my model anymore (WTF how the hell is that even possible?)

> Fukked up monitor that shows certain colors from time to time (like suddenly the whole screen turns white for no reason).

> The drivers are no longer listed in the Dell website (for my Inspiron 630m)

> Dell doesn't make the model I'm using anymore (Meaning Insipiron 630m is officially an obsolete piece of equipment that they don't want to taint their factories)

* * *

So yea, when my hard drive crashed for the second time, I asked my dad for a new laptop, but the request was rejected. But at least I got a new hard drive and a new external (Transcend. Lol.).

Then the colored screens happened. But the request for a new laptop was rejected again. Instead, my dad offerred to buy an RM500 flat screen monitor (How in the name of Beelzebub is that supposed to help O_o??).

And as you can see from above, the flat screen was only used to show that horriffic Azure Declaration of Doom. Ugh...

I wonder wut excuse my dad wud give me next. Hahahaha~.

Backup!!! Backup!!! Before all hell breaks loose! ...again...