Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kouda Entry_103: A Lesson in Life

O noes~! The semester break is ending!! Le horrorz!

O noes~! I failed my Analytical Chemistry, AGAIN!!!


Question; why is it that I can score an A or B for my chemistry papers during the Intersessions, and not during the normal classes?

Answer; because, as it goes, chemistry lecturers tend to make no sense during the normal classes, but go into overdrive during the intersessions.

Let me say that some chemistry lecturers are pretty good at what they do. Example, Puan Zarila and Puan Sharifah. Them to ladies should win awards for making me do well in the stuff they teach. And by "do well", I mean "actually understand and at least not fail". Lol.

And I thank Puan Zarila for doin the impossible; Actually making me pass a chemistry paper (Instrumental Analysis to be exact) without having to repeat it.

Let's review the stuff that went down in my Analytical Chemitry classes; (Okay, I don't wanna be mean, so I'll just say it in the most reasonable way I can):

- True, I did miss a majority of her classes, but only bacause they clash with my other classes. And I had no intention of putting any other subjects at risk of failure. (and I did pass em all, thank god).

- True, I didn't go to her labs, but only because I thought she'd cover the essentials in class. But apparently, either I was mistaken, or they never got pass my anti-chemistry-barrier located in the frontal lobe of my cerebral cortex. XD

- I did NOT sleep in her class, and paid as much attention as a retarded ass that I am was able to. But still, all I heard was gibberish.

- True, I didn't buy the RM90 book that she said we'd need. But based on experience, buying a big fancy chem book never did me any good. And I already had a set of notes given to me by my previous lecturer. It was thinner, lighter, and more straight to the point. And also, it had a few exercise questions for me to work with, along with its solutions.

- True, I never went to see her in her office to ask regarding the subject. But I studied on my own, and tried to figure most of the stuff out with help from a few of my friends. I thought I understood the basics of most of em, at least enough to give me a passing grade. However, obviously, I was sorely mistaken.

In comparison, I'd say I put a heck of a lot more effort into this paper than I did when I took it the first time around. But still, I ended up with THE SAME GRADE.

To all those friggin optimists that keep saying crap about "effort and success go together", please come up with another corny line that makes sense.

I won't make excuses. I failed the paper. That much is blatantly obvious. But I need to understand why I didn't get a grade that is even remotely higher than the previous one. I need to know what all that studying was for.

And why is it that I get such a dismal grade, even though I crammed in as much effort as I did with all my other papers?

My 5th semester was full of unnecessary crap, I get that. My "Medical Microbiology" results were lower than I expected, and I know it's because I had shit happenin during the crucial moments.

Example; I studied my ass off for the second (or was it the third) test, since I know I needed the points. I know I could've gotten somewhere between 80% and 90% at least, for that test. But on the day of the test itself, I had a godforsaken ache in my gut that was effin unnatural. To the point I couldn't get out of bed. A fitting reward for my hours of studying? Gee thanks...

A few of my classmates made it through their papers simply because they had the guts to bend the rules. And you know, the occasional cheating. I don't blame them, and I don't mind. You gotta do what you gotta do.

If you cheat, and get away with it, that's great. Really. Cheating in tests and exams benefits you, and it doesn't hurt your classmates. I swear, if I had the guts and skill to cheat, I would. But I don't. And so, my grades plummet.

True, I did take a few chances, but only when the opportunity was waving itself in my face, and I'd be stupid not to accept it. But I never made too much of an effort to cheat.

If you're saying that cheating, deceiving people is bad, then I say, we've been taught to deceive since we were kids. Only, it's called "being smart", instead of "being deceitful".

Proof? A lot of old fairy tales tell of how the good guy makes it through tough situations by being clever minded and witty. By deceiving his/her opponent, without having to actually do an impossible task.

- Alladin tricked the Genie into letting him escape a cave. Yet, no one is pissing all over him.

- Sang Kancil swindled god knows how many animals to get what it wants. Yet, we say it's smart.

- Puss in boots outwitted and ATE a shapeshifter so that he could survive. Who the hell would make such a twisted, brutal, bloody story to tell kids as a bedtime story!? Hish, sick bastards. Pastu anak2 besar jadi swindlers and serial killers, blame it on games plak.

The point is, if cheating, lying, deceiving others allows you to survive, go for it.

If you've got the balls to cheat during a test or exam, and you have a method that'll allow you to get away with it, I say good for you. I am NOT being sarcastic, I'm serious. You guys rock! I bow down to your superiority.

Let my misfortune and the fortune of those who succeeded at cheating be a lesson to you all.

If studying hard and studying smart gets you nowhere, then use all the streetsmarts you got, and cheat like the wind! Just don't get caught.

I'd like to remind all of you again, that I never cheated during exams. XD. I just regret that I never did.