Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kouda Entry_109: Exorsus Thread Problems

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Click the image to pay the site a visit it turns out, converted their forums over to PHPBB3, whatever that means.

The bad news is, now that the format has changed, my project thread (Exorsus) got mutilated. And now I have to refurbish the darned thing.

The good news is, the links are still there. So, all i gotta do is edit the html a tad, and it should be good as new. And we all know kyo likes to mess around with html codes. Ahahaha~!

Well, always been planning on revamping it so as to "celebrate" the new year and all. No better motivation than an obligation, eh?

Photoshop frenzeh~! Wooootzzz~!!! XD