Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kouda Entry_107: ENOUGH!

An sms made it's way to my phone earlier today:

"Urgent! Cek email!"

At first I didn't even take a look at the sender's number. I thought it was about my Supplementary Test results. So, I went and checked the UiTM Student Portal.

But alas, no updates regarding the results.

I checked the sender's number on my phone. And I grieved.

I checked my mail, and my grief turned into a flaming mass of uncontrollable fury that could very well envelop the whole 50% of Kelantan's population.

Oh, and I laughed out loud at the sheer stupidity of the message.

Take note that "To Miss X" and "1st Day" was quoted by the sender from another blogger's page, not from me.

The following is the e-mail I received. The writing in blue was quoted by the sender from the blogger's page, and the writing in red are the sender's words themselves.

To miss X

I dedicated the song "so in love" by all 4 one. Miss X, u know how to love but dont know how to be loved. Hahaha.. please stop dreaming, back to reality, to ur first one, and ur son.

1st day

huh today is my first day of fasting, after 8 days in heaven. hahaha. tomorrow is my biggest challenge, with my fav medic test and that mother fuckin quiz. huh. cpat la kau mati. x larat nak pretend that i dont know anything about u.

I tak larat lagi nak tanggung sorang2.
Fuck to all ur crews n da cronies of dem yg bersubahat.
How cud U?????

Okay, "Tanngung sorang"? Apa cer? You're married. Ada husband. It don't take a genius to figure out who to go to. Your words are effin misleading, it makes me sick.

Fuck my crew and cronies yg bersubahat? Hello, unlike you, I know how to keep a secret. Saper yang slalu cari me even when I'm class? Saper yang mintak my classmate panggil me when I'm in the lab? Saper skang yang mengkantoi-kan diri? Hah!?

Saper yang ada blog stating all the disgusting feelings and things she wants to do!? Saper yang slalu mention my name on her blog, PUT MY PICTURE AS HER PROFILE PIC, and x abis2 maki hamun pasal me n my frens!?

Salah saper skarang!? Hah!?

Don't you dare put the blame on that blogger. Check the date on her post la wei. August 2008. It's not my fault if she stumbled onto your blog at that time. She probably found out about that blog way before I did.

If you didn't splatter my NAME and FACE all over your page, xder la kantoi. Nama penuh lagi tuh. It's called "subtlety", cepat pegi bukak kamus cari apa makna.

I don't speak about you to my classmates. Why the hell would I!? I've got better things to do with my time. Like jump of a building, or leading a band of blasphemous freaks into a burning pyre.

Tolong la, I'm losing my last ounce of respect for you. Sudah2 la.

Move on. The more you keep bringing this up, the more I feel like getting a restraining order.