Monday, September 29, 2008

Kouda Entry_76: Template Update

Raya's coming around soon. Thought I'd change the template a little bit to fit the festive mood.

Uh, I'm inept when it comes to colors. So, I dunno if the template's shade of green and yellow works. Looks ok, but my amateur eyes might be deceiving. Lawl.

Also, experimenting with gif images too. The "Template Update" animation up there was the end result. It kinda needs work, cuz u can actually see sum white pixels around it. Hmm...

All this when I should be working on my project paper. Wakakaka~!! Mati la dunia.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kouda Entry_75: Fuck It

Yes, good sir, fuck it, i say.

After only a few months of his Hardisk-crashing-emo-trip-of-the-century, Kyo has to FORMAT his goddamn laptop...AGAIN.

Bad news; Drive C (Local Core) is officially fresh and clean.

Good news; Drives D (Data Core), Drive E (Graphics Core) and Drive F (Audio Core) remains untouched.

At least its not all that bad. Lol. Good thing I keep all the necessary softwares inside my Data Core. Yea yea, I give really fancy-shmancy names to his drives. Shut up. Kyo is original. So, now I'm reinstalling everythin. System Drivers, Office XP, Photoshop, Audacity, Codecs, Tune Ups, Stylers, Kaspersky...still updating database. Haih, lambat ini Kaspersky. Susah tul bila dah hebat sgt. har har.

Update file pun boleh corrupt ka?

Call me Jakun, but I've never seen it before. Wakakaka. I guess even Old Man Kaspers pun ada problem. Lol. Ah well, its taking forever for this damn antivirus to update. Been waiting all morning, x siap2 lg. ~_~.

Good News; Laptop is functioning just fine.

Bad News; Drive C is a virgin all over again. Fuck it, i say. No, seriously. hahahaha~

Weh! Apa mencarut2 taim puasa ni. Bengap punya budak. >_>

Kouda Entry_74: Virus Alert!


Noooo~!!! I woke up this morning, only to discover this particular notice plastered all over my laptop screen. I was like…O_O wtf!?

Fancy, idn’t it? Lol.

Now I know wut ur thinking, “Tu la, download lagi porn”. Shut up. I’ve been downloading porn all my life and shit like this never happened before. Wakakakaka~!!!

That was a joke, and if you took it seriously, go see a therapist. Then jump of a cliff.

Naw, I think it’s because last nite, I was up looking for an RMXP software, crack and keygen (Oh! Kantoi x beli ori. Bodo). Well, anyways, prowlin about those download sites so indiscriminately came back and bit me in the ass. Babi tul.

Siap bagi essay kat aku. Impressive. Lol.

So now, I’m desperately trying to save my laptop…again… and prevent more data loss and another emotional breakdown. Oh...le horrorz...I' shock...o shit...

Erratic PC behaviour? Kinx.

I swear, these dang pop ups are so effin annoyin. Nak wat keje pun susah. Kejap2 "pop", tensen sey. VirusRemover2008? Do I look like I was born yesterday? Must I ungkit how much I'm a pissant when it comes to birthdays? Kasi lempang kat muka baru paham. Adeh... Emo~

Stating the Obvious...Duh~

"Parasite programs"? Ayat xleh blah. Kakaka. Wuts next? Computer STD? The hell is with these long-winded statements? "Please use recommeded sypware. I don't want to die. Tolong la wei. Don't u love me anymore? Nangis kang." Bodo.

Attention, you are fucked.

Notice the missing "All Programs" button at the of the damn thing. How the hell am I supposed to function without the damn "All Programs" button? Control Panel pun hilang. Babs...babs... What strain of virus wud do such an underhanded thing? I'd like to shove my shoe up the ass of whoever made that godforsaken malware. Biar la iang sebelah kasut pun. The satisfaction of knowing that he'd be constipated for life wud b enuff to make my day.

No porn?

Tengok. Penuh ngan RPG Maker XP shit. Tobat dah xnak prowl about those damned sites again. Xnak~ Xnak~!!! Baik g download indiscriminate shit. Lagi ada pekdah nyer. No seriously. At least if your laptop crashed because of excess porn-hunting, u'd deserve it. But computer dying because of game-related shit? Wut is the world coming to? There is no justice!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_72: Health Issues

Y’know wut sucks? U know sum sort of physical illness is coming your way, but u can’t do nothing bout it.

Well, 2 days ago, I noticed that I was getting Strep-Throat. So, I got sum strepsils to kill off them pesky germs and prevent a full-blown sore throat (macam la serius sangat itu penyakit. Hah). But woe is me, it’s ramadhan. So, Kyo can’t take the meds. And now, my throat is all irritated and shit.

I’m not blaming Ramadhan. I’m blaming the unfortunate timing that them Streptococcus decides to raid my windpipe.

Oh, and my right arm is has been spasming out on me for the past few days. Wtf? x cukup kasih sayang. Bankai tul. Yer la, every last inch of me demands attention. Meluat sey. Haha.

Kouda Entry_71: Emo

Apparently, I’m sensitive when it comes to birthdays now. Hah. Drama queen.

Don’t wanna talk about it. It’s pathetic. Saja nak mention dalam blog. >_>

Life sucks, so those with a penis shud be grateful. Hah!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_70: Bitch (obviously)

Wut better way to start your day than a highly concentrated dose of bitchiness.

Okay, I don't usually make a big deal over these kind of things. But this mornin, I was so effin pissed about a mishap that occurred.

So, I was late for class...well, a lot more late than i wud normally allow myself to be. And I was frantically tryin to rush to the lecture hall. It was technically "smooth sailing", I mean, the general lack of parking spots, the crowded streets, the rows of cars that won't seem to budge no matter how much i will them to. However, these things didn't trigger my unexplained wrath earlier today.

I was about to park my car at my usual spot. But there was this big ol' silver Perdana or Gen2 or wutever that was in front of me. That car, apparently, took the parking spot that I had in mind. No curses escaped my mouth yet.

So, I figured, heck, i'm 30 mins late for class, I'll be out in the next 30mins. So, I guess it wudnt hurt to just park behind the silver Perdana/Gen2 for a bit. And so I did.

Upon doing this, 2 female lecturers popped out of the silver gargantuan on wheels. Dengan muka that can only be described as "muka sial".

I ignored. I was late for class. Who gives a muthafukin rat's ass.

Then, they said to me, "Awak x boleh parking kat sini".

"I'm really sorry, but I'm late for class. I'll move it in the next 30minutes or so", I said.

Then, that beyotch replied, "I don't care that you're late for class. You can't park here. Ini kawasan Pelekat Merah sahaja".

"I'm really late for class. It'll only take a while. Do you need to move your car out soon?" I asked., since I was blocking their car.

Then, the second bitch said, "I'm movin my car out sekarang."

And I realized that I should move, since she wanted to get the car out. I apologized, and hurried to back my car out of the way. Without making a fuss, and i felt slightly guilty. Despite knowing that I was gonna get pwned by my lecturer for being late.

And then, what pissed me off was that the first bitch sempat lagi nak cakap one more time, "Awak memang tak boleh parking sini. Pelekat Merah sahaja, ok."

I was seriously fired up by that. U told me that once. I get the clue. But that particular parking area is filled with students' motocycles and cars. No one even cares about the damn "Pelekat Merah" rule, seriously. The students have been parking their vehicles there for as long as I can remember, and no Guards or lecturers have ever made a damn fuss about it. Why? Because UiTM is fukin cheap in terms of parking spots. They get that. You two bitches just want to justify the fact that you want to hog that area for urselves.

Look, if UiTM is damn full of empty spaces for me to chuck my car, then fine. Yell at me for blocking your oversized piece of shit. But this university is packed to the brim with cars. And with the current renovations goin on all over the place, there are EVEN LESS parking spaces. I apologized like wut, 3, 4 times, tapi itu dua ekor pompuan bagi jer "muka sial" from the moment they saw my car and till i was out of their sight.

If you were to tell me properly, with a HUMANE face, I wudn't make a big deal out of it. If you didn't condescend me, i wudn't even think twice about it. BUT, you talked to me as if I was trash, as if I did not deserve any form of respect. I loath these kind of beings. I wud much rather run you bitches over with my car then let you get away with treating a student like that, not just me. Unfortunately, i was late for class. So, I didn't have time to commit any homocides today. Mebbe tomorrow.

Then again, those two reprobates aren't worth tainting my car with. The thought of having their godforsaken blood all over the car I drive everyday is just too disgusting. Even Satan wud be nauseated by the sight of such filthy blots of erythrocytes.

Dah, I'm done. Those bitches shud die. We all agree. Back to life.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kouda Entry_69: Uplink

An entry number as kinky as “69” and I end up yappin bout a hacking game? Oh the shame.

Moving on, I present to you, the PC game (yes, I actually play PC games. Wut is the world coming to…) that had me obsessed for a good portion of my pathetic life;

Uplink: Hackers Elite

“Trust is a weakness”, ah~ so true. I should make that my tagline too. What with all the backstabbin and shit that I’ve been goin thru. (And people wonder why I’m so detached from human contact. Pfft!).

The Cyber World is Your Playground

Aite, so, this game doesn’t involve you controlling a character around a virtual world. You yourself play a hacker, and your computer (i.e. the one you’re using in real life) is the interface that you’ll be using to crack the cyber world open. Think of Uplink as a software, rather than a game.

Make Your Pick

Basically, your main goal in the game is to earn money as a hacker (real life shit, really). You accept “missions” that are listed in the Uplink Main Server. There’s a plethora of missions to pick from. Low-level mission require only a few softwares at your end, with relatively low security (i.e. You can practically hack in and out of the target server without a care in the world).

However, higher ranked missions require much more sophisticated softwares, hardwares, as well as more powerful Gateways. Also, a handful of skill is required to keep yourself from getting caught by the Feds. If you get arrested, your Gateway and account will be revoked by Uplink, and it’ll be as if you never even existed to them. So, you’ll have to start over (and believe me, it is a PAIN!).

What’s the storyline? There’s no conventional “save the world” scenario here. You play an anonymous hackin little freak, minding your own business; minding other people’s lives. But hey, if you receive suspicious e-mails about weird Cyber shit, then Uplink might just start to get just a tiny bit interesting.

Academic Records

Yup, higher ranking missions also include “ruining other people’s lives”. You can do this by changing their academic records, modifying their criminal records, steal their cash straight from their account(s), and even frame them for fraud. What could be more fun than the complete destruction of a person’s life?

Stock Markets

I’ve never hacked into the Stock Market Systems. So, I’m assuming it’s a relatively high-ranked mission. Uh, yea, that’s right, I haven’t been able to beat this damn game yet. I keep getting caught, apparently. Lol.

LAN hacking, I believe

I only managed to try hacking LANs a few times. It baffles me, but it looks cool regardless. Kekeke. Navigating your way thru LANs can be a pain. Since, there are encryptions and monitors that block your path. But hey, if it were all too easy, things wudn’t be as fun, rite?

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

I think one of the features of Uplink is this little toy; the Internet Relay Chat. It allows you to…well…chat. Duh. It doesn’t affect your gameplay, but it does look hot. Never tried it, don’t ask.

So yeah, it’s an awsum game. But, I admit, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. There aren’t any fancy-shmancy graphic effects to impress you. But it kinda makes you feel like you’re in one of those hackers you see in the movies.

It’s a mess, but a cool-lookin mess

Oh, Uplink apparently enables multi-monitor viewing. Not really sure what it’s called. But it lets you set up and link multiple monitors (PCs, if I’m not mistaken) together. This lets you view different interfaces at once (i.e. Trace Tracker on one monitor, and Eliptic-Curve Encryption on the other). Its kinda pointless, but like I said before, it looks hella cool. Yes sir.

Kouda Entry_68: Wall-e

Yea, yea, we all know that Kyo is uber slow when it comes to movies. But hey, I’m glad I watched this one at all.


Aite, aside from the obviously amazing graphics, remarkable animation, and creative robot designs, this particular movie surprised me with its storyline. Well, the idea was good, anyways. The comedy in this motion picture was cute n all, and sum are just plain brilliant.

Wut got to me was that the story was about a robot (duh), that gained a personality, after 700 years of performing its duty on a dead planet. And at the end of the movie, you kinda realize how having a personality of your own can be such a big deal. I’m not gonna say wut happened. But I will say this, the ending got me choking back sum tears. Aww, ain’t that just plain corny. Lol. Now we know that there is sumthin beating in this hollow tin chest of mine.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then go jump of a fuggin cliff, then go watch it. Who cares if you’ve got a few ruptured ribs.

Kouda Entry_67: McD Oldie

This is an old vid. McD had this promotion thingy a few months back. It’s called the Big Mac Chant, where u recite a certain chant within 4 seconds;

Two all beef patties,
Special sauce, lettuce,
cheese, pickles, onions,
on a sesame seed bun.

We had a few coupons, and the crew was hungry for sum fattenin shit. So, Kyo jadi barang experiment kanak2 tu lah. Well, at least my big mouth was put to good use for once. I swear, Azi was effin determined to get them free burgers. She even coached me on reciting that ridiculous chant. Haha.

Kouda Entry_66: A Thought


Kouda Entry_65: The Core

Aite, we all know how I am utterly slow when it comes to watchin movies and shit. Yea well, good movies are hard to come by.

Recently, Shakir got me a bunch of movies to waste my time with. And well, the timing couldn’t be any better. Lol. So, I scanned the movies, looked for any interesting ones, and there it was, the 2003 movie that caught my interest;

The Core 2002/03

The Core is about the world coming to an end (naturally). Ok, the basis of the storyline is overused. I mean, c’mon, almost every single movie out there is about sum sort of world destruction fiasco. Meh. But the seller here, is that 6 smart-asses from all these major scientific fields are going into the Earth to revive it again.

We All Love Lightning

Apparently, the world’s core consists of revolving liquid metal that generates the Electromagnetic Field surrounding the Earth. And as it goes, this field is essential to the world’s survivability. In the movie, the world’s core stopped rotating, due to sum unknown cause (spoiler, I ain’t revealin it here) and as a result, the Electromagnetic Field around it goes into disarray. This in turn, causes weird Electromagnetic shit happenin all over our lovely blue planet.

Motley Crew of Scientists

Pretty bunch, isn’t it? Aw, c’mon, who’s wanna watch a movie about 6 balding scientists with big guts and no sense of humor? (Sorry NASA. Lol). Oh, and apparently, the one woman in the motion picture is just to buat cukup syarat je kot. I mean c’mon, 5 men drillin into the Earth’s core while in a big metal dildo (which is named Virgil btw. Wtf?) is just too fuckin gay. Haha. I mean, imagine a long machine penetrating into virgin territory that is the Earth’s mantel. Add 5 men to the equation. Now I dare u to tell me that this particular scene isn’t just effin wrong. >_>

Ok ok, wutever it is that goes on in y’all’s head bout this movie, keep it aside. Lol. The main point is, the execution of this movie was quite well done. The effects were nicely animated. If you haven’t watched this yet, smack urself in the head, and then take ur unconscious self to the nearest video store. Rent, buy, download, wutever u prefer. It ain’t any of my business. Har har.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kouda Entry_64: Patapon

The Cuteness That Kills

I’ve been dying to play this new game; Patapon. Its been around for a while, but I just wasn’t all that interested to know about it. It was only after a friend of mine recommended it did I put some extent of enthusiasm over this piece of work. So, a few week (months?) back, I looked “Patapon” up on youtube, and I was all “omgwtf this game is pretty kool”.

The songs are cute n catchy. Well, by cute, I mean rhythmic to the point that you can’t help but sound it out at least once.

Worm Hunting

“Pata Pata Pata Pon, it sez”. Dang it, it’s in my head. Lol. The gameplay is original, I believe. Well, at least I’ve never seen this kind of system before. Well, it’s not as fast-paced as other button-sequence-pressing-genres (no idea what they’re called). But its fun to play neways.

Kouda Entry_63: Nuang-Times

So, yesterday, the committee from the Nuang hiking trip thing invited me to berbuka puasa with them at Times Square. Of course, kyo at first was all “Ah, dang it, malas la mau jalan jauh2 just to berbuka”. But then I figured, since I didn’t go to the hiking trip itself, I should probably join in on this gathering.

We went to this place called Hartz Chicken Buffet. From afar, it looks promising, plenty of food to go around. But the effin downside is that they won’t let u in the damn place before 6.45pm. And we got there around 5pm. So, we had to goddamn wait for more than an hour to get into the friggin restaurant. Patience Kyo…abis pahala bulan puasa aku. Haha.

Waiting in Line

Excuse the lack of enthusiasm in my part. Apparently, the food deprivation got to me. Har har. Oh, and obviously, the crew wasn’t with me this time. Instead, I got to hang out with a few of my other classmates. Lively bunch, I must say. Lol. I’d list down their names…but uh…we all know how Kyo is bad with names. Ehehe…hehe…

Oh Glorious Food~

Aite, so, this is wut u get when u put 10 hungry individuals in an all-u-can-eat buffet; A pile-up big enough to end world hunger as we know it. U can practically see the fat seeping from them chickens. I swear, I think we all gained like 10kg each after the meal...minimum. Oh, le horrorz. Kyo is in shock.

Kyo’s Platter

A humble serving, no? A plate of sin on the left, and a plate of healthy goodness on the right. This, my friends, is what we call “balance”. Either that, or I just don’t wanna look like a muthafuggin glutton in front of the ladies. Haha. Nah, Kyo has a small gut. I’m a pussy, wut-evah. XD

In Agony

This is kinda embarrassing. Hehe. Aw, c’mon, you’d be all pissed too if you’re sittin in front of such a huge stack of fattening delights and can’t even drool over it. Oh…the pain… why do u people torture me so…

Pose for the Camera…-phone…

Gilababs clear ini gambar. If only my N76 could do the same. Nokia betrayed me. The bitches. Tengok, abis puasa aku, duk maki hamun company orang. Haha.

Yes, you do

And yet, not a single sock in sight. Mebbe its one of those underground escort services thingy. Lol.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kouda Entry_62: Merdeka Eve part 2

Okay, the last post was effin long, so i decided to divide it into two parts. Lol. Aite, also, durin the Merdeka eve, Azi wanted to treat me to sum of Starbucks' Mooncakes. *Effin Droolz*. Although we never got around to eating it. Since we were so busy talkin and prowlin about the place. Haha. So, we decided to eat it for our buka puasa today. I shall blog once the deed is done.


Oh, and we had a little fun at Borders too. Azi started the whole thing tho. She showed me a book that i couldnt resist but to take a picture with. Hehe.

Studyin the important stuff

I swear to god, it was fukin hilarious. Who the hell writes a book and gives it the title "PIMP". Well, mebbe i wud, but that's besides the point. Lol. But PINK of all colors. I swear. Hish. XD

Flawless but Heartbroken. Awww~.

Can't really see the title of the second book tho. It's "Lessons in Heartbreak". Haih, when will this girl ever get over that piece of charcoal which we refer to as her ex. Lol. O wow, why de hell do i even care. Kakaka. Bah, at least Azi knows that when a guy dah x nak, xyah nak lebih2. Lol.

Apparently XD

Books are the best. At least the titles can mean more the the text inside it. Lol. Azi memang la. Kyo ikut jer. Hahaha. His and Hers ya all. Gedik nak mampus. Ok, ok, can we move on now? This commentary isn't making any sense.

"Naughty Neighbor"

I was referrin to the book title, not the picture on the cover. Haha. Ah~, twas a great time at a bookstore. Just a couple of nerds goofin around, judgin books by their covers. Lol. Yay~. At least theres one woman in this world that doesn't piss me off. Hahaha.

Kouda Entry_61: Merdeka Eve part 1


Another year of Merdeka. Another year of freedom. Rejoice~!

So, apparently, Azi's booked me for a day in KL. Well, its been a while since we last hung out together. So, i guess i owed her one day of Kyo n Azi personal time. Lol. I was plannin on going in the morning, y'know to avoid unnecessary crowds n shit. But, unfortunately, I had to head to the lab first. So, quickie in the lab, then straight off to KL i went.

My coverage fellow. Hahaha

Astaga, I tell u DIGI is going on a promotion-frenzy. Its everywhere. Kelantan, Shah Alam, KL. Well, the last 2 is pretty much the same. Haha. Wut? Kyo dusnt go around much. Shaddap. Now, if only we kud get Azi into one of those yellow suits. Kekeke.

Aww...adorableness. Lol.

Don't we just look the cutest together? Hahaha. Mom was calling. She's stayin at my sis's place for a few days. Sum business in KL, apparently. She was askin whether I wanted to stay over at sis's instead of heading back to Shah Alam. Well, stayin over meant not having to rush back. Not having to rush back means I get to spend more time with Azi. So, aper lagi, Kyo stay over la. We were both ecstatic. Lol.


\We were starvin to death. I mean, seriously. Azi took me to this place, "Pancake House International" at Pavilion. It was absolute awsumness~! I swear, the menu is practically made for Kelantanese. Suh-weet~.

CHEESE Pancake

CHEESE! CHEESE! I tell u, dat place is fukin awsum!! Pancake + Cheese + Syrup = Heh-Vunn! Oh, I ordered the 3 piece, but they gave me the 2 piece (pancake talk, no straying u perverts). So, they got me an extra piece, which i gave to Azi. Very de mesra. Uhuh. Lol. Well, Azi was having a taco, so, not sure it would be fillin. Apa lagi, Kyo kan gentleman. Kakaka.

Best Taco In Town

That is seriously wut its called, the "Best Taco in Town". Apparently, sumone's out of ideas in naming food. A brain tumor patient could do better. Lol. But it was good tho. The tomato was juicy n sweet *droolz*.

Oh oh, me and Azi were just YM-ing about the food, and its fukin kinky shit. Lol.

Seriously misleading

That's why we all love Azi. I mean who else can keep up a conversation like this without even trying? Har har.