Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kouda Entry_75: Fuck It

Yes, good sir, fuck it, i say.

After only a few months of his Hardisk-crashing-emo-trip-of-the-century, Kyo has to FORMAT his goddamn laptop...AGAIN.

Bad news; Drive C (Local Core) is officially fresh and clean.

Good news; Drives D (Data Core), Drive E (Graphics Core) and Drive F (Audio Core) remains untouched.

At least its not all that bad. Lol. Good thing I keep all the necessary softwares inside my Data Core. Yea yea, I give really fancy-shmancy names to his drives. Shut up. Kyo is original. So, now I'm reinstalling everythin. System Drivers, Office XP, Photoshop, Audacity, Codecs, Tune Ups, Stylers, Kaspersky...still updating database. Haih, lambat ini Kaspersky. Susah tul bila dah hebat sgt. har har.

Update file pun boleh corrupt ka?

Call me Jakun, but I've never seen it before. Wakakaka. I guess even Old Man Kaspers pun ada problem. Lol. Ah well, its taking forever for this damn antivirus to update. Been waiting all morning, x siap2 lg. ~_~.

Good News; Laptop is functioning just fine.

Bad News; Drive C is a virgin all over again. Fuck it, i say. No, seriously. hahahaha~

Weh! Apa mencarut2 taim puasa ni. Bengap punya budak. >_>