Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kouda Entry_61: Merdeka Eve part 1


Another year of Merdeka. Another year of freedom. Rejoice~!

So, apparently, Azi's booked me for a day in KL. Well, its been a while since we last hung out together. So, i guess i owed her one day of Kyo n Azi personal time. Lol. I was plannin on going in the morning, y'know to avoid unnecessary crowds n shit. But, unfortunately, I had to head to the lab first. So, quickie in the lab, then straight off to KL i went.

My coverage fellow. Hahaha

Astaga, I tell u DIGI is going on a promotion-frenzy. Its everywhere. Kelantan, Shah Alam, KL. Well, the last 2 is pretty much the same. Haha. Wut? Kyo dusnt go around much. Shaddap. Now, if only we kud get Azi into one of those yellow suits. Kekeke.

Aww...adorableness. Lol.

Don't we just look the cutest together? Hahaha. Mom was calling. She's stayin at my sis's place for a few days. Sum business in KL, apparently. She was askin whether I wanted to stay over at sis's instead of heading back to Shah Alam. Well, stayin over meant not having to rush back. Not having to rush back means I get to spend more time with Azi. So, aper lagi, Kyo stay over la. We were both ecstatic. Lol.


\We were starvin to death. I mean, seriously. Azi took me to this place, "Pancake House International" at Pavilion. It was absolute awsumness~! I swear, the menu is practically made for Kelantanese. Suh-weet~.

CHEESE Pancake

CHEESE! CHEESE! I tell u, dat place is fukin awsum!! Pancake + Cheese + Syrup = Heh-Vunn! Oh, I ordered the 3 piece, but they gave me the 2 piece (pancake talk, no straying u perverts). So, they got me an extra piece, which i gave to Azi. Very de mesra. Uhuh. Lol. Well, Azi was having a taco, so, not sure it would be fillin. Apa lagi, Kyo kan gentleman. Kakaka.

Best Taco In Town

That is seriously wut its called, the "Best Taco in Town". Apparently, sumone's out of ideas in naming food. A brain tumor patient could do better. Lol. But it was good tho. The tomato was juicy n sweet *droolz*.

Oh oh, me and Azi were just YM-ing about the food, and its fukin kinky shit. Lol.

Seriously misleading

That's why we all love Azi. I mean who else can keep up a conversation like this without even trying? Har har.