Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kouda Entry_58: University of X

Our Local Mutant Academy

So, yeah, Celcom's having this new promotion called the University of X. Well, initially, I could care less about it. But da crew kinda convinced me to get myself a new number. And after using it a while, I found a few good reasons to keep the number:

1. Effin cheap, even to other service providers (Digi, Hotlink)
2. Keeps them bastards and bitches from buggin me.


Wut? U were expectin sum sort of long winded, elaborate list on how changing my phone number is the best thing that ever happened in my life? Hah! Although, u gotta admit, reason number 2 is pretty much good enough for me.

Aww, aint dey cute. Lol.

Me, Azi n da rest of da crew were havin a discussion on our ETR project. And I thought the scene looked sumwhat adorable. Har har.

Kyo bein Kyo

Yea, cam phones shud be banned. But hey, when I hang out with my frens, I'd like to have memories. And those 4 are all i need rite now. No one else. End of discussion.