Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kouda Entry_98: Spelling Error

I swear UiTM is just so friggin hillarious.

How's that pronounced? Pres-tee-goss? Seriously, don't you people proof read these damn things?

Azi pointed this out to me. I was just minding my own business at home. She insisted I send a message to the people responsible, so as to avoid further embarrassment on out part. Hish, malu sey.

I mean, if the Perdana Menteri ever found out that they spelled that damned word wrong, he'd take back that Anugerah in half a heartbeat.

Oh, the shame~.

Let this be a lesson to all of you. ALWAYS proof read your work. Especially is you're workin for UiTM and you have the dignity of the whole population there at risk.

On a side note, not all of us are retards, kay? I can spell just fine. Although I do make the occasional typo every now n then, I've never embarrassed a whole mass of people before.

If you guys wanna take a look at it for real, then you better hurry up. They might take it down. No hurry though. It's not like the staff there works at lightning-fast pace. Hah. XD

For shame~~~~~~~~!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_97: Life at Home

Fook, I haven't updated a thing lately. Azi pun dah marah2 nih. Ohohoho.

That's probably cuz all I've been doing this past week is sit in front of laptop and work on my nerd stuff.

Either that, or I'd be smashing the PS3 controller. Ah~, the joy of yelling at them virtual monsters is unlike any other. It's good anger management too. Wakakaka~!!

That's the problem when I stay in Kelantan, people. NUTHIN happens. Ahahaha~. Well, nuthin that involves physical labor lah. Graphics-wise, lain citer.

Apparently, I'm devoting myself to my game-making habits. A lot of people are probably getting annoyed at how little development there's been in the past year or two. And by little, I mean none at all. XD.

Got a few updates made on the project. And I even managed to help a few friends with their requests. Did a logo design for this futsal thingy, and I had to translate an article from Malay to English (a request by an english teacher pulak tu. Har har.).

O crap, I missed this week's Taekwondo training. Why? Because it's been raining on and off for that past week < /alasan>. Kekeke.

But at least I get to put that exercise machine that dad bought a few years ago. You know, one of those static bicycles that all the fitness freaks use. I'm not saying i'm a fitness freak tho.

At least it gets the blood running. And god forbid I gain more weight. The last time I got up to 56kg, I panicked like hell. Mau nangis pun ada. Haha. No lah, I'm not that much of a pansy.

What!? I'm trying to stay below 55kg, aite? Shut it. Don't make me chuck my weighing scale at you.

There, I updated my blog. Happy? Now wheres my present? Lol.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kouda Entry_96: Exorsus Recovered~!!!


It's an effin miracle!

I was goin thru my stuff while packin the other day. And guess wut I found!? Exorsus backup pendrive!!!!

Words can never describe the sheer gratitude that is overcoming every last vein in my system. XD

The files are very updated, to my surprise. The scripts, events, graphics, audios, all there. I must've copied the project folder for safekeeping. Smart move, eh? Kekeke.

Exorsus is back! And with that, Kyo will now devolve in terms of social skillz. Hehe.

You can view the project thread by clicking the Exorsus tab on the nav bar btw. Or, you kud just click on the image in this post. Thanks~! ^_^.

Now, onwards to game-making~!!!!

(I shud really proof-read my posts next time. Lol)

Kouda Entry_95: Remnants of Annoyance

I wish some people wud just leave me alone. Seriously.

Can't a guy get sum peace and quite over here? Tak tenang hidup aku.


And Reza, it's called a Shout Box, not an Expletive Box. (>_>)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_94: Back Home

Hey yea! Finally got back to good ol' Kelantan.

Got back last nite, at about 10pm mebbe. I was too disgruntled to give the clock a second look. Why? Cuz my brother, Riz, decided to go see his friends before we headed home.

The initial plan was the we take the road to Gerik, and from there, onwards to Kota Bharu. But, plans don't always work out, rite?

Well, Riz had this brilliant idea of letting me drive. Huge mistake. Cuz we all know I'm completely braindead when it comes to directions. Lol. XD. Meh, i gotta learn sooner or later.

So, long story short, we ended up spending about an hour going about in the wrong directions. That's no typo, directionS. Big fuggly S. Lol. I swear to god, as soon as they invent a way to implant a GPS into human brains, I am so~ signing up.

When are you scientists gonna start inventing brain implants huh? Enough with the boob jobs. If we ever run out of silicone in this world, i'm gonna beat them large-breasted blondes with a stick. Ah...its wut every man wud dream of... XD. Sick.

All n all, it was an ok drive. Though, I almost snapped my neck 2 or 3 times while trying to sleep in the passanger seat. My sleeping skills need a bit of work.

Not that kind of sleeping, you pervs. Go bludgeon yourselves.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kouda Entry_93: Noises

I'm bloggin in one of UiTM's 24-hour study room at the moment. Which, might i add, isn't really available for 24 hours, btw. Wuts the point of having a 24hr room if ur just gonna chase every student away for staying there after 10pm?

Seriously, a few months ago a bunch of uitm students got boned by sum PakGads for staying late in the effin study room. And then later, we were banned from sittin there beyond 10pm (give or take a few minutes).

That sucks, and the plethora of PakGads in this facility is a nuisence. End of that discussion.

Now, the main agenda:

Question: which do you prefer to study in;

a) a room with proper carpeting that muffles excess, unwanted noise or

b) a room where every single sound you make echoes like into an annoying buzz

Well, ladies n gents, if you picked (a), then i suggest u stay away from the aforesaid study room. Every single solid matter in that effin room practically amplifies all form of sound waves that makes contact with it.

That's right, floors, tables, walls, glass windows, u name em. They all make noises echo. Its a pain in the rear. And you have to stay ABSOLUTELY STILL in order to avoid making any unwanted noise. Yea well, that and just sit down and study quietly. Lol.

But not everyone can sit down and shut up for more than 15 minutes now, can they? Noooooo~.

Kidz wud be discussing their studies with classmates, sum wud be on the effin phone and speak as if they own the fuckin room, and others wud just be completely oblivious to the fact that their cellphones can be set to SILENT MODE.

Idiots. Period. Well, not the ones doin the discussing la. Lol. I'm not THAT mean.

So yea, the study room echoes. It sucks. Sum people shud be thankful that they were born deaf.
But i like my sense of hearing very much, thank you.

Good news is, at least theres air-conditioning in this room. Its a relief knowing that you can study without the risk of dehydrating to death while u least expect it.

still hate the noises these kidz are making... >_>

Translation: Hey Shaddap!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kouda Entry_92: Layout Overhaul

I decided to upgrade the template / layout n see how i can work with it.

I'm obsessed with the tabs below the header. Its effin hawt. And the only way to add them was to upgrade the layout. So, meh, u gotta do wut u gotta do.

The words in the header seem a bit erratic... Need to change that later.

More template edits to come~!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kouda Entry_91: Hark! Tis Random!

My Food Microbiology paper was a bitch. I hate it so effin much, seriously.

I studied (and understood ever so well) about 85% of the shit in the notes that I have. Now THAT is sumthin that i shud be praised for, I swear.

But woe is me, wut came out in the paper was the 15% that i missed (or failed miserably to get thru my godforsaken thick skull).

I believe that the universe did a very fine job at screwin me over once again. Touche'~! If there was an award for the biggest loser in the world, i'm confident enuff to say that I'd win it, hands down. No competition.

Shut up. I'm being emo. >_>.

All in all, at least i managed to kench most of the answers.
Bajet bagus la skarang.

Medical Microbiology paper tomorrow. I wonder how i'm gonna get screwed this time. XD.

Weh! Study!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_90: New Template

Its the 90th post, and Kyo needs an excuse to photoshop frenzy.

I was too lazy to figure out how to change the font color~. So, I decided to make another template instead.

Its bluuuuue~. A little bright for my ever so (annoyingly) sensitive eyes. But wutevah.

O lookie! The header is fukin animated! O mai nerd lameness! XD. Kyo spends too much time photoshopping and too little time studying.

Still havent worked on the headers for the sidebar yet. I got Food Microbiology paper 2moro. Need to hit the books~!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kouda Entry_89: Libraretards

We were all bein a bunch of brain-dead asses in the library. When we shud've been studyin for our entrepreneurship paper, this is wut we did;


No better way to get smart then to eat ur classmate's brains. I heard they taste like chocolate covered strawberries. Om-nom-nom-nom-nom~. Lol.

Makin a mess

So, they were all plastered all over the carpet. I just decided to capture the moment and whore about it on the net. One minor problem; My face is missing! Wtf!? Lol. Ah, azi with her muka bosan. Kesian~.


Yea, Shakir makan dalam library. Nasi lagi tu, melampau. Haha. We shud all follow in his example and open a buffet in between the shelves. Now THAT is wut i call a REVOLUTION~! Keke.

Is it supposed to bend that way?

I got bored, so i decided to mutilate my kneecap and see wut happens. Lol. Didn't bend as much as i thought i wud tho. I recall being able to do much more when i was a kid. Back when i still had flexible ligaments and a mind clear of porn. XD.

Kyo yang tersepit

Let this be a warning; Small children (and skinny teens) can die of being stuck in doorways. The worst part is that all the lint from the carpet got all over my shirt. Ewww...seriously, NOT kool.

If I was ever to die (i sound like i think i'm immortal...bodo), I'd rather not die in the dirty, uncleaned, hideously decorated floor of the UiTM library. If that statement doesnt make me sound gay, i dunno wut does. O_o... Forget i said that...

Finally, a video of the pointless shit we were doing behind the stacks of books. Warning, video contains zero nudity.


And we got like 0.5% studying done. Haha. The library closed at frikkin 5pm. The hell are we supposed to study before 5pm? Everyone knows that all the hot-kinky-nerd-action occurs after sundown! XD.