Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kouda Entry_91: Hark! Tis Random!

My Food Microbiology paper was a bitch. I hate it so effin much, seriously.

I studied (and understood ever so well) about 85% of the shit in the notes that I have. Now THAT is sumthin that i shud be praised for, I swear.

But woe is me, wut came out in the paper was the 15% that i missed (or failed miserably to get thru my godforsaken thick skull).

I believe that the universe did a very fine job at screwin me over once again. Touche'~! If there was an award for the biggest loser in the world, i'm confident enuff to say that I'd win it, hands down. No competition.

Shut up. I'm being emo. >_>.

All in all, at least i managed to kench most of the answers.
Bajet bagus la skarang.

Medical Microbiology paper tomorrow. I wonder how i'm gonna get screwed this time. XD.

Weh! Study!