Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kouda Entry_93: Noises

I'm bloggin in one of UiTM's 24-hour study room at the moment. Which, might i add, isn't really available for 24 hours, btw. Wuts the point of having a 24hr room if ur just gonna chase every student away for staying there after 10pm?

Seriously, a few months ago a bunch of uitm students got boned by sum PakGads for staying late in the effin study room. And then later, we were banned from sittin there beyond 10pm (give or take a few minutes).

That sucks, and the plethora of PakGads in this facility is a nuisence. End of that discussion.

Now, the main agenda:

Question: which do you prefer to study in;

a) a room with proper carpeting that muffles excess, unwanted noise or

b) a room where every single sound you make echoes like into an annoying buzz

Well, ladies n gents, if you picked (a), then i suggest u stay away from the aforesaid study room. Every single solid matter in that effin room practically amplifies all form of sound waves that makes contact with it.

That's right, floors, tables, walls, glass windows, u name em. They all make noises echo. Its a pain in the rear. And you have to stay ABSOLUTELY STILL in order to avoid making any unwanted noise. Yea well, that and just sit down and study quietly. Lol.

But not everyone can sit down and shut up for more than 15 minutes now, can they? Noooooo~.

Kidz wud be discussing their studies with classmates, sum wud be on the effin phone and speak as if they own the fuckin room, and others wud just be completely oblivious to the fact that their cellphones can be set to SILENT MODE.

Idiots. Period. Well, not the ones doin the discussing la. Lol. I'm not THAT mean.

So yea, the study room echoes. It sucks. Sum people shud be thankful that they were born deaf.
But i like my sense of hearing very much, thank you.

Good news is, at least theres air-conditioning in this room. Its a relief knowing that you can study without the risk of dehydrating to death while u least expect it.

still hate the noises these kidz are making... >_>

Translation: Hey Shaddap!