Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kouda Entry_97: Life at Home

Fook, I haven't updated a thing lately. Azi pun dah marah2 nih. Ohohoho.

That's probably cuz all I've been doing this past week is sit in front of laptop and work on my nerd stuff.

Either that, or I'd be smashing the PS3 controller. Ah~, the joy of yelling at them virtual monsters is unlike any other. It's good anger management too. Wakakaka~!!

That's the problem when I stay in Kelantan, people. NUTHIN happens. Ahahaha~. Well, nuthin that involves physical labor lah. Graphics-wise, lain citer.

Apparently, I'm devoting myself to my game-making habits. A lot of people are probably getting annoyed at how little development there's been in the past year or two. And by little, I mean none at all. XD.

Got a few updates made on the project. And I even managed to help a few friends with their requests. Did a logo design for this futsal thingy, and I had to translate an article from Malay to English (a request by an english teacher pulak tu. Har har.).

O crap, I missed this week's Taekwondo training. Why? Because it's been raining on and off for that past week < /alasan>. Kekeke.

But at least I get to put that exercise machine that dad bought a few years ago. You know, one of those static bicycles that all the fitness freaks use. I'm not saying i'm a fitness freak tho.

At least it gets the blood running. And god forbid I gain more weight. The last time I got up to 56kg, I panicked like hell. Mau nangis pun ada. Haha. No lah, I'm not that much of a pansy.

What!? I'm trying to stay below 55kg, aite? Shut it. Don't make me chuck my weighing scale at you.

There, I updated my blog. Happy? Now wheres my present? Lol.