Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kouda Entry_57: Taekwondo

Wow, its been a real long while since I went to a taekwondo (tkd) class. I am so effin out of shape. Lol. Good thing that my tkd instructor, Sir Yap is still holdin classes. So, I get to join him for a round of tkd every now and then.

The Army of Toddlers

Oh, Sir Yap Tze Ching used to be my instructor when I was in high school. He's a nice, friendly guy. Not too strict, which is why i stuck to his classes. Haha, I'm a pansy, i know. At any rate, he teaches tkd to middle schools and sum highschools (i.e. the one i was in). So, he mainly instructs kids. Bunch of lively little creatures too.

Seeing them little toddlers run about makes me wonder where they get all that energy from. I swear, I run out of breath far too quickly nowadays. Haih... But at least I can gauge my limits now and stop myself from pullin an over-exertion too often. And trust me, the aftermath of over-exerting urself is NOT a fun experience. The nausea, the headache, the weakening sensation, its a real pain in the ass, i have to say.Note to self; when head starts to throb like hell, be sure to take it down a notch. Lol.

So yea, while I was givin my brain a chance to replenish its oxygen debt, I decided to grab my cam-phone and take sum pics. You know me, the cam-whore XD.

Me in my tkd gear

Yup, lookin weird there. Took this after a the training was over. I was sweating like hell and tired beyond all reason. So, excuse the messed up uniform and ugly mug. Lol. Never actually took a pic of me in my full uniform before. Not the most impressive sight. Meh...

Me Belt (1st Dan)

Ah, had this little beauty for about 6 years now (O_o wtf!? Baru prasan. Lol). Still think that I don't really deserve it though, considerin how I lack in a few major skills. Guess I should really start to live up to my title as a black belt soon. I gots kidz that look up to me, apparently. Wow, pressure. ~_~.

Reverse-swing kick...if i recall. Lol.

One of the kidz during the training. Enthusiastic little thing, idn't he? Hahaha. Its funny how easily kidz these days can work their way up to Poom Belt (red & black). The first time I joined tkd, i got my red belt when i was...10 years old maybe? Didnt get to Poom, cuz I failed at the kickin test. Haha...embarrassed. But that was when I was in the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). When I switched to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), I decided to start over with white belt and work my way up to black. Achieved that in around 2 years. Woot~! I got my black belt the moment i turned 15 (the eligible age). And til today, Kyo is a 1st Dan with rusty skills. Haha.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kouda Entry_56: Template Edit 3

Aite, added the "Graphics Blogs" section. Its located under the Kouda Networks.

I'll be placing all the graphics related blogs in that particular section. For now, all the links are blogspot-related. I'm kinda still figuring out whether or not to mix non-blogspot links in that section. Wudn't wanna bunch the stuff up and make things crowded now.

You should check em out. They might not interest most people. But i'm sure those who are into graphics and shit would find these blogs to be a tad enlightening. Lol. Well, at least it gives your brain sumthin to mull over while ur bored. Oh, and keep in mind that I have nothing to do with those blogs. I just found them while lurking through the vast cyber space. Yes, i lurk.

Ah~, i like the mid-sem break. Gives me all this free time to whore around in my blogspot. Haha~.

Kouda Entry_55: The Aquarius

Found this on the net last nite. And I gotta say, it's surprisingly accurate. Lol. Uh, this is kinda long.

Aquarius Astrology January 20 - February 18

Aquarius Strength Keywords:

- Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original (unlike certain ppl, kan azi. Lol)

Aquarius Weakness Keywords:

- Stubborn
- Unemotional (we all agree. Hahaha)
- Sarcastic
- Rebellious
- Aloof

Aquarius and Independence:

Aquarius personality is very independent (i.e. does not like to be tied down); any attempt to hold them down or restrict them will cause them, to flee. They need to be free to be on their own. Independence is not just desired by Aquarius, it is essential to their well being.

(keep in mind that Kyo is uber-dependent. Lol.)

Aquarius and Friendship:

Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another. They love to make people laugh and cheer people up and it makes them feel good to make others feel good. They do not expect anything in return for this could put a damper on their freedom, they live with no strings attached. They are very unconventional and always full of excitement, an Aquarius friend always makes life fun.

Aquarius Deep Inside:

Aquarius are in search of wisdom, they are very observant and they can gather their information objectively because emotions do not get in the way, they seem to be above emotions altogether and when they speak, they speak the truth. Sometimes it may be shocking or painful because of their disregard for the feelings of others, but they intend no harm, they call it like they see it and do not emotions cloud their judgment, they are very detached from emotion. It is not that Aquarius are unemotional, they just to not trust their emotions so they incorporate them into their ideas of who they are. As a result, if someone does not agree with their ideas, Aquarius sometimes takes it personally, not as much as other zodiac signs however as Aquarius is intellect driven and not emotionally driven.

Sometimes they wonder if there is something in life that they are missing because they do not feel like other people feel. This does not necessarily prevent them from being involved in intimate relationships, they are capable of this but the person on the other end will always notice an air of detachment from Aquarius. Aquarius wonders 'why?' so much that they can question their existence. They wonder if what they are doing is useful, they want other people to notice them and appreciate them, this is caused by underlying insecurities that wonder if other people accept them for who they are but these are never brought to the surface because to an Aquarius, it does not matter that much because they know that they are special.

What it's Like to Date an Aquarius Man:

This man is all about intellectual stimulation. You can be the prettiest girl in the world but if you do not stir his mind, he won't bother. Communication is so important to this man. Deep inside he longs for love but this causes him inner trouble because of his inability to understand emotion so an Aquarius man in love often stumbles on his own words, be patient with him and don't hold it against him because deep inside, he is having fun. Beware that an Aquarius man can fall out of love as easily as falling in love. The woman has to be able to adapt to him, he will not change for anybody and demands respect and understanding for the way he is, no matter how eccentric his ideals are. He needs stimulation and a partner to share life's adventures with. Do not press him emotionally or tie him down with demands and obligations because this will cause him to run. Never be jealous, this is a big red flag to him and he will leave right away, the Aquarius man can never be tied down. If you give him all he needs, he will be completely faithful so you should not worry when he is out on his own, give him space and respect his privacy and all will be well.

How to Attract an Aquarius: (why am i even posting this one...? Lol)

Communication is key. You must be able to stimulate their minds, engage in a friendly, witty verbal battle but do not expect to come to any conclusions, this is not the point. They crave the brain exercise. If you are unable to keep up with the intellect and the unconventional ways that Aquarius is known for, you might want to look elsewhere. Aquarius needs communication compatibility more then anything else. Be flexible like them. They do not like naggers or complainers so keep the talk positive and all should be well.

-------- END -------

This explains so much. Haha. Well, now u have a glimpse of wut kind of guy I can be *shock*.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kouda Entry_54: Template Edit 2

Aite, was messin around with the template again. Managed to edit a bit of the script, and changed the presentation of the sidebar. Looks ok, but kinda colorful tho.

The links were edited to show images instead of text. Click on the images to be directed to the respective sites.

Overall, i think it looks ok. But its kinda messy tho. Hmm...gotta figure out how to make things a bit less "scattered".

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kouda Entry_53: Template Edit

Its not much, but I've managed to screw around with the template images a bit. U probably might not see the difference. Its kinda like an experiment, to get an idea of what I want the new template to be. Mebbe I should look around for new template scripts. Not sure how much that'll help. I'm a graphics kinda guy. Meaning that I'm dead stoopid at scripting. Lol.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kouda Entry_52: A Lesson in Safety

An add from Proton. Enjoyable, if I do say so myself.

At least now we know that even spirits can go crashing through the windshield. Lol.

Kouda Entry_51: Nero

As gay as it sounds, Kyo has an obsession with cats. Lol. Well, not THAT much of an obsession. I find them adorable. Wuts so fukin gay about that!? Hahaha. At any rate, now that I got myself a cam-phone, I can finally abuse my little felines and use them for my picture frenzy. Kakaka~.

That's Nero. For sum reason, he likes to sit between my legs. O_o omgwtf? lol.

Yea well, I tried to teach him to sit on my lap, like I did with Toby. The idea was so that he wud jump on my lap whenever I tapped my hands. Worked wonders on Toby. But, I didnt have enuff time to teach Nero that trick (since i had to head back to uitm), so he only learned it halfway. Haha, bodo. He's kinda old to be taught that trick anymore. But yea, at least it looks cute when it tries. Idnt he? hmm? hmmmmm~? lol.

Nero bein all cute n shit

This cat is fukin gedik as hell. I swear to god. No idea wut makes it so effin perky. Well, since its not really Pikachu's offspring, I can understand the huge difference in personality with the other felines. Oh, Pikachu's another one of these little furrballs that I have in the backyard. Wut? I was a kid when I named the damn thing. Haha.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kouda Entry_51: Mount. Nuang

Aite, so the Microbiology Society had this hiking trip up Gunung Nuang the other day. And I was the proud "Head of Publicity" as they call it. Meaning, I was in charge of the logo, banner, and all that shit. Unfortunately, considering my wimpy as, excessively low tolerance to mother nature (on a big scale, that is), and lack in funds to buy the required supplies and items, I wasn't able to participate in this wondrous event. Oh, and they didnt have ANY electricity or facilities there...and pacat...omg pacat...

Pacat = leech (i think... Lol)

We all know how kyo hates leeches. Be it the limbless blob, or the bipedal variety. Bad memories...*shudders...*

So, at any rate, they gave me the photos of their trip. And I have to say, the merchandise looked hawt! Haha~!

"Dare you to hike" Banner

The banner turned out better than I expected. Shiny~. Lol. Altho, wish i made the text a bit more vivid. You can't really see it well from a distance. Hmm... Lesson learned. Next project please! Oh, keep in mind that the "mess" on the right is the Microbiology Logo. NOT my design. Although i intend to remedy that particular problem...kekeke...

"Dare you to hike" Bandana / "Key"

So, some of the committee members had the idea of making these "keys" instead of making tags for the participants to wear. I have to say, looks gewd! The one wearing the key is my good ol' classmate Hanif, who is also one of the Spiritual Committee (AJK Kerohanian). Adorable little thing, isn't he? Kakakaka. At any rate, I want one of those bandanas!!!! Gimmee!!!!

I'm kinda dissapointed that I didn't go to the hiking thing. But, considering the shit i might cause the people there, i guess it was for the best. Yea, yea, I can be very much of a pansy. Shaddap.

Kouda Entry_50: Webcam!

That's right, to the horror of most people in the world, I have bought myself a webcam. Lol. Although, I kinda got it a while back, I was too lazy to blog about it. Wut better reason kud there be? Har har.

I present to you, the new addition to Kyoru's family of gadgets and trinkets:

And at the same time, I am showin off my custom desktop wallpaper. Kekeke. Kyo is all about the multitaskin y'all! Haha.

Why did i go out on a limb to get myself this cute little toy? Well, simply put, it was a promise. One that I was so insistent in keeping to. And to tell you the truth, I'm glad I did. ^_^.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kouda Entry_49: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Another video of the lab. But no crazy stuff this time. Just recording the lecturer preparing the Agarose Gel. Although, its the conversation that's interesting... ... ...somewhat.

Yea well, posting this vid as a backup. Just in case Murphy's Law decides to pull a fast one on me. Haha.

Mr. Briggs might find the first few seconds of the conversation to be quite entertaining. Haha. ^_^
But, overall, this one is pretty boring.

I recommend wearing a headset while watchin. The audio isnt all that loud.

Yea yea, I'm short and I rant a lot in the labs. Can we please move on now? Haha.

Kouda Entry_48: Mutha Neitcha

Takin a break from all the rantings. And yea, molesting my cam-phone to death. Hahaha.

Into the Light II

Took this one in FSG, again. I dunno, blindingly bright lights just get my attention for sum reason. I was kind enuff to include a palm tree in this one. Lol. The bright line in the middle is the lens flare. Not an edit. Kool, is it not?

Apollo's Descent

Greek God of the Sun takin his chariot down? As if. A sunset is always a view, until your retinas start to sear with pain and then u realize
ur blind. I think this one lasted for like, 5 - 15 minutes. Kinda brief, i know. Good thing I was quick to react. Haha. Bangga la skarang. Cis.


Took this one while sittin in the car, waiting for Zana and Rai. No added effects. The lens flare is genuinely from the sun itself. Never had such a clear flare on the cam-phone before. Learn new things everyday ^_^

The Sky Below

This was taken about the same time when i took the first "into the light" pic. But I guess I kinda forgot about it for a while. Its the sky, reflected on the surface of a fountain at the faculty. Its strange that these pointless stuff actually interest me. Hah.

The Sea of Green

How come I never really noticed these things? I mean, i swear, i pass by them nearly everyday, but i never actually took the time to look at em. The pic itself isn't all that deep. But the more i stare into it, the more the flow of the leaves felt alive. Haha, corny gilababs. But hey, an autistic brat like me is entitled to such moments. Uhuh, yes we are.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kouda Entry_47: Antisocial

(Note: What I am about to babble on has nothing to do with the people in my YM list ^_^)

We all know that I'm not the friendliest of people. Well, i can be friendly, I just choose to be friendly to a few people. And at different levels of friendliness at that.

Like any healthy 21-year olds, I like to hang out with my frens. Albeit to a certain extent. And usually, I only hang out with them when its not too much of a hassle to me. And "hassle" can be any number of things to me. For example, my classmates, who i get along with very well; Azi, Shakir, Rai and Zana. Now, these people have somewhat broken the barrier of my antisocial-ness, respectively. Even if I hanged out with them on a daily basis, it wudn't bug me so much (ceteris paribus. Lol.)

Now, there is a number of people who I know, keep confusing my "politeness" as "being a good friend". There's a thin line between those 2 things, people. A line that only a select few may see. I am not one of the few. Which is why i do not "befriend" people all to easily. Which is why I may come off as "shy", "arrogant", "ignorant" and as the malays call it "poyo" (sounds pretty retarded for an insult, eh?).

I don't know how to make friends. It simply happens. And that, in my opinion, is the best kind of friendship. The kind that simply occurs without u noticing.

However, the aforementioned people who confuse "politeness" with "friend" shit is the worst at this. These are the kind that seek too much attention. I say this because they sometimes seek attention from ME. Which I find to be pathetic and sad. I have barely enough attention span for myself, let alone to spare for u inconsiderate knuckleheads.

I'm not trying to be mean. Nor am I being a jackass. I am simply tired of the people that keep bugging me, especially when I want nothing but to be left alone. I especially despise the sentence "I want to see you". Honestly. I have to say that I utterly loath that sentence. It is groundless, it is vague and implies that you simply want to get me out of my way just to please you. I fuckin hate it. If one of the 4 friends i mentioned above were to say it, I will consider it with great concern. But for a random acquaintance to utter that sentence to me, it fills me with great annoyance and frustration.

I can be antisocial. But only because I refuse to let people use me as they please. Only because I tend to compromise my needs to fulfill others'. Only because I am too easily manipulated, too gullible for my own good.

I hate people. Etch every last syllable of that sentence into your skull. I despise these repulsive beings. It sickens me to know that I have to bow down to their needs as they please. It frustrates me that they use their words, saying how hurt they are, only to weaken me, and bend me to their will.

I fucking detest those repugnant reprobates who refuse to latch off from me. Those bipedal parasites that insists on sucking me dry. Insist on making me feel guilty.

Leave me the fuck alone. I have far too many crap to worry about to deal with you degenarates.

Kouda Entry_46: Class-Rant

Call it weird, but for once in my life, i am actually fuckin frustrated that my class got CANCELLED. Well, after walking up the hill, in the friggin noon's scorchin Sun, and while luggin my unforgivingly heavy laptop, who wudn't be at least the slightest bit pissed? Not only that, the next class is an effin 6 hours away away! So, i'm stuck in the faculty, figurin what it is i should do to kill the unexpected free time that I have in my hands.

Thus, I blog.

I swear, if i had even caught wind that class wud be cancelled, i'd have stayed in my room and pretend I'm dead. That wud at least merit sum form of benefit...

So, I sit alone in the lecture hall. Ah~ the soothing embrace of air-conditioning.

Okay, so the next class is Agricultural Microbiology. I have nuthin against the subject itself. I mean, c'mon, its about germs. Who dusn't love germs? But, the lecturer is, dare i say, inept when it comes to, well, lecturing. Is it really THAT hard to fuckin enunciate the words that are comin out of your wind pipe? I can tolerate the slang. Dude, everyone has the right to abusing ridiculous slangs. I'm no exception (lol). But please, pleeeaaaassssseeee ensure that the language u speak is at least on the same level as the evolved primates that are walkin on this big ball of dirt we call Planet Earth. I'm sorry, but i don't speak "Dufus". Never got around to learnin it. I can speak "Retard" pretty good, but Dufus baffles me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kouda Entry_45: R.I.P. my speks

Here lies my glasses... my astigmatism will never be the same without u...

We will forever remember the bravery of these spectacles, who sacrificed itself just to tell me that i shudn't be going to my CHM256, Anal Chem (short for analytical, you perverts). It fell of my shirt pocket, while i was running like an ass to the class. Only to find out that the class hasnt even started yet (damn it).

We will not forget the times when these viewing aids have helped me during my headaches...

When my occipital lobe decided to fukk up and squeeze the livin daylights out of my eyeballs...

When the glaring light of the monitor finds it funny to pierce the orbs in my eye sockets...

When the headlights from the cars blinded me so profusely while i was driving...

These balls of optical nerves in my eye sockets will miss you the most. A moment of silence for the deceased... T_T

Kouda Entry_44: Drunk Driving?

-- - - -- -- -- - - - -- - ---- ---
Kyo has done it again. I swear to god, u sud never give this autistic retard a camera-phone to begin with. Yea, i was just drivin back to the flat one day, and I decided to abuse the little tool i have in my pants. I'm talkin about my phone. U people are sick. Lol.

-- - - --- - --

wtf green light!?

-- -- - - - Was that a lampost? I cant recall ...seriously
--- - - ---- - - - - - -----

Nuthin more exciting than a bunch of blurred lights going across the screen eh?
-- - - - - --- - - - --
- - - - - - -- -

--- - ---- - - - - - ---- - - - - ----
- ---- - ---
- --
- - - --- - - -- - - - -

Almost rammed my car into the sidewalk while taking this one.
Har har~.
- - - ---

- - - ---

--- - --

Or was it while i took this one? O_o
Been a while since i saw so many colorful lights streaking across the

No idea which is which anymore. Lol. But yea, the concept was this; OMG LIGHTS WTF PIKCHA!...retard... >_>

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_43: PAS Outing

Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS), not the politic shit. I hate politics. Har har. We had to park so far away, we actually saw places we'd never seen before. Haha. And we've been in shah alam like, wut, 2 years? lol.

Yea, at first I simply invited Shakir for lunch. Since I was starvin to death. But I didn't expect him to bring Zana and Rai along for the ride. Oh well, wut harm kud 2 extra individuals do, rite? But after the meal, Shakir wanted to go to PAS, and I agreed, cuz wanted to scout for sum items myself. Little did I know, that we'd be stuck there the whole day...Haih...Lol.

Unda da bridge

Dats Shakir, Zana n Rai (left to right, respectively). Walkin to PAS. omg an illegally parked Mercedes in the background! Lol. Cute bunch, arent they? Lol. Missing one person tho. I wonder who it might be...hmmm~?

At Plaza Perangsang. Kinx. Lol

Yea, I was bein all cute n shit. Hahaha~. Poser gilababs. First pics at perangsang. Hmm... The lighting sucks. Lol. Honestly, i look like a fukin tourist. Malu sey. ~_~

Phone Hunting

I was bein an innocent bystander while the crew was checkin out mobile phones. Lol. Hey, I'm stickin to my N76 y'all. Not thinkin of switchin to another phone for at least another 2 years. Committed bangat. Haha. Its fuckin expensive. Wut other reason do u need? XD

It was a bit draggin. And i was kinda rushin to get to the faculty so that i kud rape the internet connection. And y'know, was pining to get on Yahoo Messenger ^_^.

Oh oh oh, got a brand new webcam y'all!!! Kinda in a hurry rite now, so i can't really yap about it. I'll do it later. Hehe, kyo is upgrading his techno shit! i'm broke...T_T. Haha. Budget mode is so on.

Kouda Entry_42: The Human Psyche

I Fukin Hate People!

Aite, I’m not one to dwell inside past incidents and make a fuss over nuthin. I mean, I’m a forgiving guy. I don’t go about bringin up useless shit that don’t matter. But, there is this one thing that I feel that I shud contemplate about. That is, how people judge who u are, based on perception alone.

First of all, I hate drama. Really, I do. Although I like the occasional kalut-malut, which makes our lives more interesting, I absolutely despise excessive commotions over nuthin.

“Dia macam ingat dia dia bagus sangat”. This piece of info was handed to me by an acquaintance, who got this info from a girl, who heard it from my classmates. I can’t believe that a random female, who has absolutely no connection with me, has an opinion like that on me. I admit, I was slightly confused. What on earth had I done to make people even remotely think that about me?

I don’t judge people.

I don’t pry into other people’s business.

I don’t talk to random people.

I don’t show off (more than necessary. lol)

I mind my own business 99.5% of the time

I don’t go around making a fuss in classes

The people who have these opinions of me, are of course, females. Classmates. It amazes me at how they are so shallow to judge me by appearance alone. It baffles me. Where the heck did I go wrong? I was nice to everyone, equally. But there are still people who think negatively of me, saying that I’m obnoxious and shit. Fact; I admit I can be obnoxious and I can sound arrogant at times. But this is only true to a small people that I ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE WITH. i.e. my small circle of frens (compromising of not more than 4 – 5 people). And these frens of mine understand that even though I act like a jerk, I am not necessarily one by heart. And they know that I have a very limited capacity for ethics, but in an innocent kind of way (I hope). And fact of the matter is, those people who have opinions of me don’t even speak to me. Who’s the obnoxious retarded freak now, I wonder? People, if you’re gonna open up a forum about how much of a pain in the ass I am, at least do ur research first. I’m all set for an interview. Bring it, you obtuse impotents

Quoting azi; “they don’t know u, so they don’t understand how u work” (sumthin like that). Well, it does me good that she told me that. Truthfully, I’m no emo freak who complains that “people don’t understand me. Boo hoo~”. I kud care less wut them bitches think about me. It just fills me with pity that even after eons of evolution, some of us are still judging other people purely by face value.

Its annoying

Its pathetic

It’s the lowest denomination of human thought

And if I was given the chance, I’d gladly let them have a taste of my “attitude” that they so often bitch about, with a side serving of an acid tongue, and iron-clad fists for dessert. Lol.

A~nd I’m done. Moving on.

Kouda Entry_41: The Gateway to Heaven

Took this picture a while back. Been meaning to post it here, but never got to it. I looked up at the sky one day, and decided to let my camera-phone catch a glimpse of the Sun. Yea, I do that a lot. Har har.

Go Into The Light...

It was sunny, so I didn’t expect there to be those clouds to be there. Turned out pretty good. First time I saw it, looks like ur being drawn into space. Deep.

Yes, yes, kyo can occasionally have his moments where he does more than just mindlessly complains of how the world is messed up.

Kouda Entry_40: I Know What u Did Last Semester

A girl was stayin at the lab, late at night. Everyone has left, and she’s all alone. Suddenly, her cellphone rings…

No subtitles yet...

Haha~! Kyo does it again with his insane murderous habits. Too bad u can’t see much of Azi’s face, especially when I stabbed her with the micropipette. Her “blud curdling scream” was hilarious tho. Haha.

Azi insisted we subtitled the vid before posting, but I don’t know how to add subs. Lol. Really wished we’d done vid in English. Cuz, y’know, Malay can sound so lame…haha. I gots nuthin against the malay language, but I find English to be more expressive.

Kouda Entry 39: To Slay an Akantor

I got bored.

And we all know how I’m obsessed with Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

So, I grabbed my psp and went Akantor hunting.

picture by blur co.

Not the best of images, i admit. Omg u can see my name on the cd case at the back. Haha. Unexpected cameo.

Kouda Entry_38: Chrysanthemum

Kay, this happened like a few days ago (weeks mebbe, I dunno, my sense of time is messed up). Anyways, I picked Shakir up at college so that we kud head to the labs together. He offered to buy me lunch, so I obliged (Free lunch! Who the hell would pass that up?).

To my surprise, Teratai CafĂ© was amazingly clean and organized, unlike the other cafes in the university. And apparently, they gots a much more interesting choice of drinks. Among them is chrysanthemum tea y’all! Fancy shmancy. Haha. I just had to try it out.

Sir, there’s tea on my flowers…

Okay, I know that this kind of tea has petals in it. But I swear, it’s like the stuff is 90% flowers and 9% sugar and 1% water. I was choking on petals every single time I took a sip. Now I know how goats feel like when they graze (~_~). I believe they invented a strainer for a reason. Lol.

I’ll just stick to ice lemon tea, thank you.

Kouda Entry_37: The Art of Boredumb

So, as usual, classes were boring as hell. But this time, Kyo has taken the initiative and used all that boredumb and turned it into a doodle. Haha~.

mutant pac-man y’all

This little guy happened during Agricultural Microbiology. Lol. Doodling’s pretty entertaining when ur stuck listenin to sum random plant-germ talk. But I feel sorry for not paying attention in class. Lol, imma nerd~.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kouda Entry_36: Utter Randomness

Aite, so today was pretty much a random day. But hey, i got no life, and as I sit in the lab, waiting for my agar slants to solidify, I thought I'd blog about the stuff that happend.

Yes, people, Kyo is still in the lab. Lol.

Me n shakir in ETR300 class.
Uh Entrepreneurship class, i mean. It was unimaginably boring. Wut ur seeing there, is me studyin Medical Microbiology, and Shakir was doin his Molecular Biology report. All this while the ETR lecturer was yappin away. Haha. Sorry sir, but we werent intrigued by wut u were lecturin bout.

Azi wearin my glasses. Okay, before we all get confused, Kyo dusn't wear glasses...much. I believe its called astigmatism. From all the excess tv and computer-ing. Lol. Anyway, those glasses broke in half on this very day T_T. It fell from my shirt pocket as was rushing to CHM256, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY! Wtf!? Of all the things i could lose an expensive piece of equipment to. Cis. I am NEVER rushing to chemistry classes again. EVER. EVERRRR!!!!

R.I.P. my speks.

Got this at Anggerik Deli at UiTM. I paid fukin gud munny, (rm1.50) for HALF A CUP of espresso. Bankai. Baik beli air teh o ais. Baru kenyang skit nak telan. Haha. It wasnt really all that tasty too. I've had better mineral drinks. Cis. Cis.

Kouda Entry_35: LOL

This is wut happens wen microbiologists (wannabes) get uber bored (and own camera phones). Be warned, this can be graphic.

Hah! Betcha didn't see that coming. Haha~! We were bored. Wutevah. Shakir gave quite the performance, i might add. Maybe we'll do more of these idiocies. We'll see.

Kouda Entry_34: Big n Tasty

Me n Azi went to McDonalds the other day. I was shocked at how long its been since I've last set foor inside a McD outlet. Awww, memories. haha. At any rate, they had this new burger which i did NOT know of (forgive me o "god of fast food and clogged arteries"). No idea how long this new thing have been out. But I'm gonna pretend that its all new and fresh n shit anyway. Kekeke.

And the name of the burger was so damn kinky, i kudn't resist but blog about it. Haha. I present to you; The Big and Tasty~!!!

caution, image may cause blindess. lol

Well, the only thing big about that piece of work there is the meat. Uhuh, big meat y'all. Don't u dare miss that innuendo right there. Or i swear I'll hunt you down like a retarded bunny in leg braces.

They shud put more veggies inside the damn sandwich tho. I mean, c'mon, one slice of tomato is hardly enuff to satisfy my palate. ~_~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blood Mason Entry_01: Nerd Update

Kay, been workin on that game project a bit more. Made a few rough sketches of the character designs.

*This will exceptionally boring to those who don't care*

Blood vial holder design

The case is for holding small blood vials, which contains animal blood. The Masons can use the blood to etch Runes and Insignias, and summon various forms of power. This is only the first sketch. A few kinks need to be fixed to make the vial case more practical, and less bulky. The first problem is adding a container for the anti-coagulants, to prevent the blood from clotting prematurely. Guess i need to hit the drawing board again.

Also, I've thought up a few more ideas for the Blood Mason types;

Blood Mason Type I : The Legion
- Gifted in the art of weaponry
- His blood masonry involves summoning 'weapons' or items that can be used as offensive tools.
- Is creative in using a variety of items to slay his bounty.

Blood Mason Type II : The Annexis
- Gifted in Soul manipulation.
- His blood masonry can connect with that of foreign energy. Allowing him to exert energies from other entities.
- Uses Souls to aid him in slaying his bounty.

Blood Mason Type III: The Chimera
- Gifted in shapeshifting.
- Uses blood as armor, enabling enhancements of physical prowess.
- Creativity, and a vast amount of blood enables physical transformation as well.

Blood Mason Type IV: The Sycophant
- A mutant of sorts.
- Physically deformed, and imbued with raw power.
- Its sin primal is flawed, causing insanity (wtf?)
- The power it possesses is based on how many Souls it has devoured.

Blood Mason Type V: The Sable
- Gifted in sheer manipulation of blood.
- Can change blood to mist.
- Can manipulate other blood as well. But only if he mixes it with his own.
- Must be of similar blood type, or else it wont last long.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kouda Entry_33: Game Project Update

Aite, I ranted about this in my deviantart account. But I guess I should probably shit about it here too.

Exorsus will not die...completely. I am planning on taking the basic concepts of that project, and moulding it into a new project. Exorsus takes place in the world of Zalvert (Well, "earth" is taken, so i had to get creative). The basic ideas such as Soul Insignias, and Exertions will be used in the new project.

The new project will be, i hope, smaller, and not as dragging as I planned on with Exorsus. Perhaps a compilation of a few different characters, with different storylines, but share the same fate.

The "fate", in this case would lead to the idea of how the game would go. The characters you play are called "Blood Masons", those who are granted the "Sin-Primal". (Yea, the idea of Primals are also taken from Exorsus). Sin-Primals are the embodiment of hate, vengeance, and grudges from a vast number of dead souls.

Okay, how exactly does one become a Blood Mason? Well, you gotta have an ancestor who is so fukked up and evil, and have caused great pain and sufferring to a large population. The souls of those who sufferred, will gather up, and form an entity, which are called Sin-Primals. The entity will then possess a descendant of the sinner, and sentence him to an eternity in hell (upon death). "The sins of the father is visited upon the son", or sumthin like that.

So, a Blood Mason, is basically, a person possessed by a Sin-Primal, and needs to atone for his ancestor's sins in order to free him from his fate (hell, eternity, you get the picture). How? I havent thought of that yet. Lol. The idea of being a bounty hunter and collecting evil souls is so cliche. I'll think up a better one later.

The abilities of the Blood Mason are still under construction. Lol. So far, i've come up with a few ability types; The Annexis, The Sycophant, The Malchimaera, and The Sable. Still low on the details at the moment.

Ah~ the excitement of creating a game project. Lets just hope this one doesnt turn to dust like the last one....2 years of my life...*sulks*

Kouda Entry_32: The (dissapointing) Truth Revealed

Okay, first of, u know that thing i ranted about a poor innocent (i assume) kid who got ran over by a fukin bus and ended up as a headless corpse? Yea well, resources tell me that it was all a fukin lie. I was like..."whtvr". But still, i dont understand how such a detail can be so tragically skewed in a way that COMPLETELY changes how the event took place. Well, yea, it was a motorcycle buttin heads with a godforsaken bus. But still, I was seriously hoping for sum blood and gore etched onto the road, with my camera-phone at the ready. Lol. Haih...guess interesting shit dun really happen to often, eh.

Well, dont get me wrong. I'm glad that the two sacks of meat on that motorcycle survived the awsumly tragic predicament. Albeit with enough trauma to keep a whole mental institution busy. But I was expecting more. Haih..i'm mental, I know.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kouda Entry_31: Insert Knife in Back

Aite, lesse, opening line; If i should be given the chance to define what humans , i'd say, incompetent-lying-deceitful-backstabbing-leaching-bipedal-parasites.

A bit long for my taste, but it gets the job done. I swear, Lucifer must have a pretty fun time corrupting all them effin souls. How do I know? Simple, 90% of the world's population are pretty much bastards, to put it simply lah.

Although i have to applaud some of them for being able to so innocently slipping a burning knife up my spine while i wasn't lookin. I mean, c'mon, I got conned into joining a 'motivational talk' event. And I know all these motivational crap is supposed to be good for you. But hearing sum random guy jamming his principles and ideas into my godforsaken brain (which, might i add, is already crammed full of useless crap...namely chemistry). I'm sorry, I'm not much of a motivational buff. Seriously.

Next; backstabbing lessons are pretty much a co-curricular activity in schools and universities and shit. This one's a fukin no-brainer, obviously. Who better to stick a shiny new sharp kitchen tool
into than sum naive little bitch (moi). For the love of Lucifer's unborn child, if i had a penny for everytime I get a utensil jammed into my vertebrate, I'd own Donald Trump rite now.

Okay, Kyo emo. Meh. I dunno, just got a bit pissed cuz I have to go to another motivational shit. Whereas i just finished the fuckin obligatory "Module" which UiTM has so effingly pointlessly added into our list of crap to do. Good news, this sem's module only lasted for about 3 hours. Thank God (Sorry Satan, this one goes to the big guy).

That sed, I'm gonna go do other shit now.

Dah, balik tido, sibuk layan internet jer ko nih.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Kouda Entry 31: OMG its a logo!

Was assigned as the Publicity Committee for this hiking thing the Microbiology Society's planning on doing. After one sleepless night (Take home test + Lab report + Logo designin), I ended up with this piece of work.

It looks ok, i guess. Looks kinda clogged? I dunno. Having too much fun with the photoshop Pen Tool. Lol.

Apparently, the committee members said that i shud charge ppl for making logos for them. Now that's a thought. Lol. But u know, I dun think i have enuff confidence to go pro in this stuff. Although I'm hoping that i'll be good enuff to go pro, right now I'm just happy doing these artsy stuff ^_^.

Kouda Entry_30: Resolve Beneath the Chaos

A lot of shit have been happenin lately. So, I prowled the net for random shit. And this is wut i found;

I don't understand why things can be so complicated when they shouldn't be.

In this messed up life, we learn that "To err is human, but to forgive is a fuckin chore".

But, I realize that its not about "bein professional", or "letting your emotions get a hold of you". Its about two sides of the story not gettin thru.

This is a corny moment. True. Call it what u want.

I did a lot of thinking, trying to make sense of why things are going haywire. We've all had out fair share of protests when things go wrong. Its a blatant nature of ours to find someone to blame. Even I do that a number of times, obviously. But there are also a number of times where I try not to point fingers. Albeit, not many may admit this.

Its a bitch, really, having to be rational when you just wanna punch the lights out of sumone. But in the long run, you'll appreciate the effort you put into keeping things in balance, in keeping the utter chaos of human ineptitude from getting in the way of your daily lives.

I am regretful that I have enemies. People who find it amusing to judge me. People who find it interesting to create a contrasting persona about me.

But I am even more regretful that my friends fail to get along with each other. Regardless the cause, regardless of the reasons. I fail to understand why we, as friends, can't seem to be just that. I've made my share of mistakes. I've said things that shouldn't be mentioned. I won't justify myself. I have no reasons to make excuses for my actions. Whats done, is done, and i can't make the clock turn back for me.

Let that anger burn, if you must. But once all that angst is rendered to ash. Once all that fire is nothing but ash, and the vengeance is but vanishing smoke, I will be as I have always been; A friend. And I stand firm to this resolve.