Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kouda Entry_46: Class-Rant

Call it weird, but for once in my life, i am actually fuckin frustrated that my class got CANCELLED. Well, after walking up the hill, in the friggin noon's scorchin Sun, and while luggin my unforgivingly heavy laptop, who wudn't be at least the slightest bit pissed? Not only that, the next class is an effin 6 hours away away! So, i'm stuck in the faculty, figurin what it is i should do to kill the unexpected free time that I have in my hands.

Thus, I blog.

I swear, if i had even caught wind that class wud be cancelled, i'd have stayed in my room and pretend I'm dead. That wud at least merit sum form of benefit...

So, I sit alone in the lecture hall. Ah~ the soothing embrace of air-conditioning.

Okay, so the next class is Agricultural Microbiology. I have nuthin against the subject itself. I mean, c'mon, its about germs. Who dusn't love germs? But, the lecturer is, dare i say, inept when it comes to, well, lecturing. Is it really THAT hard to fuckin enunciate the words that are comin out of your wind pipe? I can tolerate the slang. Dude, everyone has the right to abusing ridiculous slangs. I'm no exception (lol). But please, pleeeaaaassssseeee ensure that the language u speak is at least on the same level as the evolved primates that are walkin on this big ball of dirt we call Planet Earth. I'm sorry, but i don't speak "Dufus". Never got around to learnin it. I can speak "Retard" pretty good, but Dufus baffles me.