Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kouda Entry_56: Template Edit 3

Aite, added the "Graphics Blogs" section. Its located under the Kouda Networks.

I'll be placing all the graphics related blogs in that particular section. For now, all the links are blogspot-related. I'm kinda still figuring out whether or not to mix non-blogspot links in that section. Wudn't wanna bunch the stuff up and make things crowded now.

You should check em out. They might not interest most people. But i'm sure those who are into graphics and shit would find these blogs to be a tad enlightening. Lol. Well, at least it gives your brain sumthin to mull over while ur bored. Oh, and keep in mind that I have nothing to do with those blogs. I just found them while lurking through the vast cyber space. Yes, i lurk.

Ah~, i like the mid-sem break. Gives me all this free time to whore around in my blogspot. Haha~.