Monday, August 4, 2008

Kouda Entry_32: The (dissapointing) Truth Revealed

Okay, first of, u know that thing i ranted about a poor innocent (i assume) kid who got ran over by a fukin bus and ended up as a headless corpse? Yea well, resources tell me that it was all a fukin lie. I was like..."whtvr". But still, i dont understand how such a detail can be so tragically skewed in a way that COMPLETELY changes how the event took place. Well, yea, it was a motorcycle buttin heads with a godforsaken bus. But still, I was seriously hoping for sum blood and gore etched onto the road, with my camera-phone at the ready. Lol. Haih...guess interesting shit dun really happen to often, eh.

Well, dont get me wrong. I'm glad that the two sacks of meat on that motorcycle survived the awsumly tragic predicament. Albeit with enough trauma to keep a whole mental institution busy. But I was expecting more. Haih..i'm mental, I know.