Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kouda Entry_51: Mount. Nuang

Aite, so the Microbiology Society had this hiking trip up Gunung Nuang the other day. And I was the proud "Head of Publicity" as they call it. Meaning, I was in charge of the logo, banner, and all that shit. Unfortunately, considering my wimpy as, excessively low tolerance to mother nature (on a big scale, that is), and lack in funds to buy the required supplies and items, I wasn't able to participate in this wondrous event. Oh, and they didnt have ANY electricity or facilities there...and pacat...omg pacat...

Pacat = leech (i think... Lol)

We all know how kyo hates leeches. Be it the limbless blob, or the bipedal variety. Bad memories...*shudders...*

So, at any rate, they gave me the photos of their trip. And I have to say, the merchandise looked hawt! Haha~!

"Dare you to hike" Banner

The banner turned out better than I expected. Shiny~. Lol. Altho, wish i made the text a bit more vivid. You can't really see it well from a distance. Hmm... Lesson learned. Next project please! Oh, keep in mind that the "mess" on the right is the Microbiology Logo. NOT my design. Although i intend to remedy that particular problem...kekeke...

"Dare you to hike" Bandana / "Key"

So, some of the committee members had the idea of making these "keys" instead of making tags for the participants to wear. I have to say, looks gewd! The one wearing the key is my good ol' classmate Hanif, who is also one of the Spiritual Committee (AJK Kerohanian). Adorable little thing, isn't he? Kakakaka. At any rate, I want one of those bandanas!!!! Gimmee!!!!

I'm kinda dissapointed that I didn't go to the hiking thing. But, considering the shit i might cause the people there, i guess it was for the best. Yea, yea, I can be very much of a pansy. Shaddap.