Monday, August 18, 2008

Kouda Entry_51: Nero

As gay as it sounds, Kyo has an obsession with cats. Lol. Well, not THAT much of an obsession. I find them adorable. Wuts so fukin gay about that!? Hahaha. At any rate, now that I got myself a cam-phone, I can finally abuse my little felines and use them for my picture frenzy. Kakaka~.

That's Nero. For sum reason, he likes to sit between my legs. O_o omgwtf? lol.

Yea well, I tried to teach him to sit on my lap, like I did with Toby. The idea was so that he wud jump on my lap whenever I tapped my hands. Worked wonders on Toby. But, I didnt have enuff time to teach Nero that trick (since i had to head back to uitm), so he only learned it halfway. Haha, bodo. He's kinda old to be taught that trick anymore. But yea, at least it looks cute when it tries. Idnt he? hmm? hmmmmm~? lol.

Nero bein all cute n shit

This cat is fukin gedik as hell. I swear to god. No idea wut makes it so effin perky. Well, since its not really Pikachu's offspring, I can understand the huge difference in personality with the other felines. Oh, Pikachu's another one of these little furrballs that I have in the backyard. Wut? I was a kid when I named the damn thing. Haha.