Monday, August 4, 2008

Kouda Entry_33: Game Project Update

Aite, I ranted about this in my deviantart account. But I guess I should probably shit about it here too.

Exorsus will not die...completely. I am planning on taking the basic concepts of that project, and moulding it into a new project. Exorsus takes place in the world of Zalvert (Well, "earth" is taken, so i had to get creative). The basic ideas such as Soul Insignias, and Exertions will be used in the new project.

The new project will be, i hope, smaller, and not as dragging as I planned on with Exorsus. Perhaps a compilation of a few different characters, with different storylines, but share the same fate.

The "fate", in this case would lead to the idea of how the game would go. The characters you play are called "Blood Masons", those who are granted the "Sin-Primal". (Yea, the idea of Primals are also taken from Exorsus). Sin-Primals are the embodiment of hate, vengeance, and grudges from a vast number of dead souls.

Okay, how exactly does one become a Blood Mason? Well, you gotta have an ancestor who is so fukked up and evil, and have caused great pain and sufferring to a large population. The souls of those who sufferred, will gather up, and form an entity, which are called Sin-Primals. The entity will then possess a descendant of the sinner, and sentence him to an eternity in hell (upon death). "The sins of the father is visited upon the son", or sumthin like that.

So, a Blood Mason, is basically, a person possessed by a Sin-Primal, and needs to atone for his ancestor's sins in order to free him from his fate (hell, eternity, you get the picture). How? I havent thought of that yet. Lol. The idea of being a bounty hunter and collecting evil souls is so cliche. I'll think up a better one later.

The abilities of the Blood Mason are still under construction. Lol. So far, i've come up with a few ability types; The Annexis, The Sycophant, The Malchimaera, and The Sable. Still low on the details at the moment.

Ah~ the excitement of creating a game project. Lets just hope this one doesnt turn to dust like the last one....2 years of my life...*sulks*