Friday, August 15, 2008

Kouda Entry_48: Mutha Neitcha

Takin a break from all the rantings. And yea, molesting my cam-phone to death. Hahaha.

Into the Light II

Took this one in FSG, again. I dunno, blindingly bright lights just get my attention for sum reason. I was kind enuff to include a palm tree in this one. Lol. The bright line in the middle is the lens flare. Not an edit. Kool, is it not?

Apollo's Descent

Greek God of the Sun takin his chariot down? As if. A sunset is always a view, until your retinas start to sear with pain and then u realize
ur blind. I think this one lasted for like, 5 - 15 minutes. Kinda brief, i know. Good thing I was quick to react. Haha. Bangga la skarang. Cis.


Took this one while sittin in the car, waiting for Zana and Rai. No added effects. The lens flare is genuinely from the sun itself. Never had such a clear flare on the cam-phone before. Learn new things everyday ^_^

The Sky Below

This was taken about the same time when i took the first "into the light" pic. But I guess I kinda forgot about it for a while. Its the sky, reflected on the surface of a fountain at the faculty. Its strange that these pointless stuff actually interest me. Hah.

The Sea of Green

How come I never really noticed these things? I mean, i swear, i pass by them nearly everyday, but i never actually took the time to look at em. The pic itself isn't all that deep. But the more i stare into it, the more the flow of the leaves felt alive. Haha, corny gilababs. But hey, an autistic brat like me is entitled to such moments. Uhuh, yes we are.