Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kouda Entry_42: The Human Psyche

I Fukin Hate People!

Aite, I’m not one to dwell inside past incidents and make a fuss over nuthin. I mean, I’m a forgiving guy. I don’t go about bringin up useless shit that don’t matter. But, there is this one thing that I feel that I shud contemplate about. That is, how people judge who u are, based on perception alone.

First of all, I hate drama. Really, I do. Although I like the occasional kalut-malut, which makes our lives more interesting, I absolutely despise excessive commotions over nuthin.

“Dia macam ingat dia dia bagus sangat”. This piece of info was handed to me by an acquaintance, who got this info from a girl, who heard it from my classmates. I can’t believe that a random female, who has absolutely no connection with me, has an opinion like that on me. I admit, I was slightly confused. What on earth had I done to make people even remotely think that about me?

I don’t judge people.

I don’t pry into other people’s business.

I don’t talk to random people.

I don’t show off (more than necessary. lol)

I mind my own business 99.5% of the time

I don’t go around making a fuss in classes

The people who have these opinions of me, are of course, females. Classmates. It amazes me at how they are so shallow to judge me by appearance alone. It baffles me. Where the heck did I go wrong? I was nice to everyone, equally. But there are still people who think negatively of me, saying that I’m obnoxious and shit. Fact; I admit I can be obnoxious and I can sound arrogant at times. But this is only true to a small people that I ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE WITH. i.e. my small circle of frens (compromising of not more than 4 – 5 people). And these frens of mine understand that even though I act like a jerk, I am not necessarily one by heart. And they know that I have a very limited capacity for ethics, but in an innocent kind of way (I hope). And fact of the matter is, those people who have opinions of me don’t even speak to me. Who’s the obnoxious retarded freak now, I wonder? People, if you’re gonna open up a forum about how much of a pain in the ass I am, at least do ur research first. I’m all set for an interview. Bring it, you obtuse impotents

Quoting azi; “they don’t know u, so they don’t understand how u work” (sumthin like that). Well, it does me good that she told me that. Truthfully, I’m no emo freak who complains that “people don’t understand me. Boo hoo~”. I kud care less wut them bitches think about me. It just fills me with pity that even after eons of evolution, some of us are still judging other people purely by face value.

Its annoying

Its pathetic

It’s the lowest denomination of human thought

And if I was given the chance, I’d gladly let them have a taste of my “attitude” that they so often bitch about, with a side serving of an acid tongue, and iron-clad fists for dessert. Lol.

A~nd I’m done. Moving on.