Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kouda Entry_57: Taekwondo

Wow, its been a real long while since I went to a taekwondo (tkd) class. I am so effin out of shape. Lol. Good thing that my tkd instructor, Sir Yap is still holdin classes. So, I get to join him for a round of tkd every now and then.

The Army of Toddlers

Oh, Sir Yap Tze Ching used to be my instructor when I was in high school. He's a nice, friendly guy. Not too strict, which is why i stuck to his classes. Haha, I'm a pansy, i know. At any rate, he teaches tkd to middle schools and sum highschools (i.e. the one i was in). So, he mainly instructs kids. Bunch of lively little creatures too.

Seeing them little toddlers run about makes me wonder where they get all that energy from. I swear, I run out of breath far too quickly nowadays. Haih... But at least I can gauge my limits now and stop myself from pullin an over-exertion too often. And trust me, the aftermath of over-exerting urself is NOT a fun experience. The nausea, the headache, the weakening sensation, its a real pain in the ass, i have to say.Note to self; when head starts to throb like hell, be sure to take it down a notch. Lol.

So yea, while I was givin my brain a chance to replenish its oxygen debt, I decided to grab my cam-phone and take sum pics. You know me, the cam-whore XD.

Me in my tkd gear

Yup, lookin weird there. Took this after a the training was over. I was sweating like hell and tired beyond all reason. So, excuse the messed up uniform and ugly mug. Lol. Never actually took a pic of me in my full uniform before. Not the most impressive sight. Meh...

Me Belt (1st Dan)

Ah, had this little beauty for about 6 years now (O_o wtf!? Baru prasan. Lol). Still think that I don't really deserve it though, considerin how I lack in a few major skills. Guess I should really start to live up to my title as a black belt soon. I gots kidz that look up to me, apparently. Wow, pressure. ~_~.

Reverse-swing kick...if i recall. Lol.

One of the kidz during the training. Enthusiastic little thing, idn't he? Hahaha. Its funny how easily kidz these days can work their way up to Poom Belt (red & black). The first time I joined tkd, i got my red belt when i was...10 years old maybe? Didnt get to Poom, cuz I failed at the kickin test. Haha...embarrassed. But that was when I was in the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). When I switched to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), I decided to start over with white belt and work my way up to black. Achieved that in around 2 years. Woot~! I got my black belt the moment i turned 15 (the eligible age). And til today, Kyo is a 1st Dan with rusty skills. Haha.