Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blood Mason Entry_01: Nerd Update

Kay, been workin on that game project a bit more. Made a few rough sketches of the character designs.

*This will exceptionally boring to those who don't care*

Blood vial holder design

The case is for holding small blood vials, which contains animal blood. The Masons can use the blood to etch Runes and Insignias, and summon various forms of power. This is only the first sketch. A few kinks need to be fixed to make the vial case more practical, and less bulky. The first problem is adding a container for the anti-coagulants, to prevent the blood from clotting prematurely. Guess i need to hit the drawing board again.

Also, I've thought up a few more ideas for the Blood Mason types;

Blood Mason Type I : The Legion
- Gifted in the art of weaponry
- His blood masonry involves summoning 'weapons' or items that can be used as offensive tools.
- Is creative in using a variety of items to slay his bounty.

Blood Mason Type II : The Annexis
- Gifted in Soul manipulation.
- His blood masonry can connect with that of foreign energy. Allowing him to exert energies from other entities.
- Uses Souls to aid him in slaying his bounty.

Blood Mason Type III: The Chimera
- Gifted in shapeshifting.
- Uses blood as armor, enabling enhancements of physical prowess.
- Creativity, and a vast amount of blood enables physical transformation as well.

Blood Mason Type IV: The Sycophant
- A mutant of sorts.
- Physically deformed, and imbued with raw power.
- Its sin primal is flawed, causing insanity (wtf?)
- The power it possesses is based on how many Souls it has devoured.

Blood Mason Type V: The Sable
- Gifted in sheer manipulation of blood.
- Can change blood to mist.
- Can manipulate other blood as well. But only if he mixes it with his own.
- Must be of similar blood type, or else it wont last long.