Friday, June 20, 2008

Kouda Entry 23: Restoration by Elimination II

Dear sweet mother of Lucifer's unborn child... It happened. The thing that could make even the most masculine men weep like a retarded infant...

I never thought it would happen so soon... So suddenly. But i guess its time has come, and i have to accept that theres nothing i could do.


Specifically, there seems to be a problem with the hardisk. I dunno, the damn thing can't be 'detected' or sumthin. I swear to god...waking up to that blue screen of death (Physical Memory Dump) was an effin nightmare. I was stunted for a good few minutes of my life. mp3s...

My graphics...

My pictures...

My photoshops...

My videos...

My por...i mean animes...

My manga...

My overly complicated powerpoint presentations...


NOOO!!! Why God!? Y must you be so cruel!? Y must you fuck my karma in such a heinous way!? What have i done to deserve this!? Is it a joy to you? Does it do you good to see 2 years of my life dissapate into thin air?

What's next? My psp's save data complete wiped out? O_O !!! LE HORRORZ!!!!

The 2 years of data that i built ad gathered...gone... vanished...disintegrated...

There must be salvation!! There must be a solution to this nightmare!!! I refuse to let all 24 months of my life burn into ashes!

To be continued...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kouda Entry_22: Finally, The Akantor!!!

Okay people, more gamer rant. Please, for those with weak tolerence for nerds, shield thy eyes and save the children.

Alright here goes.

Ladies and gents, i present to you, the beast that gives me nightmares; THE AKANTOR!!!

Wyvern; Akantor

Its big, i mean BIG! Whatever gave birth to this mustv had one heck of a labor pains. XD. mispelled? Lol. Oh, how big? See that spike on its jaw? The one jutting outwards? Yeah, you're about that big. Fun!

Finally got to take a look at this thing, the 'final boss', so to speak. Its the last species of Wyvern that you can hunt in the game (Monster Hunter Freedom 2). Although, there are speculations that it could be categorized as an Elder Wyvern. But, its lack of 'separate wings' proved otherwise. Meh, not that you people care. Lol.

At any rate! Fought this guy once alrdy. For ONE HOUR dammit! And I fuckin lost!!

Kouda Entry_21: Monster Hunter Frenzy

Here, my friends, one of the greatest games that have ever made its way to the modern world. And its on fuckin PSP!!! Everybody say WOOOT!!!!

As a young, childish little turd, I, much like the other million teens in the world, have a fetish for games. Yes, we all agree. Lol.

Now, currently fussing over this one game; Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Its on the psp (thank god i starved myself to buy that piece of heaven), and after spending quite some time on it, i've managed to get a relatively high rank in the game (Hunter Rank 6, to be more specific. Keke. Pointless gloating.).

That's right, if you're not into hearing a gamer talk about his achievements in his gaming addicts, i suggest you click sum random link instead.

Ok, i don't usually blog about my shit in the gaming world. But, i've been so pissed at this one Monster. It's name? The G-Ranked "Green Plesioth":

Yes, its obviously green. This bastard has been plauging me for a good hour or so. Y? Because of its goddamned cheap-ass hip-tackle attack. Fuckin bastard took half of my Health every single time it plunges its butt against my delicate self. Dang it! And i was wearing a full S-Class Rathalos armor! WTF!?

Yea well, i pwnd the oversized catfish and reaped my rewards. But hey, the item i was lookin for (Lg Lobster Shell) wasn't available after the hunt. O joy. Now i have to do the same shit all over a gain...Geez, all this for a new weapon upgrade...this better be worth it.
Weapon of interest;
Frost Ripper (Water Element).
Y am i bustin my ass to get it?;
B'cuz a Black Gravios is weak against Water Element. And believe me, that black piece of rock is one fuckin annoyin ass to beat. Even in a Rank-3 quest.
Will I ever get the weapon?;
Meh...i'll probably kill the Black Gravios with wtvr shit i alrdy have. I bested a Black Gravios in a Rank-6 quest with a 'Wyvern Blade:Blood'. So, i guess a rank-3 one wud be do-able. Annoying, but possible.
And thus ends my pointless gamer rant. Unfortunately, i feel that theres more to come. O dear sweet lord! Save the children! Lol...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kouda Entry_20: That which sense makes not

So yeah, the results just came out a few days ago. And no I have no idea how to react to it. Ok, before you guys get all the wrong ideas on wut "results" i'm talkin bout, its for the Final Examinations i took a few weeks back. Okay, truth be told, its better than most of my previous achievements in uitm shah alam. I mean, it's the only one that doesn't have a big fat GAGAL in it. Yup, i actually passed a chemistry paper FOR ONCE. Thank god. Thank all those people who played any role in making this miracle happen.

But yea, I guess I was expecting my results to be a bit more...worth celebrating, y'know? I mean, Its an improvement, i admit, but its not MUCH of an improvement. Not failing the one subject that is my Achilles' heel is impressive. But still... I was expecting more. Keyword here; "EXPECTING"

"AIM LOW, SHOOT HIGH". That, my friends, is the motto that i keep to whenever i'm doin anything. Meaning that I should do the best, and expect the worst. Its lame, i know, but it sounds so much more kinkier when i twist the words. Lol.

Ok, so I did what I could during the exams. I studied (here n there). I did what i could to ensure I could comprehend what seemed to be utterly irrelevant. I guess after actually putting effort into all that shit, I slowly developed EXPECTATIONs. And now, those expectations have lead me to feel a shitload of emotional tsunamis. The kind where its origins seem to elude me. So yea, kyo is emo n shit. N he knows not how to appease this maelstrom of unsettling emotions.

This sucks.

I need coke.

I need coffee.

I need PS2

I need consolation.

I need a new phone!!!

Its always like this~. Results comes out, and i wallow in all the unfruitful efforts. And shit rolls by, one by one. Haih...

Yes, this post makes absolutely no sense. Now, move on with your lives, people...