Monday, June 16, 2008

Kouda Entry_21: Monster Hunter Frenzy

Here, my friends, one of the greatest games that have ever made its way to the modern world. And its on fuckin PSP!!! Everybody say WOOOT!!!!

As a young, childish little turd, I, much like the other million teens in the world, have a fetish for games. Yes, we all agree. Lol.

Now, currently fussing over this one game; Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Its on the psp (thank god i starved myself to buy that piece of heaven), and after spending quite some time on it, i've managed to get a relatively high rank in the game (Hunter Rank 6, to be more specific. Keke. Pointless gloating.).

That's right, if you're not into hearing a gamer talk about his achievements in his gaming addicts, i suggest you click sum random link instead.

Ok, i don't usually blog about my shit in the gaming world. But, i've been so pissed at this one Monster. It's name? The G-Ranked "Green Plesioth":

Yes, its obviously green. This bastard has been plauging me for a good hour or so. Y? Because of its goddamned cheap-ass hip-tackle attack. Fuckin bastard took half of my Health every single time it plunges its butt against my delicate self. Dang it! And i was wearing a full S-Class Rathalos armor! WTF!?

Yea well, i pwnd the oversized catfish and reaped my rewards. But hey, the item i was lookin for (Lg Lobster Shell) wasn't available after the hunt. O joy. Now i have to do the same shit all over a gain...Geez, all this for a new weapon upgrade...this better be worth it.
Weapon of interest;
Frost Ripper (Water Element).
Y am i bustin my ass to get it?;
B'cuz a Black Gravios is weak against Water Element. And believe me, that black piece of rock is one fuckin annoyin ass to beat. Even in a Rank-3 quest.
Will I ever get the weapon?;
Meh...i'll probably kill the Black Gravios with wtvr shit i alrdy have. I bested a Black Gravios in a Rank-6 quest with a 'Wyvern Blade:Blood'. So, i guess a rank-3 one wud be do-able. Annoying, but possible.
And thus ends my pointless gamer rant. Unfortunately, i feel that theres more to come. O dear sweet lord! Save the children! Lol...