Friday, June 6, 2008

Kouda Entry_20: That which sense makes not

So yeah, the results just came out a few days ago. And no I have no idea how to react to it. Ok, before you guys get all the wrong ideas on wut "results" i'm talkin bout, its for the Final Examinations i took a few weeks back. Okay, truth be told, its better than most of my previous achievements in uitm shah alam. I mean, it's the only one that doesn't have a big fat GAGAL in it. Yup, i actually passed a chemistry paper FOR ONCE. Thank god. Thank all those people who played any role in making this miracle happen.

But yea, I guess I was expecting my results to be a bit more...worth celebrating, y'know? I mean, Its an improvement, i admit, but its not MUCH of an improvement. Not failing the one subject that is my Achilles' heel is impressive. But still... I was expecting more. Keyword here; "EXPECTING"

"AIM LOW, SHOOT HIGH". That, my friends, is the motto that i keep to whenever i'm doin anything. Meaning that I should do the best, and expect the worst. Its lame, i know, but it sounds so much more kinkier when i twist the words. Lol.

Ok, so I did what I could during the exams. I studied (here n there). I did what i could to ensure I could comprehend what seemed to be utterly irrelevant. I guess after actually putting effort into all that shit, I slowly developed EXPECTATIONs. And now, those expectations have lead me to feel a shitload of emotional tsunamis. The kind where its origins seem to elude me. So yea, kyo is emo n shit. N he knows not how to appease this maelstrom of unsettling emotions.

This sucks.

I need coke.

I need coffee.

I need PS2

I need consolation.

I need a new phone!!!

Its always like this~. Results comes out, and i wallow in all the unfruitful efforts. And shit rolls by, one by one. Haih...

Yes, this post makes absolutely no sense. Now, move on with your lives, people...