Monday, June 16, 2008

Kouda Entry_22: Finally, The Akantor!!!

Okay people, more gamer rant. Please, for those with weak tolerence for nerds, shield thy eyes and save the children.

Alright here goes.

Ladies and gents, i present to you, the beast that gives me nightmares; THE AKANTOR!!!

Wyvern; Akantor

Its big, i mean BIG! Whatever gave birth to this mustv had one heck of a labor pains. XD. mispelled? Lol. Oh, how big? See that spike on its jaw? The one jutting outwards? Yeah, you're about that big. Fun!

Finally got to take a look at this thing, the 'final boss', so to speak. Its the last species of Wyvern that you can hunt in the game (Monster Hunter Freedom 2). Although, there are speculations that it could be categorized as an Elder Wyvern. But, its lack of 'separate wings' proved otherwise. Meh, not that you people care. Lol.

At any rate! Fought this guy once alrdy. For ONE HOUR dammit! And I fuckin lost!!