Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kouda Entry_273: 3.30 am


It’s 3.30am, and I have no idea why I’m still wide awake. I’m running out of Bleach episodes to watch and keep me entertained. D:

I wanted to scan this sketch to make it look slightly cleaner. But meh, my printer-scanner is currently being employed as a coffee table. Malas nak alih2 barang. Lololol.


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kouda Entry_272: M.O.S. - Zilant

272 - Zilant

March of Symbology (Extended) – 26


The final symbol in the order of Symbology. The Zilant is believed to be born of a legendary white snake that has survived for centuries.

This symbol depicts resurrection and continuity, and its existence has been noted numerous times in history. It has similar properties of the Ouroboros, which also depicts infinity.

In other lands, it is commonly referred to as the dragon “Ajdaha”. Note that Ajdaha begins with the letter”A”, signaling the start of a new cycle of Symbology.

The Zilant Symbol is not known to be usable by humans, as its power transcends infinity, and therefore is beyond human comprehension. Scholars believe that it simply exists to give birth to a new age of Symbols.


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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kouda Entry_271: M.O.S. - Yggdrasil

271 - Yggdrasil

March of Symbology (Extended) – 25


The holy tree of the World. The Yggdrasil was created by the Echelons to contain the uncontrollable energy within The Xeros, and counter its effects in the long term.

This symbol draws power from the Earth and Heavens and binds it together to generate a warm, life-giving light.

When used against Xeros, it consumes the decaying energy, and circulates it within itself. Xeros’ effect is nullified by amalgamating it with the two purifying energy of the Earth and Heavens.

The Yggdrasil rests near the precipice where The Xeros is sealed. It must never be removed, or the World shall once again fall prey to Xeros’ decay…



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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kouda Entry_270: M.O.S. - Xeros

270 - Xeros

March of Symbology (Extended) – 24


‘Xeros’, the ancient greek word for “Dry” is a symbol of utter desolation. It was weaved together by the fallen God, Vakraaz with the intention of eradicating all life.

However, the destruction was put to halt by a group of Echelons, and the woven wretchedness was sealed into Xeros.

This symbol has the power to deracinate all forms of life, by forcing them to rot. It is thus far uncontrollable, and must never be awakened.


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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kouda Entry_269: M.O.S. - Wyvern

23 - Wyvern

March of Symbology (Extended) – 23


A symbol depicting a creature of raw strength and fury. It was born when carved on the skull of a winged dragon, and bathed in the blood of poisonous snakes.

The Wyvern allows its wielder to forcibly take in the Souls of Dragons, and harness their power. It constantly emits sparks, even when inactive. Upon awakening, bright red hot flames envelop and empower its user.
But at a cost…


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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kouda Entry_268: M.O.S. - Vengeance

22 - Vengeance

March of Symbology (Extended) – 22


A symbol of transition; of repose, and rage. The Vengeance was born from the amalgamation of conflicted Souls, torn between their untamed fury and their will to forgive.

Often unstable, this symbol proves difficult to harness. It’s power shifts without warning, and can cause unforeseeable damage.

It is believed that although difficult to control, the behavior of The Vengeance can be directed by using a second symbol with the desired nature to be manifested.


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