Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kouda Entry_272: M.O.S. - Zilant

272 - Zilant

March of Symbology (Extended) – 26


The final symbol in the order of Symbology. The Zilant is believed to be born of a legendary white snake that has survived for centuries.

This symbol depicts resurrection and continuity, and its existence has been noted numerous times in history. It has similar properties of the Ouroboros, which also depicts infinity.

In other lands, it is commonly referred to as the dragon “Ajdaha”. Note that Ajdaha begins with the letter”A”, signaling the start of a new cycle of Symbology.

The Zilant Symbol is not known to be usable by humans, as its power transcends infinity, and therefore is beyond human comprehension. Scholars believe that it simply exists to give birth to a new age of Symbols.


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