Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kouda Entry_29: Misguided Fury

Okay, here's the scoop;

Me n da crew (Azi, Shakir, Zana n Rai) went out last nite. Doin wut frens do; gettin drunk and runnin over sum other drunk bastard. Lol.

I kid. And if you take that seriously, i suggest u go see a shrink.

So that he can run u over while being drunk. Har har.

Naw, we were just goin out to eat at seksyen 2 shah alam. Nasi putih n telur bungkus can taste fukin heavenly when ur on a sumwat empty stomach. Lol.

At any rate! After a tiring nite out, Kyo had to go back to the flat, and be embraced by the arms of Food Microbiology lab report. Haih...I swear, i shud marry the labs. So, long story short, I had to stay up all night and do that effin report. But, conveniently, my internet was fukin down. So, i had to work with wut i had, which was nuthin. So, stayed up until the net was workin, and i ended up not sleeping.

Anywho, the next mornin, i was in a gilababi punya rush to get to class. Class was at 8.30, i left the flat at near 8.25. Sila panik. But wait, theres more! An effin long traffic jam, extending from section 7 (a bit further from my flat) all the way INTO uitm was in place. I was cursin so much, i think i invented a few unscrupulous words of my own *pride*. Lol.

As i slowly drove the car into the university, followed by a godforsaken chain of cars.I discovered that there was a Pakgad blockin the effin road. At fukin 8.45 in the fukin morning!? I swear, if i wasnt late for class, i'd smack the car door into that bloody smug so hard, he'd forget wut year it was. But then again, if i wasn't late for class, i wudnt be so pissed enuff to do dat. Lol.

Off topic. Shit lah. Anyway, i found out that there was an accident nearby the pakgad (which i still find to be fukin annoyin).

Whut accident u ask? If i recall, and im not sure if i got the correct details from my fren; a motorcyclist came into contact with a BUS. A UITM bus to be specific. Great publicity y'all. And wuts even more of a muthafukin plot twist-kronik-tahap-dewa-nak-mampus-gilababs-camsial, is that, the guy on the motorcycle, ended up with a head-loss. As in his head was splattered like a watermelon under a speeding mallet. And although the girl who was on the motorcycle was not lethally injured, i assumed she'd me gravely traumatized by the sight of the friend being crushed by a huge metal mass on wheels.

And so, i now know why the road was so crammed, and that my effin anger was sumwat mislead. Lol. But still, i can't believe the pakgad had to unnecessarily block a junction, causing a clogged road, and ultimately making me (and a lot of other students i assume) late for class.

Moral of the story; Even if you're late for class, be thankful that you still got a functional head on ur shoulders. And that u still have a few years to get screwed over on this huge ball of dirt we call Earth.

I am not making sense. Wut did u expect? Sum deep, meaningful story that most people would convert as soon as they reach the bottom of the entry? Wtf do i look like, an missionary?

Dah, balik tido. Esok ada lab report nak antar. Lol.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kouda Entry_28: Review

God of War: Chains of Olympus (psp)

Its been a while since I actually finished a whole game in one fukin day. That's right ppl, I finished it in ONE day. I'm not boasting, I'm just expressin my disappointment. The ps2 versions were waaay~ longer. I mean seriously, u'd go about fighting all them monsters and goin thru those puzzles, but only to find out that the storyline barely budged. Which is kinda fun tho.

O well, overall, as i mentioned in the previous post, the game rocked. If you're lookin for a game to try, get this one. The screen's a bit small compared to the ps2 version(s), but its worth playing just for the heck of it.

Ironman (psp)

This one fuckin sucks!! The goddamn controls are clunky and awkward. It takes friggin forever just to aim when in battle. Forget the battle, its fukin hard to even walk around! Let alone attemptin to fly about.

Who's bright idea was it to set the R-button as the default attack button!?

And the triangle, square, x, and circle button were the camera-adjustment buttons!? Which also doubles as ur targeting view. And NO lock-on system. So, imagine trying to aim at an enemy (which is about the size of a speck) WITHOUT any automatic targeting aid (or whtvr). It'd take you a full minute to just kill one target (without letting them fill your paladium-covered ass with bullets). And by the time you're done, u get a godforsaken headache as a consolation prize.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kouda Entry_27: God of War

I just got a few new games for my psp yesterday. And I finally got the coveted "God of War: Chains of Olympus"!!! This game us fukin hot! It was effin smokin on the ps2, n this new installment for the psp is equally insane!

God of War boxart

This, my friends, is what all games should be like (well, except Monster Hunter. That's shit's fukin awesum on its own. haha). The system is smooth, no effin lags. And barely any loading time. The battles are fukin wicked, as expected. Although sum of them monsters are just godforsaken annoyin.

Different tactics are required when fighting (albeit only a small amount of brainpower is required to figure stuff out). But it makes for a more interesting gaming experience. Sum of the puzzles are by far (i haven't gotten that far into the game yet) relatively easy. Yea, relatively. Again, no need for long contemplations when figuring out the puzzles, but it does require some form of thinking, at least.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kouda Entry_26: Death to the Akantor!

Woot! Its dead! Its fukin dead!! Kyoru-sama downed his first Akantor!

I bit of a lesson to you kidz. DO NOT use Tigrex Katana against that muthafuka. I mean seriously, that longsword fukin sucks.Smoulder Dragon Sword on the other hand makes for a much better hackin tool.

So yea, Kyo is officially an Akantor Slayer y'all! Lol. Now, the new goal is to attain the Hunter Rank 7. Which is supposedly gained by making all the end-game weapons and armor. Meaning, i'm gonna have have to bust my ass and kill more of those damned beasts. Oh the excitement courses thru me so. Hahahaha~!!!

To those who don't know, this is what a dead Akantor would look like. Har har.(Image is only a reference. That's not my character.)

Can you even see the player's character in that image? No? Just goes to show you how big that muthafukin Akantor is.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kouda Entry_25: The First of the Last

3 years has it been since i first set foot on UiTM grounds (including Sabah, of kos), and now, the day has finally come, when I can call myself a "senior".

Okay, I'm not one to brag of seniority. Since, i was pretty much against the whole "treat the freshies like shit" thing in the first place. No, no, I do not intend to put too much ego on that.

I welcome all the new faces to uitm.
But, I curse them for making this place even more crowded. Lol.

Today was the first day of my last semester here. And with that, the reality that I'm gettin older draws ever so closer up my spine. Funny... i don't feel any more "matured". Mebbe its cuz i haven't been explorin my "matured" rights much yet. If you know wut i mean. Hohoho. *slap*

It was a decent day. So far the lecturers I've met are bearable. Not too intimidating. Touche' for such a positive first impression~! But hey, hell doesn't start until the maki-hamun n boredumb initiates. And i assure you, there will be plenty to share...

So it begins,
The End is coming,
Fear it,
For it is inevitable.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kouda Entry_24: Restoration by Elimination III

And the deed is done...

My laptop is revived...but alas, the data is lost. And with it, 2 years of my life. Its back to square one for me.

Got myself a new hardisk. Just 120gb. Didn't wanna overdo it. I mean, if this shit happens again, i'd kill myself.

So yeah, i gotta recover all the softwares. My graphics are all gone, except those i've posted on the net. Which isn't much (I shud've been more of an attention whore and post every last one of my artwork...). All my mp3's are lost, but at least i saved sum of em in my psp. So, i'm not completely devoid of music.

Gotta recover my codecs...or else my vidz wud be useless.

Gotta redownload my vidz...or else my codecs wud be useless. T_T...

If only i backed up the back-up files...which i brilliantly saved in one of the partitions in the old HDD. Well how in the god forsaken world was i supposed to know that the damn thing was gonna go suicidal on me!? All i was prepared for was the routine "I think i need to format my laptop". But THIS, this was one muthahfahkin twist of a storyline.





Forget the silver lining, this cloud's got none.
Forget the Hikmah, there isn't one.
There's only grief in me.
There's only loss in my hands.

I never screwed anyone over, at least not enough to deserve this. I was a fukin boyscout most of my life. And this is wut i get in return? I don't butt in on other people's business (at least non that i can think of). I don't steal. I don't physically hurt people.

But i get shit from "karma", to the point where i think "karma" basically means "You're screwed".

Y'know what, that's it. No more mr.boyscout. I'm done. If the universe wants to fuck around with me, i guess i'd better do sum fuckin around of my own.