Monday, July 7, 2008

Kouda Entry_25: The First of the Last

3 years has it been since i first set foot on UiTM grounds (including Sabah, of kos), and now, the day has finally come, when I can call myself a "senior".

Okay, I'm not one to brag of seniority. Since, i was pretty much against the whole "treat the freshies like shit" thing in the first place. No, no, I do not intend to put too much ego on that.

I welcome all the new faces to uitm.
But, I curse them for making this place even more crowded. Lol.

Today was the first day of my last semester here. And with that, the reality that I'm gettin older draws ever so closer up my spine. Funny... i don't feel any more "matured". Mebbe its cuz i haven't been explorin my "matured" rights much yet. If you know wut i mean. Hohoho. *slap*

It was a decent day. So far the lecturers I've met are bearable. Not too intimidating. Touche' for such a positive first impression~! But hey, hell doesn't start until the maki-hamun n boredumb initiates. And i assure you, there will be plenty to share...

So it begins,
The End is coming,
Fear it,
For it is inevitable.