Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kouda Entry_26: Death to the Akantor!

Woot! Its dead! Its fukin dead!! Kyoru-sama downed his first Akantor!

I bit of a lesson to you kidz. DO NOT use Tigrex Katana against that muthafuka. I mean seriously, that longsword fukin sucks.Smoulder Dragon Sword on the other hand makes for a much better hackin tool.

So yea, Kyo is officially an Akantor Slayer y'all! Lol. Now, the new goal is to attain the Hunter Rank 7. Which is supposedly gained by making all the end-game weapons and armor. Meaning, i'm gonna have have to bust my ass and kill more of those damned beasts. Oh the excitement courses thru me so. Hahahaha~!!!

To those who don't know, this is what a dead Akantor would look like. Har har.(Image is only a reference. That's not my character.)

Can you even see the player's character in that image? No? Just goes to show you how big that muthafukin Akantor is.