Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kouda Entry_227: Need a Haircut

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Sorry bout the lack of updates. You know me; Always distracted by something. Har har.

I seriously need a haircut. Wearing a cap all the time is getting to be a little bit tedious.

Also, I got an interview in a few days. It might not be a good idea to attend, looking like a hippy on steroids.


Although, it’d be okay if I end up looking like this:

215 - 3

LOL. As if.


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kouda Entry_226: 24 things

This was meant to be a birthday post. But I’ve been a bit busy, so had to push it back a few… months… Lol.

In 2009, there was Kouda Entry_128: 22 things

In 2010, there was Kouda Entry_188: 23 things

Now, it’s 2011, and I’m now 24-years old. So, I present to you, 24 recollections of the past year (2010-2011).


226 - 1
I know they meant well, but next time, please diagnose me properly…

226 - 2
…So that I don’t end up getting poked with a sharp needle for all the wrong reasons.

226 - 3
My old printer died. Made the wrong choice of buying an HP next.
Never again. I swear

226 - 4
I try to be a good friend from time to time. :)

226 - 5
My efforts paid off!! Happiness!!

226 - 6
If it weren’t for TeknoPornoShip, it would’ve made things all the sweeter. But I am grateful for the “A” non the less. :)

226 - 7
Went for my first sample-collecting trip.
It was effing hot. Sauna doh.

226 - 8
Finally reached 200 actual entries in this blog.
In 3 years. Lol lambat.

226 - 9
Because I like to ruin good music for you innocent people. What music shall I obliterate next? Keke.

226 - 10
Both studying Biomolecular Sciences. But I still pwn them at being an uber-nerd. Aha!

226 - 11
The 3rd installment to my Japanese video assignment.
Click the image to watch it. :D

226 - 12
It was while working on my thesis. Research > food. Hence my horizontally conserved frame. Lolwut?

226 - 13
My old camera died due to my tough loving. Also, had to look for one that takes better videos for my 3rd language assignment. HD yo~.

226 - 14
Met my old school mates. Had a good time. You guys are awesome. :)

226 - 15
Dad and Mom went to New Zealand, and I went to see them off at KLIA with my sister. No, I didn’t go with them. D:

226 - 16
My Bioinformatics lecturer asked me to be the MC for the event. It was great. My brain had an intense phylogenetic workout. Lol.

226 - 17
Handled the multimedia stuff for Carnival Sains & Teknologi (Castech). Oh, and made the multimedia presentation for the event.

226 - 18
Tried doing a Gram staining procedure outside of the lab. Using a lighter, mind you. It worked! I was epic impressed. Lol.

226 - 19
My wacom doesn’t agree with the other electronics on my desk. Had to resort to old school methods for comic blogging.

226 - 20
Went to Sungai Tekala after my exams. Made a short video of it.
Click the image to watch it. :D

226 - 21
Finally, one of us got hitched. Rejoice!

226 - 22
DeviantArt screwed me over and deactivated my account for no reason. Couldn’t recover it. So, all my digital artwork are lost.

226 - 23
Almost. ALMOST. Wouldn’t gotten it too if it weren’t for that goddamn TeknoPornoShip paper. I hate you so much.

226 - 24
Was interviewed by Kosmo. Sen and Garr got in the papers also! Thanks for the opportunity! XD


There. All 24 memorable events during 2010. Next year, it’s gonna a total 25 events. And hopefully, I’ll be able to post it on time. Geez, I’m losing my edge. Lol.



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kouda Entry_225: Final BBQ

Kouda Entry_225: Final BBQ

Watch in on Youtube for the full HD feel~.


Wut? Another video? Bila nk ada comic strip ni?
Chill. Soon, kay~. Tee hee.

I can’t believe my classmates are all done with their Degree.
(I still have my practical to go through. So, technically, I’m not done yet. Lol.)

We had a small celebratory barbecue the other day. I figured I should record the moment. I didn’t have that much material to go with, and it was epic dark. So, bare bare with me. :D

I had an awesome time doing my Degree. I met amazing people, made wonderful friends, and had plenty memorable moments. And that includes the massive amounts of stress that I had to go through.

But overall, it was fun.



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