Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kouda Entry_201: Third Language (Final Chapter)

A few weeks back, we had to submit our Japanese assignment.

For those who don’t now, I’m taking Japanese as my Third Language in UiTM. Fun stuff ^_^.

This one’s kind of a continuation of the previous video. Been planning on this for months. Tee hee.


Here’s a little preview (sort of a blooper):-

Japanese Video Assignment–Trailer


And here’s the full video:-

Japanese Video Assigment–Final Chapter

And to see last semester’s video, [click here].


- Izwan (Me)
- Fahmi
- Fauzie
- Halimatun
- Nana

- Syazwan (Jambu)
- Yeh <—He’s taking German, actually. Lol.


I’m sure you guys noticed some of the soundtracks. Years upon years of sound FX and game soundtrack collecting finally paid off. Hehe.

There’s a lot of funny crap in the video. People showing up where they shouldn’t, people laughing. That kind of stuff. O well, it’s not a video competition, so I let it pass. XD

Hope you guys enjoyed it! We sure did! :3



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